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    Hi all, what a great site. We recently purchased our Kamado Joe a few months ago and had a nice little cook up of roast lamb after the purchase. Being this time of year, its been a little fresh to even be outside however last weekend when the sun was shining we decided to do a little cook. 10am lit the grill with a nice slab of Pork and veggies. 2 hours later I would have to say its the nicest meal I think we have ever had. We cant stop talking about it. I left the vents slightly open and the Kamado maintained its heat all day until dinner time when we decided to reheat and cook some more. Temp was still 180 degrees at 8pm that night (10 hours later). I was amazed at the heat retention qualities, with no need to replenish the coals. Currently away for work, but dying to get home and experiment some more with different types of meat cuts and marinate. sorry, no pics of the pork, came across this site just now. I think I have found my calling. Thanks for reading.
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