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  1. then 3 1/8 square for that fitting should work fine for my Heatermeter too, thanks. Tom
  2. I am currently 500 miles away from my KJ Classic II or I would just go out to the patio and do this myself. I need the height of the sliding bottom vent door. Length is not important, just the height of the door. I am at my brother in laws house and he has some light weigh stainless steel sheetmetal strips that I want to cut to make a mount door for my Heatermeter fan/damper combo. He is a metal worker and can cut and drill the stuff, but i didn't recall the height of the sliding door. Any help appreciated. Tom
  3. I envy you guys dropping that much of money for a Hibachi. Tom
  4. AH, that was it. I was tying to make the change in the wrong place. Thanks, Tom
  5. Just saved it again Tom Nope, still not working. Here is the new sig info that is not showing up: Old Weber Performer Gen 2, Kamado Joe Classic II PK Grill with Grill Grates for SCA Competitions
  6. I tried updating my signature lines (see below, still showing old version) on my Profile page and they are not being saved when I made the changes. Any ideas or suggestions? And yeah, I did hit the "Save" button. Tom
  7. Well, you said the KJ was pricey, but didn't give your budget???? The Akorn is the bottom of the "budget" ladder, but it is all metal and, from what I read here, it needs some TLC to get it working right... and there is the longevity thing with metal. Especially kept outside in the elements. Moving up, there are the Vision units and a host of others based on the generic Auplex kamados. Auplex makes a BUNCH of models for various companies. Then there are the two companies more or less at the upper end of the generic crowd, Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe. BGE sat on their hands and let KJ outpace them in features and pricing. Getting a BGE is like going to a car dealer and when they wheel your new car around, you find it has no steering wheel... which the dealer then tells you "that costs extra". Then they nickle and dime you for everything else to boot. And the BGE design has not changed in decades, no ash tray, no segmented firebox, etc. Last, there are some "Premium" kamados that are several times the cost of even the KJ's and BGE's. But they are not something most people consider as a first kamado. Tom
  8. Just what I, personally, have found with poultry in order to get a nice crisp skin. Everything from chooks to turkey to wings and wildfowl. Make sure it is REALLY DRY before roasting or grilling. Just patting really dry with a paper towel before going on the grill helps, but letting it sit in the reefer overnight uncovered is WAY better. Ramping up the heat at the end only makes the already heat toughened skin tougher, not crisper. At least that's what I have found. YMMV. Tom
  9. Just in case you don't want to pay for the ridiculously overpriced Thermapen, I use these: https://smile.amazon.com/Inkbird-Instant-Thermometer-Grilling-HET-F001/dp/B078SQD4B3/ref=sr_1_36?keywords=inkbird&qid=1573831337&sr=8-36 12 bucks, free Amazon prime shipping, works perfectly, and no problems with durability or accuracy. I use these in SCA competition cooks where substantial money is involved and need a reliable, accurate thermometer. And the reason I say "these" is that I have two. You don't go to a competition cook with just "one" of any essential piece of equipment. So instead of almost 200 bucks for a pair of the Thermapens, I spent $24.00 for two quality Inkbird thermometers. Tom
  10. Our Costco only sells boneless. :( Which is one reason we are keeping our BJ's Club card. But I have used butcher's twine on the boneless versions and the end result is just fine. Ours don't have the "netting" but twine wrap works well. Tom
  11. Sort of an apples to oranges comparison. The Food Saver is less than half the price. I actually thought it was the better performer... for the money. Tom
  12. Jesus. I'm not bothering to respond to nonsense any more. This is a BLUETOOTH transmitter/receiver setup. AS I ALREADY POSTED. Tom PS: I see someone else pointed that out already. Done with this. Tired of Keyboard Kammandos spouting stuff they obviously don't bother to research.
  13. QFT. Keeping it inside, and keeping moisture out, is the key to a long life for any metal grill. My Weber Performer Gen 2 is nine years old... and cooking steaks outside right now. Tom
  14. So after being told I did not see what I in fact saw, I did the tests again. I would have done this earlier but for the fact we were on vacation and away most of the time. Look at the photos. Turned on the Inkbird app out in the yard, and yep. There it was. Just put a steak on in my backyard on the patio behind the house. Stuck a probe in, then went out, hooked up the app, and stood there as it was fed updated information THROUGH THE HOUSE, ACROSS THE YARD and ACROSS THE STREET. Just like last time. It is a strange kind of "latency" that hooks up, and continues to update the temperature while "latent". Notice the little antenna indicator dot in the upper right corner of the app? When the last photo was taken, it still had one bar because I did not walk quite as far away as I did last time, but it was STILL UPDATING. "Latency"? Nope. Tom
  15. Look at the photo I posted. Whatever chipset that is, I am happy with the range. And it is WAY longer than 33 feet. WAY, WAY longer. Tom
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