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  1. Looftlighter is my go to charcoal starter as it can get a roaring fire going in a few minutes, no hassle, no mess. For temperature control the Flameboss range is excellent with regular firmware updates and superb customer support.
  2. My pan is 15" internal and the bird fits. Give it a try. The secret to crispy skin is to leave it in the fridge to dry the skin out (after brining). I never have to baste the chicken because of the slow cook although I do put a large knob of butter on the breast a few minutes before the cook finishes but that is a bit of luxury.
  3. Cluck, Cluck, Cluck! Do it properly, it is really not that difficult. My go to for Pizza making is Vito Iacopelli as he has lots of entertaining video's and easy to copy techniques:
  4. I use a homemade brine (6 pints water, 300g salt, 150g sugar, four bay leaves, tablespoon of mustard seeds, teaspoon peppercorns brought to boil, allow to cool with four slices of lemon added) with the chicken then immersed in fridge for 12 hours and then patted dry and put in the fridge for 6 hours uncovered. I cook the bird over a pan for three hours at 250F with a quartered lemon and sprig of rosemary inside: If you desire crispy skin ramp up the heat for the last 15 minutes. When I cross-checked the temp with a thermopen a stream of juice squirted out at me! Incidentally I always truss the chicken using this method as it makes for a better cooked bird than a conventional truss and, IMHO, more flavour than a spatchcock:
  5. Pizzaiolo's all over the world will be spinning in their graves after reading this thread!
  6. Why on earth are you cooking your Pizza on the parchment? It is so easy to move the dough around with a dusting of flour on the work surface, tray and peel. The parchment must also make getting the Leopard spots on the underside practically impossible. Seeing those bits of burnt paper flying around and getting in the pie made the finished product rather unappetising
  7. Although more expensive you might want to consider this one as it is 43cm enamelled cast iron so no seasoning or rusting and it will always be ready to cook with a simple wipe over. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rustler-Round-Griddle-Enamel-Coating/dp/B0722HP16D/ref=pd_di_sccai_2/258-5247659-0501413?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0722HP16D&pd_rd_r=e59ec3ac-6d0d-4603-aba9-1e797f761596&pd_rd_w=A6cIF&pd_rd_wg=bJOu9&pf_rd_p=bee783d4-0910-430a-8054-14da33db5765&pf_rd_r=S3480BJMDKF7PXTYT2FR&psc=1&refRID=S3480BJMDKF7PXTYT2FR
  8. Outdoor Chef sell a dual sided round cast iron plate for £55 which would be ideal and a great design - note the channel around the edge and no holes: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Outdoorchef-18-211-57-Griddle-Plate-Medium/dp/B00IS1UKEO/ref=psdc_4295671031_t1_B00HWVTDOE or this unbranded one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/GRILL-MORE-Essentials-Two-sided-Reversible/dp/B079Z9D1YF/ref=pd_di_sccai_4/258-5247659-0501413?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B079Z9D1YF&pd_rd_r=8f9731d8-ba38-4319-8576-455afecbb320&pd_rd_w=DC6Aq&pd_rd_wg=4cWZV&pf_rd_p=bee783d4-0910-430a-8054-14da33db5765&pf_rd_r=S7K0YF3RCMJM33DX1HT5&psc=1&refRID=S7K0YF3RCMJM33DX1HT5 Can be used on top of the wire grills or on the KJ accessory rack and carried to the table complete with food if you want. Kind of wish I had bought one of those instead of the KJ grill and griddle at twice the price!
  9. Replace the daisy wheel with a Smokeware s/s vent or buy the latest KJ version of the vent although be prepared for it to discolour and the paint to peel!
  10. I use the Joetisserie a lot (last night a Sirloin joint) with one deflector in place to stop flareups. The motor direction changes with each switch on so I can get most of the fat/juices landing on the deflector rather than the coals. Towards the end of the cook I reverse the rotisserie and produce some smoke as the juices hit the coals allowing me to alter the flavour profile. Great fun to play with. I have the cast grill and griddle and in all honesty the grill is little different from the standard wire ones. The griddle is great for searing steaks and smash burgers but is actually too small - a full circle would be far better for anything other than a couple of steaks. I have the soapstone which is good for fish, prawns and steak but it takes a hell of a time to heat up. It is also very heavy and delicate. Again the half circle does not leave you much room to flip things around. For many cooks I use casserole dishes or roasting pans (over indirect heat) but with any smoke they come out a different colour than they went in. Expect push back from the wife! Two greatest and most used accessories are the Looftlighter which gets the coals roaring in minutes and the Flameboss Controller which means stress free management of the cook from your armchair. If you are going to get a cast iron skillet you need to find one with removable handle and as large as possible but given the weight most are only 10" in diameter. Ideally you need two cast iron KJ griddle's back to back to give you room. Their design is not good though as there is a) no channel to collect excess fat/grease and b) the slot for the handle drains fat down the side of the KJ.
  11. Cobblers! I always use my Flameboss with the Joetisserie and it controls the temperature perfectly. But then I am a heretic and use one or both heat deflectors depending what I am doing with the rotisserie. Charcoal requires air and if it gets some of it by leakage so be it. The Flameboss will take that into account as it maintains temperature. And no, not a good idea to have the dome up and I do not think John was suggesting that with his tongue in cheek comment
  12. A store bought Pizza is made to be cooked in a conventional oven. You need to make your own dough with about 60 - 65% hydration. The stone temperature needs to be about 750F and your pizza will cook in 4 - 7 minutes depending on toppings. You can use the PizzApp+ app to do the ingredient calculations for you based on the size of the dough ball you want. My last pizza's:
  13. I abide by "It's wine o'clock somewhere"
  14. Also do not truss the chicken in a ball - use this method: https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/tips-tricks-best-way-to-truss-a-chicken Try running the rotisserie at a temperature of no more than 325F
  15. Put a half heat deflector in place or better still, both. They will radiate heat and along with convection ensure the chicken does not cook too quickly or burn. Banking the coals may also work but a lot easier to achieve on the Big Joe than on the classic. This is how I do mine:
  16. You need a quality one because the wires can break or drop off, potentially getting onto the food. Worst for shedding are the cheap spiral wound ones. I use a Weber wood handle but over time the front wears faster then the back especially if you use it on a flat griddle. I am currently trying a Weber spiral wound and it seems to be holding up well.
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