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  1. You might try paint developed for car engine blocks. There is no way to "re-glaze" the entire kamado without a huge kiln. Tom
  2. One of mine broke too. It actually cracked sitting by itself after removing it from the grill. Just heard a "pop" and bingo... broke. I didn't want to fool with KJ's warranty department and slow shipping so I trundled off to Lowes and bought an Akorn pizza stone. Perfect fit, one piece, had it immediately and 30 bucks. Any 15 inch pizza stone will fit. And I actually like the one-piece vs. two anyway. And since I still have my other half of the original, I can always use it if necessary. Tom
  3. About the most versatile grill you can buy is an old tried and tested Weber kettle. Either a Performer (I have one) or a Weber Premium https://www.amazon.com/Weber-Original-Premium-Charcoal-22-Inch/dp/B00MKB5TXA/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=weber+kettle&qid=1596345735&sr=8-2 If pushed for space and money, the Premium, if not, the Performer is VERY nice as a compliment to a Kamado. Tom
  4. Just a heads up. Most meats stop absorbing "good" smoke flavor after about the 2 to 3 hour mark. And over-smoking can lead to a bitter taste. Tom
  5. Because of the other description info. And the fact it is FleaBay and the Chicom sellers are not famous for knowing what they are doing. In the end, it worked. Nothing more to be said after that. Tom
  6. By the way, the 36 buck basket is back. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273413922024?boolp=5&ul_noapp=true Works perfectly in my KJ Classic II even though the ad says 22" model. Tom
  7. I have never seen Bryan EVER "dislike" or be rude to anyone on that board. And since the HeaterMeter (which is a GREAT device) is his brainchild, that is where I go for info. Tom
  8. We have LOTS of wild grape vines locally. I have used the dried vines before, but it was long ago. I really don't recall it having any exceptional taste, but being very mild. Tom
  9. I use this one. HDBP food safe plastic. Inexpensive and works fine. I like the pressure gauge but it is really not necessary. Tom https://smile.amazon.com/EasyGoProducts-EGP-SHO-007-1-Gauge-Mister-Fertilizing-Water-Chemicals-Pesticides/dp/B07TK1R87J/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=EasyGoProducts+EGP-SHO-007-1+EasyGo+Bottle+Hand+Pump+Sprayer+W%2FPressure+Gauge-Mister+Setting-for+Gardening%2C+Fertilizing%2C+Cleaning+%26+General+Use+Spraying+Water-Chemicals-Pesticides+(1.0+Liter&qid=1591395146&s=lawn-garden&sr=1-1
  10. Looks like it went just fine. Stabilizing the temperature using only the vents takes a bit of practice. I am glad I learned to do that before getting a HeaterMeter, but for keeping the temps exact, you just can't beat a blower/damper control unit like the HeaterMeter. It really makes fire control as easy as setting the dial on your oven in the house. Here is the support forumk for HeaterMeter, but there are a host of off-the-shelf units out there. https://tvwbb.com/forums/heatermeter-diy-bbq-controller.85/ Tom
  11. I just use my PK (the Original) for steaks. It is truly a steak grilling machine. Tom
  12. I haven't looked since I bought my baskets. I bought two because I didn't know how long they would last and now that seems like overkill. Tom
  13. Your best alternative is, obviously, to simply buy a WSM or stick burner Kamados are not designed to do what you want to do, WSM's and stick burners are. Tom
  14. Kick Ash stuff is, IMHO, over priced and over hyped. Suitable baskets are available on eBay for less than half the price and mine has lasted a year of 2 to 3 times a week cooking with no rust out and no warping. At this rate, I have no idea when it will need replacing but it will be a long while yet. It cost 36 bucks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273413922024 When it finally goes out, I'll replace it with another 36 buck basket, just like with any fire basket or grill grate. They don 't last forever. Tom PS: I don't do long high temperature cooks, but I do burn the grill out with 600° run ups after each cook to keep it clean.
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