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  1. Well I did up about 10 of these medallions last night. I had another couple over and wanted to demo my Joe. I put them on the Joe at about 200 until the meat was at about 120 then onto the hot grill grates until the meat was at about 140. They were beautiful to look at but I didn't care for the taste. The Costco seasoning is way too strong for my liking and competes with the cherry wood smoke. Nonetheless everyone ate 2 medallions so I'll call it a success. I think the rest of the medallions are going into a chili.
  2. I guess I was wondering how long between first time seeing one of these and actually owning one. In my case it was over 50 years. I got a Classic 2 from Costco.com about 2 months ago and have been cooking on it about once a week or so. Still got lots to learn and this looks like a good place to dig in. Also, hat tip to John Setzler! I've watched a number if your videos on you tube - very helpful.
  3. I have never seen Mrs Robinson! I will have to look for a chance to watch it.
  4. I had a close friend that I met in Jr High. That would make it mid-1960s. My friend's dad had one on their patio. They called it a Kamado but pronounced it cam-a-doo. I still find myself pronouncing it that way sometimes. I don't remember them using it very much and I was never invited over when they cooked on it.
  5. I am thinking a quick sear on my gas grill with grill grates very hot, then onto the Joe at about 180-200 degrees until internal temp is about 140. These medallions are about 1-1/2" thick and are already heavily pre-seasoned. I got them at Costco a few days ago in a package weighing 3-3/4 lbs. Lots of medallions! I am also considering doing the same except reverse searing them after they get to about 115-120 on the Joe. Appreciate any comments on what might be best to keep these medallions from drying out.
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