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  1. Thanks! Dont regret, I wouldn’t redo it again, just happy it’s done for now... For the gray I used a deck stain from Behr with a solid color. It’s partially a stain and a sealer at the same time. For the wood stain on the countertops I used a special walnut wood stain. It took varying amounts of coats to make them all match, but about 5 in average each. I put a picture below of the stain I used. To seal it I used spar urethane, there’s the Minwax that you can get at Lowe’s or the brand at Home Depot I used. This is only applied now on the counter
  2. Auburn indeed, my five years in Switzerland must’ve messed up my phone autocorrect and/or my internal spelling
  3. Thanks, all credits for Casper over at Cypress Grill Tables for helping me out! Was able to find a granite counter top maker who had some leftover scraps which I had custom cut as well.
  4. Thats exactly what I ended up having done! Sorry about the late reply to this thread guys, thought this had gone cold but turned out I simply didn’t have the right notification settings... Was staining and sealing it for the last ten days and finally get to debut it tonight. Did my first cook out on the brand new Kamado Joe and table for the whole neighbourhood tonight!
  5. Hi all, I’ve been eyeing a table from the guys in Auburg which I saw many of you on here went with. Since they don’t do shipping and I’m new to the States, does anyone know how to possible get it up to Charlotte? I’m 4 hours away and not even sure it’d fit in my car. Looking for any affordable shipping options or alike which doesn’t break the bank. Any tips would be appreciated!
  6. Thanks to both of you! Ps. I ended up selling my Weber grill in Europe before the move due to space restrictions (container), so now entirely dependent on the Kamado
  7. Hey guys, Wanted to quickly introduce myself. Just moved here from Europe and decided to take the plunge and go with coal and Kamado over my previous Weber gas grills. Got confirmation that they will deliver my Kamado Joe Classic II tomorrow, look forward BR, Chris
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