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  1. I just ordered a rib rack on Amazon because I have to cook 6 slabs of St. Louis style ribs for Christmas. I’ve never used a rib rack before and have read that they don’t turn out as good as laying them flat on the grate. Anyone have experience with a rib rack that can tell me if that’s true and if there are any tips/tricks? Thanks guys!
  2. I ordered a rib rack on Amazon and hope it gets here in time. It says it will, but you never know. I’ll check that out for future cooks thank you.
  3. Thanks guys. Do you think I would be better off getting a rib rack? I’ve heard that ribs are better without a rib rack but not sure because I’ve never used one. I’m trying to cook 6 racks of St. Louis style ribs and have only been able to fit 2-3 racks at once before I bought the extra grate.
  4. To expand on that, I have a Big Joe 3, no rib rack. I’ve never used the extra grill grate rack and just wasn’t sure if you even can if you’re also using the slo roller.
  5. I’m going to be cooking St. Louis style ribs for Christmas and am trying to figure out my set up for the most ribs I can fit. I have an extra rack that I’ve never used and not too sure of the positioning of it yet. I love using the slow roller as well. Is there a way to use the slow roller with an extra rack or will it be too high? How many racks do you think I can fit? Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. Vfl57


    What are your favorite things to put on the Joetisserie? Any recipes you want to share? I just got it in and can’t wait to put it on my Big Joe 3!
  7. Vfl57

    Wood Chunks

    Thanks! I’ll check them out!
  8. Vfl57

    Wood Chunks

    I also just found out from the Atlanta Grill Company that Kamado Joe stopped making the Cherry Wood Chunks which is why I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone have a recommendation on a good brand that I should get instead?
  9. Vfl57

    Wood Chunks

    Thank you! I ended up ordering the Kamado Joe Apple Wood Chunks on Amazon. I checked the Atlanta Grill Company but it seems like they’re sold out of every other type and so is Amazon. I saw Johns YouTube video smoke and it was very informative. I set my Big Joe III up today and the instructions are awful. I was going crazy trying to find the fire grate and then finally read online the instruction manual wasn’t upgraded from last year. Any tips or suggestions for first cook or anything I should know before trying a first cook is greatly appreciated.
  10. Vfl57

    Wood Chunks

    Newbie here, just got a Kamado Big Joe 3. I haven’t even unboxed it yet, but hoping to very soon. I got the Kamado charcoal and now am looking at wood chunks. What brand do you guys use? When do you add the wood? Any tips/advice is greatly appreciated. I’m used to smoking meats on a pellet smoker, so this is all new to me. Thanks in advance for your help.
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