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  1. So I just got my recent CGS purchase of a spider, Woo Ring and 2 half moons. First off really well built pieces and I think I should have just bought the Woo Ring and half moons. For those of you that have it what do you typically use your spider for and do you use it in conjunction with Woo ring?
  2. Thanks Chris that helps. I think I'm 1) Lighting to much charcoal for the low and slow 2) Not being patient enough for the higher temp (300 - 400F) for the higher temp stuff. Thanks again. Walt
  3. Hey everyone, recently purchased a Louisiana Grill Kamado from Costco. I'm new to the ceramic grill scene and have tried various ways of lighting this fiasco but it still seems once I think I get it stabilized and start to cook it'll creep up on me by 50°F to 75°F. When I light it I use three starters for the charcoal should I use just one? Anywho some advice would be great with these. Thanks
  4. Hey everyone recently bought and assembled my Louisiana Grill/Pit boss Kamado. Still learning this fiasco coming from a Chargriller offset grill/smoker. Walt
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