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  1. Maybe something funky got in the bag and it isn't something that'll be a future problem.
  2. If nobody responds, I recommend zip tying the hinge and remove the Left screw then take it to the hardware store with you.
  3. +1 on the video @Kamado Tomshared. So many ways to get super hot quickly. I've only been using my Mini Max for the last 4 years and recently added the KJ Classic II. I forget how much longer the bigger ceramic cooker took to heat. In reality it isn't that much longer, but in are instant gratification world, it feels longer. If you want super hot super fast, the video above is great. I think if you play around with different fire techniques you'll find something that is comparable. Truly don't know though. Maybe others will weigh with the same cooker you have.
  4. Had similar experience when the firebox cracked on the LBGE I had. I did have to wait until the next shipment though, but it wasn't that long of a wait. I used the old firebox until I got rid of it. If you look at the multiple pieces of the KJ firebox, the fine cracks will be fine. I recommend using the old firebox until it falls apart.
  5. I can’t figure out how to do that on my iPhone. It’ll be updated tomorrow though, unless you can walk me through how to update it.
  6. Welcome!!! You’ll love Kamado cooking no matter the Kamado you choose. Sounds like you have plenty of experience. With that said, you’ll probably adapt quickly
  7. +1 on the space between the deflector and pan. Did my first cook on the KJ Classic II last night and the accessory rack is awesome. First time without scorched drippings. @Chasdev, where did you get that drip pan and what size? I used my Pyrex glass cake pan last night, but I really want a large round pan to get more coverage beneath the grid.
  8. Okay...Out of the box accessories for KJ’s are nice. When I had my LBGE I used a plate setter and a few other accessories that I pieced together over time. Granted I know more about Kamado cooking now, the accessories that come in the KJ box provide a lot of diversity without buying additional things. I realize there’s always gadgets we want, but starting with a good toolbox is a plus. Reminds me of when I bought my daughter a Mac(BGE)computer only to be told she needed basic upgrades/software so she could use it for college. I was dumbfounded that I bought an expensive computer(BGE) that did less out of the box than a cheaper one(KJ). Anyway, after a quick trial fire, I smoked an 8lb. Butt using my Flame Boss to control the temp. The first thing I noticed was how easy the gasket is on the temp wires/probes running from the controller. The second thing I really like is the accessory/wok rack. It holds the drip pan far away from the heat deflector stones preventing scorched drippings. I know without pics it didn’t happen. I don’t have pics of the butt, but will add a screenshot of the temperatures.
  9. Happy day today. The KJ CLASSIC II finally arrived. The box had a small hole in it, but no exterior damage. The lid and gasket has slight rub marks on the inside(see pic), but nothing to worry about. At least I don’t think so. I’ll break it in with a butt for the first cook. Pretty excited to have the extra grill space again. I could do a lot on the Mini-Max, but now I can do more.
  10. I agree with the last few posts. These are not simple to move. Get one of those Ring things for surveillance if you’re that worried.
  11. I didn’t quite realize how small it was until 15 minutes ago when I started the first fire in the KJ Classic II that just arrived this afternoon. Setting it up was so much easier than the Large BGE I had. I think I made the right choice. Time will tell.
  12. @CannedHeat, I’m not quite sure. I bought it at Ace Hardware in Scappoose, OR. I bought every box they had when the price dropped to $10 a box and haven’t seen it restocked.
  13. Great thread. It’s always interesting learning about various views of lump. It’s even better when people take the time to record results with controlled studies. I’ve tried many on your list. For the last two years I’ve been using CharWood. Stumbled across it by chance when I went to the local store to grab some lump. I had a choice between Cowboy and CharWood. After a few bad experiences with Cowboy I ponied up for the CharWood. So glad I did. It seemed so expensive, but I’ve only been using the Mini-Max so fuel consumption is minimal. Well...this stuff burns so clean and with very minimal sparking. Good size uniformity. On the smaller side but perfect for the small firebox. Response to small vent changes is great, but that could be the switch to the KAB. Anyway, if you ever do a controlled study, I’d be interested in the results. One more thing. Picked up a bunch of this stuff when it went on sale. What a deal.
  14. I like the creativity @fafrd displayed. I truly enjoy seeing and reading how different people work their magic on a kamado. I agree with @John Setzler on the cast iron. I've been out of the BBQ forum loop so new to hearing about the soapstone.
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