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  1. I had a problem with a shelf when using the Jotisserie (reported here some time ago). The left shelf has to be dropped to clear the motor mount but if you are not careful/observant it can press against the ceramic and melt. It can move about a 1/4" so you need to make sure it stands clear. Can happen on any cook where the shelves are not extended. I think this sort of problem is why KJ changed the shelves, yet again, to alloy slats. Quick solution is to buy secondhand shelves off eBay from owners with built in KJ's (there are quite a few) and replace the screw on slats as necessary.
  2. Yes - new cats are not polluted so worth a lot more!
  3. I have two plywood pizza peels and they work great. Better than the KJ peel which is not ply and has split and warped after being washed. KJ were very good about it and gave me a refund. I tend to use the ply peels for launching and use a stainless steel peel to retrieve the pizza. These 12" peels came from Amazon, wood is untreated and the front is bevelled. Should be easy to make if you have the skills and tools. Most commercial peels seem to be 12" wide.
  4. Big problem in the UK as well. Catalytic converters contain precious metals hence they cost upwards of $1,500 to replace. Palladium sells for $2,350 an ounce, rhodium is currently above $10,000 per ounce, six times the value of gold. The thieves get paid about $500 per cat and they normally target hybrids (the cats are less polluted) but any modern car is vulnerable. Many owners are fitting their own security or workshops are offering it as a service:
  5. I use heat deflectors with the Joetisserie with good results in that it reduces the burnt fat taste you can get with naked coals. Give it a go!
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