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  1. To do your own: Cut a lemon in half and push the halves under the skin to the appropriate place before cooking
  2. Same with my deflectors.
  3. It took me two goes at the web form before I got a satisfactory reply, which took about a week.
  4. Try emailing them: support@kamadojoe.com
  5. Try emailing them: consumersupporteu@kamadojoe.com or (probably better) support@kamadojoe.com
  6. KJ Big Block comes from Argentina which is lock-down with Covid cases rising rapidly so not surprising supplies are limited, to non existent. Here in the UK supplies of locally produced lump are just starting to return to stores and eBay however the price is up 30% to what it was in February. We are now paying $59 for 66lbs (30Kg bags) of restaurant grade hardwood lump charcoal vs $45 previously.
  7. Just had a reply from KJ UK and they are puzzled by the response I received. Anyway new deflector on the way as and when given the circumstances. Thanks for your help John.
  8. Thanks John, I have re-submitted my claim as you suggest.
  9. One of my half moon deflectors cracked during a cook. I contacted KJ support and this is the reply I received: Dear Masterbuilt Customer, We have received your support request. We are only assisting customers who are still within their warranty claim, and you indicated that your unit was purchased in 2017 or before. Your warranty expired after 1 year from the date of purchase. We will be closing your request based on the information provided. However, we have added a variety of resources to our website that may help you: All available parts are now listed on our website, and as additional parts become available, they will be added. If we have it, it will be listed. We have added 200+ parts recently – search by model number here: https://www.masterbuilt.com/pages/support You must use the web cart in order to purchase products. Customer Support does not have the ability to process payments. If you are not able to locate the part you are in need of on our website, you can visit popular sites such as appliancefactoryparts.com, for their availability. No listing for Kamado Joe parts though. I was under the impression KJ warranted these ceramics for three years? I bought mine on 23rd October 2017. Anyone else I can contact?
  10. Not a problem with grilling but if you are using a griddle, paella pan or saucepan the oil/sauce/food will pool on the lowest edge or in the case of the griddle run off onto the coals. I wonder if there is a way of making the rear wheels height adjustable? Something for the Classic IV maybe?
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