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  1. I was going to cook this bird with the lid open but the God's intervened so I had to quickly reorganise the setup. I used JeffieBoy's buttermilk recipe, spatchcocked it, a chunk of pecan, 325F temp with deflectors and lid closed. Turned out quite nice:
  2. You really do need a laser IR thermometer as you need to make sure the stone temperature is up to 325C or more. Also if you are doing a second Pizza the stone temperature will have dropped quite steeply so you need to give it time to get back up to temp and confirm with the IR thermometer. I bought this one as it has a temp range up to 750C: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01I4TB2IM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Not sure what your point is. Sanding? Ice cubes? You lost me I'm afraid.
  4. I aim for a stone temp of 325-350C after 45 minutes and the pizza cooks in about 4 minutes. My gap between deflector and stone is 1", more than that and you may have difficulty getting up to max stone temp. As for the dough I aim for 63% hydration but add some olive oil to maintain flexibility. If in doubt download the excellent PizzApp+ which dynamically adjusts ingredient levels and room/cold leavening depending on your requirements. It is interactive so you can immediately see the impact of changing anything using the sliders. Also, if you get the chance, dig out the Youtube video's by Vito Iacopelli e.g.
  5. Yes but will any of these methods work better than others? In three years of using the Joetisserie I have not found a single reference to using it with deflectors or indeed anyone who has tried it. In the interests of furthering my knowledge I gave it a go and, IMHO, it works very well indeed. The prescribed method (see John's video's) is to bank the coals and it appears to be Kamado heresy to go off that well trodden path. All very well to say "do whatever you want" but people new to this style of cooking seek guidance. All the methods result in different flavour's and finish to the cook but if you don't care about these subtleties then butt naked is the way to go.
  6. However the above 4" gap only allows the pizza stone to reach 450F after an hour. Pizza take 8 minutes to cook. This method with a gap of 1" allows the stone to get up to 600F in 45 minutes. Pizza takes 4 minutes to cook with better leopard spots and billowing crust: Using the grill as a support for the deflector also seems to reduce heat transfer hence the accessory rack is a better option.
  7. I think it depends on ambient temperature John. In the UK we may get up to 22C during the day but most nights are 10C cooler than the day. Trying to get the meat done in a timely manner becomes problematic, more so if it is raining! I agree the spectacle is fun to watch and it seems Heston Blumenthal suggests doing the same as you with his new range of designer charcoal BBQ's Give the Joetisserie a spin with the deflectors and see/taste for yourself. I went a stage further with that chicken as I also spatchcocked it and the results were as good as it gets. On Sunday I am going to try the 48 hour buttermilk chicken, spatchcocked and rotisseried with the deflectors. Got to push the envelope.
  8. Lid closed, heat deflectors in place. I have never understood why cook direct and have to push the coals to one side! Better results with the deflectors and I have tried all methods over the last three years. More control and (with chicken) you don't get the taste of fat smoke.
  9. When I am cooking Paella (lid open) on the KJ I throw on a couple of chunks of Orange wood on the charcoal and let it burn. Traditionally Paella is cooked over an open fire of Orange wood which is plentiful around Valencia and gives the dish an extra level of flavour. It works and also creates a bit of a show with flames lapping the pan. The chunks only last about 15-20 minutes but by then the flavour has infused.
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