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  1. @jtempleYes, that’s what I’ve been doing, typically lighting 3 spots, unless I’m only using half the basket. Bottom open. Cap completely off. Takes forever. Been thinking of asking for a looftlighter for Father’s Day. Trying to decide if that’s going to help me get a fire going more consistently.
  2. Joetisserie chicken is great. And nearly foolproof. I got the grill too hot the other day and ended up having a flare up which got the outside rather charred. I took it off the grill and finished in the oven. Ended up cooking to a higher finish temp than I intended by 10+ degrees. All that and it was still fantastic.
  3. I watched this video again because I’ve been struggling to get my grill hot. 30 minutes out, it could still be under 300 degrees, sometimes, and I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong (it does get hot eventually, just takes much too long). I noticed a couple of things: 1) I haven’t been manually placing chunks of charcoal above the fire cubes 2) I’ve been using the basket, which John isn’t using here. Is there anything different I should be doing when using the basket? Should I just ditch the basket?
  4. shocking. would be great if their response times were improving
  5. I wanted to get round foil pans, but couldn’t find the right size.
  6. I bought this exact pan for that purpose three weeks ago! Wish I could tell you how it has worked out, but things have been nuts here and I haven’t had a chance to cook anything.
  7. Awesome! I recently got a classic II with the modular table/cart that has the ring on the end for the grill. The ring is a bit wider than the grill is, so the grill can wobble a bit. I want to get something heat-resistant to use as a bumper on the ring to remove that movement.
  8. Costco has a “bundle” online for 999. Not clear what the bundle is. If that includes the cover, it’s a good deal, but I can’t tell.
  9. Martijn, because the shape has changed, can you adjust the height of the slab?
  10. While we are at it, the virus is called COVID-19.
  11. Yeah, I’ve had trouble getting my order correct. I was pleasantly surprised, though that after they sent the wrong cover twice, they agreed to issue a refund for the cover so I can get it elsewhere (and I have found it, fortunately, since I don’t think they make it anymore). But at least I have the cart and Classic II, and really happy with those. Haven’t needed any individual parts replaced.
  12. Yeah, agree with the others on the pan. That’s unnecessary on my pellet smoker and a kamado is a moister environment. Since the stall occurs because of moisture evaporating from the meat decreasing the temperature, it seems possible that adding excess moisture to the environment could slow that down. You don’t mention using foil, either. Try wrapping in foil once you hit 160.
  13. Could be the charcoal. I did my first cook the other day, a rotisserie chicken, and posted about how surprised I was by the smoky flavor.
  14. lol. I know John is a fan, but I already have a pellet smoker to do long cooks on.
  15. @JeffieBoynice idea. I don’t need that, because my cooler is piezoelectric (it won’t really heat or cool stuff, but does a pretty good job of maintaining temperatures), but your suggestion is easy enough for anybody to do.
  16. When do you want it to be ready? These days, I typically start it late at night and wrap in foil in the morning.
  17. I have a cooler filled with towels and an aluminum tray that I use to rest bbq in after long cooks. You can easily keep things warm for a couple of hours wrapped in foil, especially if you warm the tray first.
  18. FYI, this special is running again through 11/8 (along with classic II for 999 and big joe II for 1599). The charcoal seems to run at least a couple of times per year. I bought some August 2019, but didn’t end up getting my grill until recently. My first cook was so great, I might just buy more even with a bunch sitting here. edit: page isn’t loading for the charcoal. Not sure if they are sold out or the link is bad
  19. I watched this video from @Smokingdadbbq before I mine together
  20. New as well, but don’t see how the petals could have opened up if the ring was on securely.
  21. Glad it worked out well for you. They sent me the wrong cart once and the wrong cover twice. Now they tell me 7-14 business days to process the order for another cover, which is absurd, given the order was placed two months ago. At least I have the grill and cart, though. I’m quite happy with the actual product, just wish I could have bought it from another supplier.
  22. On a tangent, i saw in an old KJ video on cooling down after a cook that they said not to store the grill latched, to preserve the gaskets. I had no idea that was a thing. Don’t see it mentioned anywhere in the instructions (though it does make sense).
  23. I’ve got KJ lump I bought from Costco on special (running again at the moment). 80lbs for $80. Really pleased with the results. I’ve never cooked with charcoal, so I wasn’t expecting that.
  24. Thanks. Ended up taking about 150. Didn’t start with enough charcoal, so I made the executive decision to close the lid. Also added some more lump part way through. Still came out amazing.
  25. My first cook went really well. It took a long time, because I didn’t start with enough charcoal, but that’s the sort of thing I will figure out. The chicken was moist, tender, and had much more of a smoky flavor than I anticipated (I have some wood chunks ordered, but this was just charcoal, with some rosemary in a foil punch).
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