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  1. I've cooked burgers on pellet smokers, with the defector they are probably about what you are looking for. Even at 350 they take a while. Don't really develop much of a crust, color can be a little odd. Taste and juiciness were good. Asmoke has a gate you can open for flame, so pretty much reverse sear as mentioned. Still not a lot of char, unless you want a grease fire and probably well done. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/46511-asmoke-pellet-grill/#elControls_570912_menu
  2. Not to beat a dead horse, but….. After several cooks, some notes on the Tempspike. Obviously it is the only way to go on rotisserie. Can’t use it to measure your grill grill temp from ignition to desired cooking temp. You will need a another probe for that. Initially, the probe is ok on the meat temp, but way off on the ambient temp.I understand their competitors are the same. Proximity to the cold meat, I expect. The projected cook time: way off, jumps all over the place. I tested it against two other ambient and internal probes, consistent in it’s inaccuracies. As the cook progresses, the internal, ambient , remaining time numbers all start to converge with my other probes.
  3. Thanks. That's what I thought. One of the posters mentioned filets (steak?) regarding the length of the probe, hence my question. The instructions don't mention direct flame or searing.
  4. I ordered one. Setup was easy. Have not used it yet. Ambient temp range is 14-527 F. Did you use test it searing steak?
  5. Vision Kamado just past the three year anniversary. The hairline crack shown on page two has not progressed. The lava stone(deflector) is still in tact. Today I am using the fogo blaze ball, earned enough fogo points, it was free. Really free, they paid the shipping. There have been some recent posts by people struggling to maintain low temps, like 225. Small fire, people. Close those vents down early. blaze ball, meathead lump, short ribs.
  6. Oklahoma Onion Burgers Recipe - NYT Cooking (nytimes.com) chefs note I used traeger Prime Rib Rub on the burger. Salt and pepper on the onion. Don't worry about the steamed bun. I toasted mine lightly. I used a mandolin on the onion. (It's where you put your finger when you want a trip to the ER.) Stack it up. The left over reheated for lunch today was just as good. Onions love all that chuck fat.
  7. Used the soapstone. Perfect for this cook. I did cheese one.(not shown).
  8. I ordered Meat Head charcoal. Quick delivery. Opened the bag and removed several large chunks and set them aside. Poured some out of the bag into the charcoal basket. Mostly good-sized pieces. No complaints on the size so far, but I'm not too far into the bag. First cook, about 6 hours, 225. After the smoke settled down, the grill was up to temp and the meat was on, occasional wiff of smoke, not unlike a chunk of wood burning. Nothing unpleasant. Maybe I was lucky on my vent adjustments, but it burned steady, and grill temp remained constant. I cooked baby back ribs, good results, no unpleasant taste. I checked the basket this morning, plenty of good charcoal left after the cook.
  9. From what I read, he is not involved in any way. Naked Wiz reviewed the product., Above average. Nothing special.
  10. Any one tried Meat Head charcoal? 15% off and free shipping for new customers. 22 pound bag. Order on their website. Comments from those who have tried it would be welcome.
  11. I second the CGS spider and two half stones. I have the woo ring and the two half stones. I use the lava stone on the woo. 3 years and it is still good. I take care of it. I don't drop in on a hot fire. After the coals are lit I drop it in and bring it up to temp. I cook pizza 400 plus and it is my bottom stone, and the two half stones for the pizza. The half stones allow lots of different set ups. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/43184-my-vision-journey/?do=findComment&comment=538154
  12. Take the springs off. Put one end in a vice and pull them open with a vice grip on the free end. Place quarters between the openings in the now spread spring, you may need some help. Reinstall. From the inter web. I have not had to do this.
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