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  1. Anyone have experience with a Pro Joe? any pros or cons other than the Pro has no cart, shelves? Is it more or less the Big Joe 111 with ss hardware on outside? Any input appreciated. Thanks
  2. Yeah Scott I spoke with TK and am aware of his newer creation. His size 22"" isn't quite big enough, I think I'd like a 24" diameter grill. Thanks for your help, Best Dick
  3. back on the hunt didn't work out, anyone know of any or PROJOE at great price????
  4. Considering new purchase of KJ, live on salt water and wondered if the black metal bands, hinges, are rusting for anyone? Anyone have problems with old style hinges? Thanks for any advice. Dick
  5. Thanks guys, I have a grill dome for last 20 years, just looking to replace with new technology which KJ has. Thanks for the ideas. Dick
  6. Due to where I live was trying to find a KJ that had ss hardware in classic size, or Big joe, Ithink they were made maybe 3-4 years back. They had ss external metal. Hope someone may have one to sell. Thanks located near Tampa, can travel to pick up. Best Dick 770-855-3810
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