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  1. Thanks for the great info everyone! No pizza in the kamado. I will go read the above mentioned thread. I assumed that since the company was sold and changed name and owners that it was no longer around. But thanks to the link provided by 58limited I was able to email them and got a reply from Richard Johnson today. He said I purchased a K5 in Oct 2003, which is good to know when looking for parts in the future. He also said that the wheels will unscrew, so new ones can be installed. Thanks again for sharing you knowledge and pointing me in the right direction!
  2. I have a Kamado K7 that I purchased from RJ in West Sac around 2003. I am trying to repair a few things. There are a handful of tiles that fell off -What type of adhesive should I use to reattach? The wheels on the stand are buckling - are they replaceable? Can I use something like a BGE nest? Will standard kamado carts/tables be able to handle the weight of this monster? Is there a better product out there for the charcoal box - I have the standard clay one - which I think easily gets clogged. Should I refrain from high heat? Was thinking about doing pizza in it. Finally, is it worth putting in the effort? Would a new Kamado be a huge upgrade or are they basically the same? Thanks in advance! Bobbi
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