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  1. Keeperoftheflame's recent post about the green egg wireless grill dome thermometer got me back on the hunt for one. I often wished for a wireless dome thermometer that replaced the factory one on my akorn jr so that I could monitor grill temps and know when to go start turning down vents while I was inside prepping food, etc. I had looked for one a couple years ago with no luck whatsoever. Didn't appear anyone made such a contraption although it seems like a fairly simple and useful idea. I love my ink bird 4 probe blue tooth thermometer but don't get it out unless I'm needing to monitor meat temps. Did a quick search after reading about Keeper's and found this: XPX Bluetooth Digital Charcoal Grill Thermometer, Smart Alarm Digital Instant Read Thermometer with 2 Probes | Grill Parts America I actually found it on amazon at a price of $25.99. Never heard of that brand but for the price had to at least try it. Received it a couple days ago and had a chance to use tonight while cooking a leg of lamb. I set up my ink bird probes to check accuracy and the XPX pretty much dead on. In addition to the dome thermometer it has ports for two wired probes which are included. Install is a snap. It comes with aluminum plate heat deflector to go between the unit and your grill which I did not use. Besides being god awful ugly, when in place I barely had any thread engagement for the wingnut inside the dome. Ran the grill up to 550 or so and the back side of the unit was nice and cool even w/o the deflector. Here's a couple pics installed and in use: Worked perfectly. It has a decent app that tracks and graphs temps as well as set limits for alarms, etc. Still playing with it but looks and feels like the ink bird app. Blue tooth works decent but does not have as good of range as the ink bird. My biggest dislike is that it takes AAA batteries and not rechargeable. Overall though I am very satisfied with it. We'll have to see how long it lasts. At 25 bucks I don't have high expectations. BTW, the leg of lamb turned out delicious:
  2. Thats how I cook all my pork these days, except sausage. I never cared for pulled pork smoked as a whole butt, but liked pork steaks for some reason. Little did I know I was overcooking them to 165 and turning into dry, chewy shoe leather. This past spring I had a whole butt sliced into 1.5" steaks and experimented by seasoning one like a NY strip, cooking it fast and hot and pulling at 140. Turned out delicious, tender and moist! Only way to go, IMO.
  3. As promised here’s a few shots from my bachelor dinner. I’ll apologize up front as picture taking is not my strong suit. Started out preparing the shotgun shells. I wanted to use something smaller than manicotti so I picked some Paccheri and some fresh ground salsiccia Time to fire up the junior. Been using this for going on 4 years and just love it. Fires up so fast and easy. Once jr settled in around 250, I threw the shells on for a hour or so and enjoyed a cold beverage. I had the chops soaking in a butter, garlic and thyme mixture until the shells were done and the grill was cranked up to 550. Threw the chops on and flipped every couple minutes and pulled ‘‘em at 125-130. These little things cook fast! Poured the remaining butter mixture on them and let rest for 5 minutes. served up with some potato’s and onions. when I sliced in, it looked a little more medium than I wanted but the taste was great and perfectly tender. Definitely will be doing again. The shotgun shells not so much. They turned out just okay but nothing to write home about.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I browsed the meat aisle at Sam’s on the way home yesterday and the winner is…… Lamb loin chops! I really wanted to do a whole duck and could only find legs and quarters at my local grocer so I’ll save that idea for another time. Also, it’s going to be 103 today in St Louis so I’ll prolly be grateful I’m grilling something quick and easy. Planning on doing some sort of garlic butter and herb recipe but I’ll post up afterwards.
  5. I'm liking the lamb idea. Been wanting to try that and last time I mentioned the missus curled her nose up.
  6. It's been quite some time but I get to be a bachelor this weekend while the wife, daughter and MIL are having a girls weekend. So, I'm taking the opportunity to try something new, interesting and fun on the grill without having to worry about how it turns out or the boss liking the results. My front runner ideas so far are grilled duck or duck quarters and BBQ shotgun shells but I wanted to poll all the fine folks here. If you have a can't miss recipe for duck or any ideas for something tasty and fun to grill, post up.
  7. No more than coarse ground pepper, I suppose. Google it and you’ll find it’s a petty common rub for steaks and beef.
  8. Pretty simple: 2 tbs coarse salt, 2 tbs coffee grounds, 2 tbs garlic powder, 1 tbs black pepper, 1 tbs onion powder. Looks like yours turned out great.
  9. I'm in the tie-together-and-cook-as-one camp.
  10. Love a smoked chuck roast. I use a coffee dry rub, never tried marinating one. What's in yours?
  11. I've been experimenting with pork butt a little. I've never been a big fan of pulled pork and being from St. Louis, BBQ pork steaks have always been a tradition. We usually seared them, threw in a pan with sauce until nice and tender and then seared again at the end to caramelize the outside a little. This past weekend I had a whole butt cut into 1.5" thick steaks; normal is about 1/2 to 3/4". A 9 lb butt yielded 5 steaks. 3 of them I cooked my traditional way but my son asked me to cook a couple more like a regular steak. S&P rub, no sauce, seared at 350-400 degrees until it hit 145ish, pulled and sliced right away. OMG, it was good! The meat was melt in your mouth tender. One had to cut around the fat but not unlike a ribeye steak. The whole family loved it and I won't be going back to the old way of buying or BBQing pork steaks. Bonus I got the steaks at the 1.98/lb butt price vs the 2.98/lb price of pork steaks. Might want to try your country ribs like that once.
  12. Sorry in advance for the crappy pics. I had the same issue on my acorn jr as my stone surface temp was 100-150 degrees higher than the dome temp. I’m also a little space restricted on the jr for stacking stones etc. My solution was to make the pizza on a 10.5 “ aluminum pizza pan and set it directly on the stone to start. My pizzas take 6-7 minutes depending on amount of toppings. About the midway point I spin 180 and slide the pizza off the pan onto the stone. The crust and toppings are set enough that it slides right off with no mess and much easier than using a peel with a raw pizza. When done just slide pizza back on the pan for serving. The result is a perfectly crispy crust without too much black. This crust was a copycat recipe of mellow mushrooms from last night. as you can see my pooch loves our pizzas as well! Its also easy to change crust doneness by just adjusting time on or off the pizza pan to each persons taste.
  13. Like philporn said, these are still my favorite fire starters as well: I’m guessing I can get about 30 or 40 cotton balls in this jar and about 12 oz of alcohol for a whopping $1.50. One ball for a low and slow fire, three balls for a fast and hot fire.
  14. I seldom use my weber anymore, mostly just when I need more room. Ribs are about the only thing I cook that my Jr. can't handle. That attachment, however, looks pretty slick and I see weber pizzas in my future!
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