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  1. Misguided

    Pellet Joe

    It’s funny. I love my RecTec, and I am getting a KJ to compliment that. However, I wouldn’t want this product.
  2. You can’t leave it outside with a cover? Strap it down on the off chance of a hurricane getting too close. At any rate, I don’t cook for many people, but the classic looks way too small to me. You should look for yourself at the roadshow (I did the same recently).
  3. Thanks. That’s what I figured, but better safe than sorry . I drove an hour and a half to a roadshow the other day and could have bought a 2, but I think I’m going to go with the 3. With AGC continuing their preorder pricing (which I was told on Sunday would continue for some time), it isn’t even that big of a difference. I hope to place my order soon.
  4. Did you single out the Classic here intentionally (as opposed to the Big Joe) or was that a function of the question that led to this response? AGC told me the BJ3 did come with the reflectors, but just double checking.
  5. Appreciate it, John. Unfortunately, my nearest dealer is nearly 60 miles, and they are a pool/spa place. You’d never even know from their website they carry this sort of thing. I was thinking of renting a truck and buying a Big Joe II from Costco (a bit further than the dealer is where the current roadshow is...drove there today to look at one for the first time). Still doing a mental coin flip on getting the latest and greatest (and not having to haul it myself) vs saving some money, which is always nice, but not my primary motivator.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm considering a Big Joe III. Are there any retailers that will do delivery and setup? I have a very long gravel driveway and a few steps to negotiate.
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