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  1. Same here. When I cook more freeze some portions invite guests give some to family This was sold as brisket, neither flat nor point. 2.9 pounds. (Aldi) Finished at 1pound 10 oz. 5 hours @ 225-250, I used some of Arnie Tex’s methods, on the Kamado. Thick in the center of the grill, narrow near the edge of the deflector, where the heat is. I always look for the fat , even in the “flats” sold at Costco.
  2. i would take a look at this for a couple good ideas. Of particular interest is his observation on point vs flat. https://recipes.hastybake.com/how-to/arnietex-brisket-recipe/ I start probing for tenderness at@ 190. I cooked a 4 + lb piece recently, it took 6 1/2 hours and was pretty uniform in temp, but the thick fatty end was tender before the leaner end.
  3. Since I bought the basket divider, sear has been on my radar. oopsFilet from lidl
  4. I added a divider to my ash basket. Not much info on using one on the web. When l searched KG, most people never used the divider or used it once and forgot about it. A recent post from JS got me interested in banking the fire. I used to do that all the time on the kettle grill. I set it up East-West so air from the intake fed the fire, the half stone kept air from rushing out the top vent. I fabbed a pan to catch drips and keep them out of the fire bowl. Pork tenderloin at 225. Dialed up the temp to 300, direct cooked some Italian Sausage, then moved the pork to the direct side and caramelized the bbq sauce. I see the benefits of the divider for smaller cooks, and grilling a couple sausages or steaks. A grate could easily be placed on the fire bowl on the hot side for searing. BTW, that half basket was all leftover lump. I took off about an inch, lit it in a chimney , poured it on and spread it out. Vents were set as usual. No need to adjust any different from the typical setting for a full basket.
  5. 18 vs 24 ..? 18 suits me, not cooking for a crowd. I have come to the conclusion that 24 with a KAB and divider (or OEM equivalent ) Would be a good choice for some folks. Half the grill and half the charcoal most of the time. Full load when you need it. Of coarse the cost difference must be justified, how often do you need the extra space. Maybe aN 18 with an expansion rack would work, and be more cost effective.
  6. pizza, one of the most popular topics on KG. Usually you want a stone larger than your pie. 12" pie, 14" stone, 14" pie, 16" stone. Bigger is always better. Your grill, you can can go big.
  7. Hi John, This interests me. I used to build two zone fires on my kettle, banked up on one side and a few coals on the other. On the Kamado, I just build the fire and use a half moon deflector. I put the food on a grate above. I move the food to the open (hot) side as needed. Do you use a basket divider..? Or just pile the coal up on one side? Do you use a deflector when you bank the fire to one side?
  8. the worst of 51 reviews on the costco web site: We bought this grill as an alternative to a Green Egg as it is about 1/2 the price. Turns out you get what you pay for. The grill is heavy - but the grates are much thiner than a Green Egg. Our big issue and the reason this is going back - the 'fire box' which is what the grates and the heat dissipation plate site on - rocks back and forth by almost 1/2 an inch. The issue is the bottom of the grill is not level. So when the ceramic firebox sits inside - it is not level. Contacted Louisiana Grill customer support - but they would only send the bottom. Not the top and bottom - which according to their own part list - is a single part. This would require me to dismantle the grill and put it back together. Any mistakes, over-tighten, cracked ceramic, dropped lid, would all be now my responsibility. Customer service would not replace the unit - so back to Costco this goes. An incredible hassle as this thing weighs a ton and now assembled will be a beast to transport. Unclear if we will try a replacement from Costco or just get our money back and go to Green Egg and be done with it. Bold print by me. looking at the cost ($599/699) for a complete 24 inch setup vs classic joe or vision b at ($599/749), I'm thinking i could live with /fix a gasket problem. At the costco price, the Louisiana kamado is a real bargain. Customer service does not sound very good, you have to hold their heels to the fire No pun intended. and now the rest of the story: Response from Costco Wholesale: Grills & Accessories · 3 months ago Hello xxxx Louisiana Grills would like to help you with the issues you've been having, here is there response: We are sorry to hear you have experienced an issue with the grill you purchased. We fully stand behind our products and will continue to provide support to you for any issues that you experience with the unit. We would love to be able to assist you with the issue and get you the replacement parts. We hope that you will give the grill and our support another chance to impress. Please reach out to our support at 1-877-942-2774 if you have any further questions about how we can help.
  9. well, I would not hang out my shingle with "expert" , but i will offer some journeyman advice: contact LG/Pit Boss customer service as your next action.
  10. I go top to bottom. It just makes sense to me, as I am standing in front of the grill. I guess I'm just top to bottom brained. I believe there is a consensus that kamados burn hotter in the back than the front, but that might be an old wife's tail.
  11. looks like a hearty breakfast bake for a crowd. RE the "Fresh Chile Co" . I have ordered from them, good product. But, pricey and the charge for shipping makes it even worse. Also, they didn't ship the free squeeze bottle. Offered some kind of minor discount or something on my next order, never reordered so that was worthless. I do make their green chile chicken verde casserole frequently, but now I use grocery store chile verde.
  12. HD , AKA: B, is their entry level series. It does not have the fancy (and for some troublesome) lower vent, Just a slider. It does not come with a second tier or deflector , cover. All can be bought separately. You can buy accessories from Amazon, CGS or other venders. This can be an advantage because you may buy something more suitable for your needs. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/43184-my-vision-journey/ Entry level does not mean low quality, it has your basic needs covered. Vision does market a line they claim has heavier duty ceramic (mostly thickness, I believe) under another moniker. Weight could be the diameter of the grill, height , type of lower vent, cart style etc.. At any rate, I would not worry about it.. ..and people are not complaining about Vision customer service not responding. fyi, from the vision web site: M/130 B/196 S&C/227
  13. Inihaw Na Manok, AKA Filipino Chicken, AKA Lemon-Lime Lacquered Grilled Chicken
  14. Order on line for free shipping, pick up at store.
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