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  1. Costco in Camillus (Syracuse, NY) had prime for $3.49 today.
  2. In the grocery the other day I saw boneless pork shoulder @$1.29 and this 9# piece came home with me. Will be using some of the leftover for the brunswick stew lunchman posted.
  3. I had a similar experience . Bought a basket and took the plate out.
  4. Looks good. I have to find John's recipe.
  5. I'll split it up along with a couple cord of maple this year. As far as lumber it was for most of it's height crooked as a dog's leg and full of rot. Surprised me to see this much clear.
  6. I've no idea, bought it used on CraigsList. If it cracks then yes I suppose I will end up with the new style.
  7. And this makes me glad I've got an older KJ.
  8. Wild Black Cherry 'prunus serotina'. The chunks are about 20" in diameter. The tree, maybe 60' tall, arced over the drive with a number of dead branches. I expected to see rot throughout the middle of the trunk.
  9. Recently cut down a cherry tree next to the drive. I should be able to split these, let 'em dry, cut into chunks and use it in the smoker eh?
  10. A pair of seven pound butts for my first cook on the Big Joe. Will be taking them to a family gathering this afternoon.
  11. I got an older black Big Joe off of CL the other day. Finally got help to unload it and putting it together I have no ash collector, the handled box. Wondering if the older models even had one and is it a issue that I don't have one?
  12. Thanks all. Taking two butts to a family gathering Saturday. Have to decide whether to use the Akorn I know or the new Big Joe.
  13. Hello, Old retired guy here. Bought an Akorn a few years ago and been cooking ribs and the occaisional butt. Grandsons, two in their twenties with families, come up and just plow through a plate of ribs so I've been looking for something bigger. A Big Joe came up on Craigslist the other day so I hopped in the truck and brought it home. Have visited this site before but revisited the other day and decided to sign up.
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