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  1. Yea, I think there are better choices for $270. But for camping, or limited space, an option. I ran 1 pound of Asmoke pellets for burn in, no problems. Two cooks with Bear mountain oak.
  2. This summer I backed a project on Indiegogo. A portable pellet grill. It seems to be popular with RV / camping crowd. With Covid, that seems to be increasingly popular. It also appeals to people who want to try a pellet grill, or are completely new to grilling. It would be good for single people or small spaces.They started out at $131, went $150 when the campaign closed. They sold about 9,000. It’s kind of a step sister to the Country Traveler smoker. So, I have run a break-in, roasted a chicken, and reverse seared a steak.. There is a slider that opens to allow you to
  3. I don't mind foil. I only recently started with the butcher paper. Learning as I go. So far I like the butcher paper, but harder to work with. Usually foil on ribs and pork shoulder. In fact, instead of wrapping, I put shoulders in an aluminum pan and cover with foil till done. Excellent results and it catches all the drippings, which after defatting can go back into the pulled pork. Butcher paper on brisket, although I have experimented with other meat. I find butcher paper does not stick to any tape very well. As far as the bark, I do not find either softens the bark
  4. That's what I bought, wasn't much more expensive than the 18". I use some butcher string to tie up the bundle. It's also good to put on the table when eating steamed crabs.
  5. I see your point, but some people want light bark, medium bark, heavy bark. One poster in another thread went as far as to say he and his wife consider bark an excuse to burn meat. The GF is that way with smoke....not too heavy. Wrapping is probably in the eye of the beholder.
  6. There is one, advertised here, that is how I found it. Can’t remember the name. They make a Kamado, I think. The cart is universal fit. Here it is...https://store.grillagrills.com/products/kamado-pro-cart?variant=31472923246649&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping feed&utm_content=free google shoppingclicks&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIteLOkvKt7AIVaQiICR088wz3EAQYASABEgJoOPD_BwE
  7. I get it. I ran a meetup group which I took on when the previous head knocker quit. Supposed to be temporary. Took forever to find someone to take over. People are a pain. Give one a fart and somebody else wants one. Anyhow, this forum has been good for me. Sure, like all Forums, newbies populate the board with questions that have been answered many times. Occasionally you get someone posting with no social responsibility. The forum has value, don’t loose sight of that.
  8. That's what I did with the pan I have now. Probably do the same with the new pan.
  9. I do like the pan, just not for certain things. I thought I would by a smaller one (I am kind of a completist at collecting things).So for $38, I did order one.
  10. I saw J S post on these a while back. I had seen a lot of ads for similar pans, but pulled the trigger on Aus ion. Seasoned above an beyond instructions. Made some chicken with wine deglaze. Wiped out black crap for ever and re seasoned. I like the pan, but if you use tomatoes or acid a lot, which I do, it's not for you.
  11. Salmon sizzle. Soapstone is the shizzle IMG_0033.MOV .
  12. A little overdue, but my Vision B is over a year old. No issues, been great. Kamado are great at grilling, baking, smoking. I cooked a lot of stuff just because I could. That does not mean there are not better tools, methods. I’ve been smoking more lately on the pellet grill. I bought a kJ soapstone, and tested it on smash burgers on the GF’s Gas grill.8 tonight the vision, paprika bacon shrimps, filet....
  13. “did one last night, also came from Aldi. 400ºf indirect 25-30 minute” Cooked mine today, pretty good. My buddy cooked one on his egg, same method, good results. here is mine
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