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  1. Third time is a charm. Set the vent with a round wooden toothpick as a gauge. Ran four hours at 225, bumped it up to 250 and holding that also.
  2. Bbqube wi-fi + Vision B I don’t know if I needed a temp control, but I bought one. I admit , I never used one and don’t know much about them.. First cook, set up for reverse sear steak. Lit the center of the lump with the JJGeorge and closed the lid, started the Qube at 225. About an hour later it was at 225. I it let run for about 30 more minutes, it went up to about 230. Started the steak and let it go to about 110, the grill continued to climb, but not to bad. Opened it up and moved the steak over the coals and seared it. Today was the low and slow, lit the coals in two spots, turned on the qube and set for 225.. After about 45 minutes it hit 225..I put on a rack of baby backs and shut the lid. The top vent was adjusted to #1, about an 1/8 of an inch (same as first cook). They recommend less than a quarter inch. Came back to about 221 and stayed there for about 15 minutes, at which point I ran some errands. An hour and half later the grill was at 275. I called customer service and talked to a CSR, close the vent more or open more ? No definitive answer, so I closed it a little more. I also had some questions about the wi-if and possible Bluetooth. Couldn’t answer, the technician was not in. I’ll just have to experiment I guess..Meanwhile the grill was riding along at a steady 280. Don’t get the impression I am not satisfied. It’s to early for me make a call, I need more experience. Maybe some of you with bbqube or temp control devices in general can give me some pointers…. In the meantime I can probably control the grill better manually.. Maybe I don’t need a temp control device ..
  3. grate is 18 7/8" no. I just wrap it in some foil and then toss the foil. An aluminum pan is fine. Accessories - Grill, BBQ, Wok on the Vision Pro & Classic B Ceramic Grill – Ceramic Grill Store
  4. I've done that. At first just cause I wanted to use the insta- pot. Then for convenience, bad weather, short notice....You can finish them under the broiler. You can dilute liquid smoke and brush them, or try commercial bbq sauce with hickory or some other smoke flavoring. BTW, I had a Butcher acquaintance who sold his bbq line at costco years ago. He was at the outer banks with our fishing crew, and cooked ribs. Considering our cottage's equipment, or lack of, he boiled the ribs and then baked or broiled, I don't recall which. He liked a little chew, not quite falling off the bone. He said he used the boil method regularly.
  5. That's pretty much what I do. I find small pieces fill the voids between bigger pieces, helps the overall burn. Recently dumped the last of a bag of b&b on newspaper, and gleaned the small stuff from the dust. Put it on top of the rubble from the last cook. No problem, burned good.
  6. I ordered this week, shipped 7/15, received today, 7/17. No instructions, but I downloaded the app, got the device on WIFI, got the app on WIFI. First attempt was iPhone, no love. Deleted app , tried tablet and got it going. Then got the iPhone working, looking forward to first cook. BTW, I did call tempmaster (they were closed as its the weekend), and emailed Daz after my first failed attempt. Sorry for the bother.
  7. Sounds like a Cook Out burger. A local bbq joint had a hot dog called a Carolina with the same stuff.
  8. Well, maybe the initial cook on a reverse sear. Then crank it up. last night’s ribeye and a couple shi####o peppers. 1/2 basket charcoal
  9. Could be worse..wife lets you get everything to a crescendo ….AND THEN HAS TO GO TO BATHROOM, CHECK THE TV GUIDE, GET SOME TEA. steaks don’t need no stinkin’ stabilized temp , let it rip!
  10. The payoff…cooking for thr GF’s family. 8 pound butt, b4 and after.
  11. let us know how it goes. observations: too much wood, too big wood chunks, none buried down in the lump.
  12. I get it. They can't just send you a replacement grill, or send out an employee on a service call. I get that you bought a KJ, spent $2500 and expect some customer service. That means at least sending you the RTV or a new gasket and RTV. Other people considering KJ might want to look elsewhere, considering their total indifference to your situation. Certainly not creating brand loyalty. Unfortunately with the lack of customer service across the board in the USA, fix it yourself (as recommended by previous posters) is the best option.
  13. The issue with those small kamados is there is not enough space to drop the deflector low enough and place a drip pan between the grate and deflector. I see your grate is resting on the drip pan, up in the dome. It should be at the felt line with the other stuff well below. But then the fire bowl is to small for proper size deflector, or enough charcoal for a low and slow. There needs to be some air moving between the pan and grate/food. Maybe a riser on the grate would raise the food up in the dome and leave some air space above the pan, if you could find one that small, or fab one yourself.
  14. That creamy coleslaw is a no go. That's a side salad. Proper NC slaw is finely chopped (I use a little counter top food processer) Apple cider and white vinegar, a little salt and pepper, sugar. Mabey a squirt of hot sauce or that mop sauce, Lots of joints include a pack of Texas Pete with take out sandwiches.
  15. Burgers, Asmoke style 5B814670-D6EB-4234-A964-3F034B2030B4.MOV
  16. Yeah, I know about that. I have even paid more per pound and didn’t see a lot of difference. Good luck with the porter road. I’ve seen their adds but never tried them.
  17. On sale at Aldi. I have cooked a few. I have tried several different methods, but they are always tough. I had to put one in the crock pot and re cook to make it edible. Recently Ron (the Fogo guy) cooked one like a brisket. That seemed like a good method. But if you want it rare to medium, basically a grilled chunk of meat, what's your method?
  18. Do any of you have the artflame insert foe your Kamado? What is your opinion/ experience using it?
  19. pellet grills do that . billows of smoke then nothing. on and off, on and off. I can't say about a kamado shaped one, most folk think kamados don't need water. A typical pellet grill benefits from a cup of water in the smoker, IMHO. Still, sometimes I forget to add one, and still get good results. Kamados when properly adjusted for low and slow may appear to stop smoking, but it's still there, inside the dome. I notice smoke when a chunk of wood ignites, and the smoke has a different smell that you learn to identify. Temp may go up a little, don't rush to adjust it. For the pellet grill, try a adding some water to improve smoke and " smoke" ring. Some folks prefer less smoke, some prefer an ash tray.
  20. I don't have a big Joe. .But I do have a kamado. I gave up on metal rakes, counter brush, and so on. I use this on the kamado, pellet grills, sucks out all the ash. Bottom of the kamado, thru the space at the bottom of the fire bowl, thru the bottom air vent.https://www.kamadoguru.com/uploads/monthly_2020_01/07BD4A81-E937-4CA2-BA7E-58A16E186364.jpeg.77d87f4444505baf313867c4f5b23ba4.jpeg
  21. Sunday, 11 hours, 225. Pork Butt. Kingsford cherry, Pit Boss apple mix 4 hours, bark starting to form. 11 hours, Pork Butter
  22. temp was about 225 at the grate, snuck up to about 240 towards the end. Can't remember the time, but stalled, so I think 8 hours +/- . Just check for 200+ internal temp. Sometimes after adequate smoke time, i put them in a pot/pan and braise them. Can't miss with a braise. Grilled onions, peppers, beef broth, wine, or dark beer.
  23. Used sparingly on short ribs and brisket. First time was steak, too strong. Label says pepper, salt, garlic. Kroger, but Costco has some that appears to be the same. fogo super premium after 7 1/2 hours, 225-240. The smaller rubble burned, chunks barely charred.
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