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  1. Also agree withy @TKOBBQ and try looking on the CGS. In particular the Spider. Very friendly people and will help you get set up with what you're are looking for. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/pages/ceramic-grill-accessories-egg-kamado-joe-vision-pit-boss-primo
  2. I just used that star shown above last weekend. I shut the lower vent completely while using the wok. I use a smaller wok so the Kamado kicks out some serious heat around the sides. My long-sleeve flannel was enough to keep me from getting burnt.
  3. Digging a pizza off a stone that's below the gasket level isn't really ideal. Sliding a pizza off a raised stone is much easier. If the deflectors are raised, the Kamado will breathe the fire it takes to spike the thermos.
  4. In addition to the suggestions that @keeperovdeflame gave, the reason for your flare ups could've of been having the lid open longer flipping the skewers. When cooking for two you probably got in and got out. It doesn't take long for the fire to start raging when the lid is open.
  5. Not sure about real evidence, but I notice a faster response time to vent changes. I just started using the KAB in my KJ Classic II but have been using a KAB in my BGE Mini Max for a while now. The biggest benefit for me is the cleanup, esp with the MM. But I truly feel I get faster response times when changing vent settings and most of my cooks require vent changes because I reverse sear my tri-tip and most steaks.
  6. I suggest using a Pit Controller of some sort, especially if you plan on running lower temps. I use a Flame Boss and absolutely love it. Also, if your not already doing so, add a drip pan that is elevated above the deflectors. Research different ways to do your brisket such as wrap or not wrap.
  7. So many awesome things out there and so many variables. Buy ‘em all. Seriously though...take a look at what type of cooking you’ll be doing most or want to do most and get something to make your life easier or funner. If you give give us examples of what you plan on doing like Ribs, Briskets, Bugers, Pizzas..etc...etc. Once you give us those details we’ll spend your money so fast you won’t believe it. Lol. A fast thermometer is a is a must if you don’t have one. I like the Thermoworks thermopop or thermapen Mk4’s.
  8. I like it...It's people like you that make it easier on the rest of us in the World. Somebody has to be the one to eat the first berry to find out if it's edible or deadly. Sounds like a fun experiment.
  9. That’s a steal. Just my luck...bought a Classic II last month and l live in the PNW
  10. It’ll be the best cold weather cooker you’ve ever owned. Don’t force the lid open if it’s frozen or you’ll lose a gasket. At least the old felt gaskets could damage if frozen. Not sure about the new gasket system, but as you know, any time ice glues two surfaces together problems occur. With that, you can put a starter cube in the bottom vent to thaw before opening. Other than that, fire it up and enjoy. My BGE’s stayed outside unprotected in Wyoming and used the same as in the summer. Well mostly...more pork butts and longer cooks as opposed to grilling.
  11. I have a FB 200 and a FB 400. Originally, I was very frustrated with the 400 WiFi connectivity until Flame Boss did a software update. No problems after that. Also, customer support was phenomenally great both times I needed it. The last time I emailed them I received a call within the day and the guy walked me through the problem step by step.
  12. Curious to see your side by side comparisons. I like my Classic II better than my LBGE, but wonder if it's a honeymoon phase. I got rid of my LBGE a few years ago and only had the Mini-Max until I got the Classic II last month. I'm more experienced in Kamado cooking and I've been using different lump, but really think I like the KJ way better than when I had my LBGE. I love the ash pan and the gasket system. The biggest side by side comparison I want to see is the drafting and your thoughts on even heat throughout. Please post as much as you can.
  13. That's a good point . When I switched to the KAB on the Mini-Max I was so happy the clean-out process was made easier and the faster response time to vent settings, that I didn't think about the evenness of the heat throughout the Kamado. Also, emptying the MM is important when travelling with it. Won't need that with the classic. lol. Just really liking the Classic II now and really satisfied with the ash pan and how well it vents. Guess it's like a car, an aftermarket airflow system beats the stock system. I'm sure I'll get one at some point, but just question the need more now than I did when I bought the KJ.
  14. I suggest using your grill griper to hold the grate in place while cleaning. More than that though, toss the wire brush, those things are dangerous and nasty. Do a web search for "grill brushes and perforated bowel". Too many options that work as well or better than the old school wire brush.
  15. This has been a hard decision for me. New to KJ Classic II, but the out of box grate set-up with the ash pan has me rethinking a basket. I have a KAB for the BGE Mini-Max and would not trade it for the world. I think it should be standard out of box. But so far, I have zero airflow issues with the KJ Classic II and have yet to clean the old lump out. I just stir it up and dump new lump over the old then light. Of course empty the nifty slide out ash pan. My Large BGE(no longer have) did not draft as well as the KJ. I don't know if it's the new AMP fire box, the top vent instead of the daisy or design difference, but it responds to vent changes very quickly. I don't like to cook more than 600 degrees and I can keep it clean with a 600 degree burn. Anyway, for what it's worth, that's my two cents. I'm sure I wouldn't have buyers remorse, just rethinking the actual need.
  16. Manufactured parts are sometimes faulty. The original poster said he tested 4 thermos in boiling water. If all four were close/verified, then the dome temp should of been the same as the Flame Boss if it was clipped to the dome thermo. He just needs to the remove the dome thermo and calibrate it and verify it in boiling water like he did the others. I think his Flame Boss did what it was supposed to do and the meat cook time doesn’t seem unreasonable. Many things can be done such as wrapping or bumping up the temp from 230° to speed things along.
  17. Trust your Flame Boss 400 on the overnight cooks and disregard the dome thermo. However, you’ll definitely want to calibrate the dome thermo for the times when you’re not using the Flame Boss. Digging out your electronics for cooks less than 3 hours is a pain. Below is a screenshot from my Flame Boss
  18. You just need to adjust the dome thermo. The longer a cook goes on the dome and grate temps become closer. If you were measuring the dome temp with the Flame Boss at the dome then the dome thermo is off. They should’ve been equal or just slightly off. The meat is a different story and seems on par with the temps you were cooking at
  19. Drusen


    I really like the hinge and the gasket on the Classic II. Plus the top vent is nicer than the old school daisy wheel. I'm knew to the KJ II so I can't give you a side by side comparison, I did have a Large Big Green Egg prior and I like the upgraded features the classic II offers. For me it was definitely worth the extra money.
  20. Drusen


    Welcome...If you can afford the Classic II, go with it. You won't regret it. With that, money dictates many choices and you won't regret the Classic I either unless you can afford the Classic II.
  21. When I lived in Wyoming, winter was my favorite time to cook outside. I think the coldest was -20. The biggest tip I can give is to not force the lid open if it’s frozen shut. Put a starter cube in the bottom to thaw before opening. Very dry in Wyoming so opening the lid usually wasn’t a problem there, but did occasionally get frozen shut. The screenshot in the above post was pre-pit controller days. Definitely recommend a pit controller of some sort for the long cooks. Allows the kamado to run much more airtight and efficient. I cooked hot and fast when the outside temperatures were negative too. Never a problem for the ceramic, just tough on me standing in the cold.
  22. Thanks @John Setzler! I do have a manual. When all else fails, read the instructions right. . The lid lifts super easy, just won't stay open. I'll check the level tonight. I didn't think of that, although it shouldn't have moved.
  23. Need help with Air Lift Hinge adjustment. I'm sure this has been covered a million times, but my search is not taking me to the thread I need. Please send a link to the right thread if possible. The hinge was working great until last night. The problem is the lid will not stay up without holding it open. Last cook was a low 16 hour pork butt cook, so nothing should of changed. When I fired the KJ up last night the hinge would not allow the lid to stay open without holding it. I'm sure it's easy to adjust, but was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Also, has anybody else ever noticed a drastic change in hinge operation from one cook to the next? KJ is less than a month old and has never been over 550 degrees.
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