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  1. Leg of lamb, rack of lamb, lamb shanks (love those w/white beans), lamb meat balls all came to mind for this challenge. I knew you guys would come thru with all of those. Lamb burgers w/ gyro seasoning came from restaurant in Roanoke. I never went but one of my buddies had told me about it . FYI, I have been cooking the racks in the Sous vide, cutting into 2 bone pieces and finishing on the grill with herb mix. We like mint jelly or mint sauce. I made lamb meat balls w/ some hamburger, herbs and ricotta. Very light texture, not dense.
  2. Live and learn. I have cooked whole turkey, turkey breast, chicken on the Kamado and traeger many times , usually 315-350 degrees. They always come out moist, and tasty, not to Smokey. More of a roasted bird I guess. This time the Kamado settled in @ 300. I let ride it at that temp. I had a couple pieces of apple wood in the with the lump, per usual. The turkey had a good texture, and very moist. Crisp skin, if you like skin. It was noticeably smokier than usual. A little much for the GF, but she ate it. Pretty good I would say. Probably go back to 300+ in the future. And another thing, I have noticed that this forum turns pictures posted from my iPad sideways. Can’t find a way to fix that. They post correctly on other apps, websites.
  3. To bad about Ruth. People work hard for their money, if retired they worked hard for it. Ruth living off her reputation and not delivering the kind of experience you expect and pay for is how you eventually go out of business. Glad you found Cattleman’s, and told us about it. Went to their website, looks good. I cooked a t-bone last night on the Kamado. Salt,pepper,garlic powder. I didn’t take pics of the cook, but half stone deflector down in the fire bowl, grate above it at felt line, and grate at the open side of the fire bowl. Steak positioned on the high grate over the deflector, loin facing the open side. Cooked to 100+. removed the steak, raised the Kamado temp to 600, and put it back on the low grate and seared, tenderloin facing away from the fire towards the edge of the grate. This method gives the loin a chance to get done without sacrificing the tenderloin [overcooked}.
  4. Open the bottom vent, screen guard and everything.Open the top vent all the way. Light the coal in a couple places, or pour in a chimney of lit coal on top of a pile of unlit coal. Leave the lid open until everything is burning . It should get screaming hot. Maybe even remove the top vent entirely. Never had to do that, though. Low and slow, I usually light a tumbleweed or two, follow the above procedure, placing the diffuser in position after the fire is started, be it a small flame, or partial lit chimney of coal. Around 200 or a little earlier, I dial back the two vents, bottom about a quarter open, top on 1.5 -2.. It may drop a little and then come back up. Adjust as needed. Low and slow, It can take a while to get up to temp, so allow for that. Maintaining low and slow, usually top vent barely open, almost closed. Bottom vent usually closed down to where only about 4 of the holes in the perforated guard are visible.
  5. I get it, me, or me and the GF. A lot of cooks get portioned out and frozen, or given to my faux brother and sister in law. Veal chops and hunter sauce. Really good.
  6. Try some moz or Swiss , parsley , herbs, pine nuts.....sear. Put in a Dutch oven, pour a jar of tomato sauce on it and braise for a couple hours . Mama mia!
  7. yea, that's the one. Let me know how you like it. Did you buy the battery? Many years ago, probably on NPR, b4 Ted talks, I heard someone talking about language. In Greek there is a word for the doing. Not the end result, but the pleasure of the process. No word for that in English. Have fun!
  8. Since I bought the Kamado, the pellet grill has not seen much love. So last weekend I bought a brisket and fired it up. It was pretty tasty. I’m thinking, other than fuel, pellet vs lump, it probably does not make much difference wether you control the temp by limiting fuel (pellet) or by limiting air flow, Kamado or Kamado with billows. You still have to pick the cut, season, adjust for temperature and time. I admit I have looked at various billow and temp control with blue tooth and or WiFi. Usually they have extension cord, and tons of wires , probes and so on. I really wanted to get away from dragging out the extension cord. There is a thread here on KG featuring a portable system with battery power. I like that idea. Anyhow, this weekend I was back on the Kamado with excellent results.
  9. Measure the id and od of the fire bowl. It will tell if you can use a deflector with a hanging holder, like a woo ring.
  10. Couple of things: Ash Basket. I cooked some ribs at 200-250, spatchcock chicken at 300-350, Pizza at 400-450. Worked well at all temps. On the ribs and chicken I used a tumbleweed fire starter, on the pizza a lit chimney of coal added to the leftover lump in the basket. Ash vac. Today I cleaned out the kamado after the three above cooks. That thing worked great. Better than the rake, counter brush, or dust buster. It got into every nook and cranny. Much smaller. lighter, and easier than the full blown shop vac.
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