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  1. So any advice on the multiple pork butt cook? My expander for the Big Joe came in today and I can’t wait for this cook!
  2. Lol You Guys don’t like Poem Butts? They are much tougher than pork butts.
  3. Hey family, I plan to smoke 7 pork butts on my Big Joe using my extender rack. All the butts weigh between 7-8 pounds. Should I maintain the general rule of approx 1.5 -2 hours cook time at 225? With that, is it fair to say this cool will be approx 16 hours for all 7 butts? I just want to make sure the extra capacity doesn’t affect my cook time. I’d appreciate advice based on prior experience from you folks. Thanks!
  4. Hey folks, i am considering purchasing a grill extender for my Big Joe. I want to purchase the Kamado Joe branded expander but I am curious if anyone can suggest some good alternatives? Thanks!
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