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  1. Yeah, I know about that. I have even paid more per pound and didn’t see a lot of difference. Good luck with the porter road. I’ve seen their adds but never tried them.
  2. On sale at Aldi. I have cooked a few. I have tried several different methods, but they are always tough. I had to put one in the crock pot and re cook to make it edible. Recently Ron (the Fogo guy) cooked one like a brisket. That seemed like a good method. But if you want it rare to medium, basically a grilled chunk of meat, what's your method?
  3. Do any of you have the artflame insert foe your Kamado? What is your opinion/ experience using it?
  4. pellet grills do that . billows of smoke then nothing. on and off, on and off. I can't say about a kamado shaped one, most folk think kamados don't need water. A typical pellet grill benefits from a cup of water in the smoker, IMHO. Still, sometimes I forget to add one, and still get good results. Kamados when properly adjusted for low and slow may appear to stop smoking, but it's still there, inside the dome. I notice smoke when a chunk of wood ignites, and the smoke has a different smell that you learn to identify. Temp may go up a little, don't rush to adjust it. For the pellet grill, try
  5. I don't have a big Joe. .But I do have a kamado. I gave up on metal rakes, counter brush, and so on. I use this on the kamado, pellet grills, sucks out all the ash. Bottom of the kamado, thru the space at the bottom of the fire bowl, thru the bottom air vent.https://www.kamadoguru.com/uploads/monthly_2020_01/07BD4A81-E937-4CA2-BA7E-58A16E186364.jpeg.77d87f4444505baf313867c4f5b23ba4.jpeg
  6. Sunday, 11 hours, 225. Pork Butt. Kingsford cherry, Pit Boss apple mix 4 hours, bark starting to form. 11 hours, Pork Butter
  7. temp was about 225 at the grate, snuck up to about 240 towards the end. Can't remember the time, but stalled, so I think 8 hours +/- . Just check for 200+ internal temp. Sometimes after adequate smoke time, i put them in a pot/pan and braise them. Can't miss with a braise. Grilled onions, peppers, beef broth, wine, or dark beer.
  8. Used sparingly on short ribs and brisket. First time was steak, too strong. Label says pepper, salt, garlic. Kroger, but Costco has some that appears to be the same. fogo super premium after 7 1/2 hours, 225-240. The smaller rubble burned, chunks barely charred.
  9. On sale at Whole Foods... fogo super premium Meat butter
  10. Saw this in Kroger a while back. Then I saw it on Shark Tank. Anybody tried it? Sustainable Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes – Prime 6 (prime-six.com)
  11. They were great. Most were @ 135-140, I don't think carryover bruised them. I brushed them with butter and then put them on the soapstone. Brushed them again and flipped them when I started getting caramelization. Not so much butter running off the stone.
  12. Hadn’t used the soapstone in a while. 39682810-B479-4BBB-ABB9-5466B0146C00.MOV 39682810-B479-4BBB-ABB9-5466B0146C00.MOV
  13. last page of this post will give you some options, and things to think about. Best configuration for smoking 3 racks of ribs on Kamado? - Page 3 - Kamado Cooking and Discussion - Kamado Guru
  14. Yeah, I know. I have been going down the knife rabbit hole for a while. Bought some relatively inexpensive Japanese steel and needed to start sharpening. Ordered some 1000/3000 grit whetstones and a strop from Amazon and dove in. Turned out not as daunting as it seemed. I'm still learning, but I have the tools to practice with. Just ordered a better quality knife now that I know more about steel, edge and technique. I am sure there are more knives and stones in the future.
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