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  1. I have one and can tell you it works well and is easy to use. Maybe not all the fancy calculations and such you get with other brands. I bought the rechargeable battery they recommend, and that thing lasts a long, long time. One of the things I like is with the battery, you don't have a tangle of wires running all over the place. I know JS changed his tag.. "Buy a Temperature Control System for your Kamado. It's worth the investment." But as alternative POV, Smoking Dad has temperature control devices on his list of least used and unnecessary devices. He thinks ceramic cookers are rock steady on temperature on their own. You don't know till you try, live and learn. Probably not the first or last $$ you spend if you don't use it. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/43184-my-vision-journey/?do=findComment&comment=573511
  2. 71240_71242_PBK24_manual_EN_FR_ES.pdf (amazonaws.com) Part #8. I would contact the company. The part on the grill that the shelves attach to is pretty common. Buy some other shelves and use the part attached to them to fab a new shelf if they are set to far apart.
  3. I agree. Smoked one on the traeger a while back. Package recommended @ 170 as I recall. Research told me @200+, so that is what I did. We sliced some and ate it like that. Sliced some like bacon and fried it, even better. Then we cut some in like 1/2 inch to 1 inch cubes and fried those. Those we could even stand up in the pan with the fat side down, no oil. Better still.
  4. Sandwich first, turkey divan second, gf likes Kentucky hot brown, so do I.
  5. That’s the one I use. Bought it on clearance. I do have some others in rotation. That one is good for the membrane on baby backs, and silver skin. Good for skinning fish, too.
  6. I quit ordering steak from Kansas City. Inconsistent size. Ship all thin, or all thick, not mixed. I hate thin steaks. Ridiculous price, better off at the grocery store. Christmas gift from Omaha, not much better. Usually filet which is passable. I ordered short ribs from Wild Fork, They were great. I would try another cut. Porter is ok from what I read, but usually they are out of every cut I might want. GF ordered rastelli filet from qvc. Small filets. The price was not much more than the current price at the grocery, so we will see. When I calculate the price per pound for mail order, whether it’s steaks or ham, it’s always way more than a local vendor. I do send some friends ham / pork regularly for Christmas, kind of a tradition.
  7. I like Alton's formula. There is a popular blend available at BB&B. That mix recommends reducing the concentration by half for a bird that has the solution pre injected. I have had good results following this method. You could do the same with any brine (Alton's). Re: kamado turkey, technique , fancy brine....lets face it , no matter how you prepare it, turkey is more alike than not. Roasted, fried, spatchcocked, rotisserie, as long as you don't burn it up, it's still just another turkey.
  8. Vision, bbqube, fogo eucalyptus, wild fork short ribs
  9. ? where did you buy it? Case for local retailer, don't accept it when they deliver. Mail order, they are going to refer you to KJ, the repair/spare parts are between you and KJ. Recently saw a post where a guy ordered from BBQ guys and their response was not our problem, call KJ. Not saying all dealers are like that, but I see this response on more and more warranty issues with all kinds of products. I know 2 years ago when I ordered Vision from HD, I was concerned about damage b4 or during shipping. Fortunately, all was well. I know this does not solve your problem, but it is something for future buyers to consider. Investigate your sellers service and return record.
  10. all well and good. but I would just put an appropriate size foil pan on them, and throw it away.
  11. Grill, charcoal basket are good choices. I keep mine outdoors, I use a cover. 5 Observations: Kamados come ready to cook. You don't need accessories. The charcoal basket and a deflector/drip pan are first choices. The rest depend on where you want to go with your cooking . Choice of kamado. They are more alike than not. No kamado envy here. Get what you can afford and is available. Lump, more alike than not. You put it in and light it, it burns. Some are hotter, some have bigger pieces, some people detect different smoke flavor. It all works. Wood chunks/smoke...Less is more. Keep in mind the folks you are cooking for. Don't over smoke. Grate vs dome temp. Does not make much difference as long as the dome thermometer is reasonably calibrated. I am pretty sure I could cook anything without a thermometer measuring grill temp. Comes with experience. Temp control device....I bought one, but I can use the kamado sans device. Certainly not a necessity for searing a burger.
  12. How much did they weigh ? How many servings did you get ? I just bought some, looking for guidance on portions. Thanks
  13. JS, how long? Final Temp? Tender or chew ? Looking good.
  14. video did not show, I'll post from my other device.
  15. I own one. Bought it on sale at Amazon. After initial testing, I still use it. It's not an every day accessory. Four of my friends bought one. One uses his about like I do, one has never been used, one maybe once or twice. I saw a video, The stone stays hot, where other surfaces cool down so when you flip the meat it's not as hot. Of course you could flip and put on another area with those materials. The thing is, if you get pleasure out of using it, you enjoy getting it out and experimenting, it's worth it. Maybe you find a killer method for some particular recipe.
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