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  1. I have 1 pic on my phone that shows the mounting. You can can see the slits for the Akorn in the 2x4’s, and you can see I recessed the Akorn Jr.’s handles into braces much the same way.
  2. Yes, just under the table top are 2"x4" support beams that run on either side of the Akorn. I sat the Akorn on each one and marked where the brackets were sitting on the beams, then used a jig saw to notch out a slit recess in the 2x4's to let the Akorn sit down in. Let me see if I have any pics in my phone.
  3. So over the course of the past 2 weekends I have used this setup about 8 times for different cooks. Everything from slow n' low rib cooks to high temp ribeye sears. I am very happy with the Akorns, my only complaint being their thermometers are not able to be calibrated. I do like my thermometers on my Big Green Eggs better, so I will be looking to get some better thermos on these Akorns soon. The trailer-ability of the cart is great, it has been pulled down to the waterfront nearly each day its been used and cooked on there for lunch, and then pulled back up to the house to be used for some dinners. I have even lit it and got it mostly stabilized early in the morning at the house and then pulled it down to the waterfront later when needed. So, overall this has been a success. I am still collecting things to make it better. A set of butcher knives in a drawer knifeblock is on my desk waiting to go to the lake next time we head up and it will ride nicely on the storage shelf as I didn't really want sharp knives loose in the mailbox. I need to adjust the undermount of my umbrella stand a few millimeters to really get the umbrella pole sitting perfectly straight. And I am looking for a shorter propane torch so its easier to fish the propane bottle into and out of the shelf.
  4. I considered a cooler, but really we only pack a cooler if we're going somewhere in the boat. The dock closet in the background has a fridge inside where the beer is always cold! The blackstone....I have two at home and the smaller 17” one is slated to go on this cart, I just haven’t remembered to grab it yet. It will sit perfectly between the two grills when needed. It’ll allow breakfast on the waterfront!
  5. I’m on mobile and the pics are not uploading in order. My apologies.
  6. We have a lake house that sits up a steep hill from our waterfront lot/dock. I was getting tired of having to leave the waterfront to head up the hill to the house for lunch/dinner. I looked all over for mobile kamado ideas and found very few examples. So, here I will show my solution so others may follow. I have 2 Big Green Eggs in my outdoor kitchen at home, so I’m accustomed to using Kamados. I briefly considered building my cart with ceramic kamados but worried that the potential movement/bouncing would create an early demise for them. In comes the Akorns. With the Akorns metal construction I do not have to worry about cracking. So that’s the route I went. They are mounted by their side table bracketry and handles, respectively. I know someone will comment about the big one possibly being too heavy to reliably be mounted by its table brackets...and I fretted over this momentarily. I figured if I have issues that I would then through-bolt it into the table. I had to transport the table from my house to our lake house on a utility trailer for a 2 hour drive. I watched as the whole she bang bounced down the road behind me the whole way. When I arrived I inspected everything and found no issues. If it can make that trip then the trip behind the UTV up and down the hill to the lake should remain a non issue. Over the the weekend I cooked ribeyes, pork belly burnt ends, sausage, chicken thighs, and ribs. I had no issues holding 225*F. I did use a BBQ Guru battery powered temp controller for the pork belly since we left the dock to go out on the boat during the cook. The ribs I held at 225 to 275 for 4 hours and by then felt confident enough in the Akorn to leave in the boat with no temp controller in place. Overall I like the Akorns and they are serving their purpose perfectly. The cart itself is great, and I’m still gathering accessories to outfit it with. The upside down mailbox stores my spatulas, tongs, skewers, and aluminum foil, Saran Wrap, and parchment paper. Anyway, on to the pics.
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