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  1. Once the snow clears I'll definitely send some pics of my setup. Although I don't think it will add anything, as I'm absolutely assembling it correctly and there are no gaps or anything between the dome and lid. I watched the video and that's exactly how I place thr sloroller and racks. I want to reiterate, I have had many successful cooks, especially early on, with the standard setup using the sloroller. The more I think about it I think it comes down to probably using too much sugar when wrapping ribs. I haven't had any issue with other cuts. And when I first started cooking in the KJ I exclusively cooked ribs all thr way through without wrapping and had no issue. And I still often prepare them that way. Some of my friends and family prefer the really tender, completely fall off the bone ribs (I prefer mine with a little more bite) so I tend to crutch when cooking for them. And the more I think back I've only really had the issue during those cooks, and it's been intermittent. So I tried to address it by putting the deflectors between the sloroller, rather than looking at another probable cause of the problem, which is I probably am using too much sugar and maybe need to adjust my times when crutching a bit. I have some extended time off starting in a few days, so will try to dig out my grill and do a few cooks. ill post some pics when I do. Hoping I can adjust what I'm doing. It's clear to me now that it's unlikely to be an issue with the KJ and more likely with recipe/technique. Thanks again for all the feedback.
  2. John, I never had the burning issue when putting the deflectors between the sloroller and the food. Issue has only come up on times I didn't use the deflectors. Also I was always hesitant to cleansing the sloroller with more abrasive methods out of fear of damaging the Teflon coating. I'd been just wiping off the grease then using dish soap and a non-scratch sponge in my slop sink. Which is why I find it a pita to clean. @smokingdad. Yes, good call on recalibrating my dome thermometer. I'll definitely do that once it's no longer buried under the snow. I haven't done it since it was new. Also, yes maybe went a little overboard with the sugar and honey in the wrap. As I said, I usually don't wrap the ribs and maybe just need to play around with what I'm putting in the wrap. There will be plenty more cooks to make adjustments. Also, thanks for all the feedback guys. I've always come to this forum for questions, and usually I find what I'm looking for simply by reading through a few posts. I think this is the first time I've posted and everyone has been very helpful. Great community!
  3. No the fireboard is not the issue. I always eyeball the dome Temps out of habit when I use the fireboard anyway. It's usually only about 10 - 25 degrees higher at the grate depending what I have in there and the position of the grate probe. I'll have to just start doing more cooks with the sloroller on its own to see if it's a consistent issue. All of my initial smokes were with the sloroller only and I didn't have the problem. I got fed up cleaning it when I was cooking a lot in the summer and started doing most of my low and slow cooks with only the heat deflectors. And the last few times I've gone back to use the solorller I usually set the heat deflectors on the lowest rack above the sloroller then food just above that. I started to do that because I burned some ribs a while ago without the heat deflectors, and it happened again last week so I was just curious if anyone else had that issue.
  4. It's a Big Joe 3. Yea I'm not sure what the issue is. I'll typically use my Fireboard to control Temps on longer cooks. Not sure what the issue could be. I was convinced this time it had to do with the honey/sugar in the wrap because it developed that hard sticky burnt layer but thr meat was otherwise fine. I usually don't crutch my ribs and just spritz a few times till done at a steady 250 dome temp. But putting food on the low grate, which is only enough to just slide the accessory rack and the deflectors in, with just the sloroller has given me issues. Maybe I just use too much lump. I typically err on the side of a more full basket even for shorter cooks.
  5. The majority of my cooks are low and slow on my BJ3. I go back and forth with cooking with the sloroller in. I've found that unless I set up a water pan or the heat deflectors just above the top of the sloroller the food will burn. I recently tried again doing some St Louis ribs with only the sloroller in. This time I cooked for about 2 hours at 250 dome temp then crutched meat side down with some butter, brown sugar and honey for an hour. After I unwrapped for the final part of the cook, I noticed the meat side had been completely burnt. Presumably the sugars all burnt. My question is, was the sloroller designed to be used in conjunction with the heat deflectors? I can't convince myself it is worth it to use it for anything other than longer cooks like pork butt or brisket that I'll typically put a water pan in. It seems like it's just another thing to clean since I have to use the heat deflectors anyway to prevent burning the food.
  6. Has anyone built a cart for their Big Joe III? I have a long term plan of building an outdoor kitchen/bar on my patio but that's at least 2-3 years out. I currently have the BJIII along with a Weber Genesis E-330. I have a plastic storage bin that I use for lump/wood and some of the accessories. But I need more room for prep, and the SloRoller takes up most of my storage space when I don't have it in. I've also been debating on just building or buying a stand alone prep table with storage since this is only a short term need, and that will likely be cheaper.
  7. Any update on the availability of additional probes to make use of the other available ports? I'm in the market for a controller to use primarily during longer and/or overnight cooks. Ideally I'd like to have at least two probes available for meat.
  8. There were supposed to be two shows in NJ end of July and early August, one at the Bridgewater store and one at the Hazlet store. They were on the schedule as recently as June. Both were taken off the schedule and the next closest shows in the area are down in Virginia. Are new shows added to the schedule this late in the year? Or does it look like I'm out of luck?
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