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  1. I saw Alton eat some on one of his motorcycle trips. the Nealy's also have a bbq spaghetti recipe. I thought the same thing, could be good. I kept it in my back pocket in case I couldn't come up with something interesting. I think you made a good choice.
  2. I am very familiar with this sauce, and many that are similar, being from VA and eating a lot of NC and SC bbq. I think many of you probably misunderstand how this sauce is used. It is not Sweet Baby Rays or KC Masterpiece. The vinegar spice/pepper sauce (mop sauce) is basted on the hog, and mixed in as the pork is pulled, usually just enough to moisten. Very much to taste of the individual preparing the Q. There is usually a bottle of the stuff on the table for customer tweaking. That bottle may contain some chunks of peppers or whole peppers. The hole in the top of the bottle is just small enough to clog up with pepper flakes. Sometimes it is in a jar where you can get some big pepper chunks along with the vinegar. In some areas you find Lexington sauce on the table. This is similar to the above sauce but has ketchup and sugar added. It is a little thicker, slightly sweet and is intended as a condiment for your sandwich. Many places, your to go sandwich has a package of Texas Pete in your bag as a condiment. Same idea, vinegar and heat from pepper.
  3. A recent post here on KG on an old kamado intrigued me. I started looking into old kamados independently and later found some links here on KG. I found some old manuals on cleaning, caring for and cooking on Imperial clay kamados. Interesting history re: importing and developing an American market, and the shift to ceramics. I remember reading some years back about the development of charcoal for recreational cooking 1935-36, and about Hollywood stars having a charcoal grill. Backyard grilling was something new and exciting. Charcoal making for other purposes goes back way further than that. I grew up post WW ll, and in the 60's I know for sure we had a back yard grill. I am interested in your stories, your first grill and how you got to the grill you have today. Particularly interested if you have had or are using a clay kamado, or any older models you may have started with. Any and all stories, however brief or detailed are welcome.
  4. we used to sell these to circuit city.... https://www.forearmforklift.com/forearm-forklift-4x4/
  5. Thawed the frozen leftover pork, acquired necessary ingredients. rehydrated the guajillo peppers, then: all Kamado, all the way! Onion, pepper, garlic, oregano simmering into a paste. Drained the hominy, added the water from the pepper rehydration, a bay leaf and let that simmer for a while. Added the pork and guajillo paste and let that simmer. Pozole !
  6. I love the Traeger, it does some things well. I used it a lot. My experience for steak was like yours. Adequate, but could be better. I had a rusting out kettle grill which I used for searing, and b4 I bought the Traeger, smoking. Good for what it was, but could have done some things better. That is how I wound up with the Kamado, I really bought it for searing, but I find it pretty good at smoking, low and slow. A lot of peeps here have a $160.00 Akorn Jr for searing. I think a pellet grill plus Akorn Jr would be a good combo. A kamado and an Akorn Jr would also be a good combo. I use a cheap kettle from lidl at the gf's, and enjoy using it. A sous-vide and a gas grill for searing also. It's all fun.
  7. scroll down thru the thread.... https://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45842
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Grisun-Adjustable-Porcelain-Charcoal-Louisiana/dp/B07T9NBGBX/ref=sr_1_86?keywords=13"+cast+iron+grate&qid=1571323255&sr=8-86
  9. I was browsing on Amazon this morning, and this popped up:https://www.amazon.com/Forest-Grass-MY22TT002-RED-Grills-Inch/dp/B07NP3PMW9?pf_rd_p=c130f0c5-1076-46b6-ac60-7d7e80f8bef9&pd_rd_wg=GPS5r&pf_rd_r=720CHF3PJWPYW3V403X2&ref_=pd_gw_cr_simh&pd_rd_w=aAN50&pd_rd_r=783a482a-f514-4ec5-b24f-fcf40c3c64b3 There were only a couple comments. Most interesting was the guy who said the box had a Vision label, and the there were a couple of other labels on the grill as he peeled the layers of the onion back. There is a website : https://forestgrass.online/products/charcoal-grills-18-22-24-bbq-ceramic-grill-cooker-black-red?variant=14083782541364 No mention or warranty that I could find. They seem to be selling. I am familiar with manufacturing and importing, so I know these are probably all made in the same factory, just different specs, hardware, QC depending on the price point of the eventual branded product. I did look up the Chinese company that makes a lot of these, can't remember the name, but people here are familiar with them an they are frequently mentioned in posts. A little FYI , for your perusal.
  10. I just put a half moon ci grate on the fire bowl. If you have the vision lava rock hanger or the cgs woo, you can put a small ci grate on the lowest ring and be really close to the fire. I think you may be looking forea ci griddle, soap stone, or stainless griddle for smashing burgers , cooking peppers, onions etc. Can't make a suggestion on that since I have not bought one yet. I looked at many on line and observed what people are using in pictures here on KG.
  11. I was not going to post....but now.. 5 hours at 225-250 finished at 199, probed them and the were tender. No wrap
  12. I just picked some up at Kroger. I usually grill them a little, then braise for a couple hours. What was your time , kamado temp, final temp on the meat ? Thanks
  13. Multi tasking with a pork shoulder. When I cook a shoulder, I usually pack the left overs in quart ziplock bags, one pound per bag and freeze them. I had not gotten around to a shoulder on the kamado, as I had a couple pounds rumbling around in the freezer. But then the October challenge came up. 1) Shoulder needed for the challenge, 2) opportunity to cook a shoulder on the kamado 3) experimented with the fire. I usually lay down some big block, and pour on a lit chimney of left over /fresh lump. Gets hot fast. This time I put down a couple monster chunks of KJBB, and dumped the unlit chimney of rubble on top, and buried one of these guys just under the top of the pile and lit it up.. After the fire got going, I put the lava rock and drip pan on the Vision hanger, grate on the low position, (fire bowl). After about a half hour, with a little fiddling, the dome thermometer and the oven thermometer on the grill were at 225. They stayed there for the entire cook, did not have to make further adjustments. Lots of lump and a couple big chunks of hickory, small fire.
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