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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll try that next time. I made this last April and it turned out nice and sour, the next two times doing it the same way it wasn't as sour. Reviewing my notes, I used a different starter last time, I'll try that one next time too and see if it makes a more sour pizza crust.
  2. Here are the pizza pics. The crust is not as sour as I had hoped, I might not have proofed long enough at warm temperature before putting the dough into the fridge. It was still good though. First up is a pepperoni pizza, I was hungry and put it on at 500* and it took about 5 minutes. The second one, a pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza, went on at 650* and took 3 minutes.
  3. I haven't baked in months so I started feeding my neglected starters last week and got them going again. I chose the King Arthur starter for today's baking. I made "Walter Sand's Basic White Bread" from King Arthur's website: https://www.kingarthurflour.com/reci...e-bread-recipe I adjusted the recipe and used 150 grams of my levain which I started last night (I also used regular yeast but didn't give it time to activate so that the sourdough could have a little time to work as well). The levain is a 50/50 water flour mix with 1 Tbsp sourdough starter added so I calculated that I added 75 grams each water and flour and adjusted the recipe accordingly to compensate. It turned out great! Also in the picture is a Jalapeno Cheddar Bacon Rosemary Garlic Parmesan artisan dough. It also has onion in it. This is basically two different recipes that I came up with, combined, plus some onion. I made this once before and it was awesome so I hope this one turns out - it will make 2 boules. I will post pics when it is done tonight. I am also starting an overnight natural levain pizza dough, I will cold age it for 2 days before making pizza, I'll post pics here later this week.
  4. It is very satisfying to make something work right - or better. Cook well my friend. Most any soft metal piece of the right size can be used for a bushing - I used what I found in my tool box.
  5. I used a little aluminum threaded adapter (similar to the one in the link which is steel - for illustration purposes only). The outside threads were slightly larger than the hole, when I tightened the nut it pressed into the hole so it is somewhat permanent - will take a bit of effort to remove if I ever wanted to do so. https://www.zoro.com/zoro-select-bushing-1-x-34-in-npt-1mnk2/i/G1463743/feature-product?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7bvvnrKC5AIVDtvACh0t5A1MEAQYBSABEgKGu_D_BwE
  6. The company is still around, I would try contacting them, especially about the tile question. http://kamadocompany.com/product/kamado-k7/ Tile grout - waterproof http://kamadocompany.com/product/tile-lock/
  7. 58limited


    The pizza oven I'm planning will be similar to the ones on https://www.traditionaloven.com/ and I plan to add a parrilla to the side of it.
  8. 58limited


    Yes, horseshoe handles. they stay cool enough to pick up the disk even during cooking.
  9. Great video, I've been looking for SnS kamado vids - I'm thinking of getting one. Lawn mowers in the background, just like Sam The Cooking Guy And I agree: alder on salmon is great. I also subscribed to your youtube channel - home brewing and grilling, what could be better?
  10. 58limited


    More pics: I was making this recipe:
  11. 58limited


    Hi Bob, here is a pic I took of the discada awhile back. I purchased it from Maverick Fabrication of Sanger, Texas. Fajitas!
  12. Is that a crab meat stuffing? Mmmm....
  13. WOW, I live on the Texas coast and get fresh shrimp all the time, but not that big!
  14. This is good advice but on my kamado the fire will still flare up if I open the lid immediately after closing the bottom vent. This is a technique that I have been doing for a year or so now. I close the bottom vent, wait 5 minutes, then open the lid and do what needs to be done quickly. I close the lid and wait another 5 minutes before opening the bottom vent back up.
  15. Thanks for the tip. My next related purchase will be a burner and stand. My Cajun cooker doesn't spread the flame out properly for a large Paella pan. There is one I'm looking at on Amazon that can accommodate up to a 24" pan, and it comes with an 18" pan so I'll have a smaller pan too.
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