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  1. The place I got it from seems to be one that buys old stock, or in rare cases buys NIB returns to WalMart. I got the Akorn Jr. for $80 NIB. I opened it to before purchasing to make sure, and it was definitely brand new which is why I'll live with the imperfections .
  2. Thank you for the replies! I should have been more clear in my post the question of if this would lead to more damage later on somehow either through uneven heating or accelerating rust. There aren't any chips anywhere around it and I'll be giving it a thorough cleaning before starting to use it. Looking forward to putting it to use!
  3. Hi, all. I'm new here. I got an Akorn Jr for a great deal, and am having trouble. While putting it together I noticed the damage seen in the picture. I sent a warranty claim to Char-Griller, but was denied because they said I did not get the Kooker from an authorized dealer. The place I got it from only had one, and the deal was good enough that I won't/can't return it. The Kooker was completely brand new in box and has had no other owners. I'm mostly looking for thoughts on how to proceed. Should I try and find something to paint over this spot? Just start cooking on it and let it cure? There is no external damage to speak of, only on the inner part. Thanks in advance!
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