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    Non stop adds!!!

    Pi-Hole is the ultimate discreet ad blocker and protects every device on your network. It is free and ideally runs on a Raspberry Pi (good luck with buying one of those at the moment!) although it will also run in a Docker (Linux) container on your PC. It does not affect the revenue John may get from the ads as they are blocked at the DNS (domain namer server) level web sites do not know they are being blocked. Pi-Hole on RPi: https://pi-hole.net/ Pi-Hole for Docker: https://www.andrewdenty.com/blog/2020/01/25/installing-pi-hole-on-windows-10.html Lots of easy to follow guides on the web.
  2. No, but it is supposed to improve virility and libido! Interestingly the snake venom proteins are unfolded by the alcohol and therefore the completed beverage is usually, but not always, safe to drink.
  3. When we were on holiday in Vietnam I got to try Snake wine (it is actually a 40 proof spirit used as a medicine). I was the only one in our group who was prepared to try it and actually it tasted like a malt whiskey. Don't condone it but certainly an experience.
  4. This one is very good, made in Lincolnshire and in tribute to 617 Squadron which was based in Scampton. Mature Cheddar with a creamy texture. Also Black Bomber from Snowdonia:
  5. Delice de Bourgogne is our favourite - like eating ice cream! Also Vacherin is gorgeous but only available between 15th August to 31st March. Finally we have Colston Basset and Cropwell Bishop Stilton both made only a few miles away from us.
  6. KJ Big Block can give a smokey flavour to meats. I suggest you investigate Big K range of lumpwood: https://bigkproducts.co.uk/range/professional/ Their Dura Restaurant grade is completely smokeless, their Chilla-Grilla and Marabu are also very good in that respect. Try their applewood lump for some sweet mild smoke. Next day delivery in the UK and free postage if you order a couple of bags in any combination. Really good company to deal with.
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