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  1. I am struggling to find an interesting replacement as well. I tried a SmokeWare, but ended up returning it as it was too large to fit the Vision B hole. I was looking into the TruTel but never pulled the trigger on one that I liked. Let us know how it worked out. Other suggestions? Pics?
  2. I run a Bellows on my Classic B and it works like a charm. It holds within 10-15 degrees either side of the target and mostly the larger variations pop up as a result of opening the lid. It’ll work to catch up quickly OLG and sometimes over shoot. But they updated the firmware and it’s less now a days. top vent is likely your issue from my experience. Less is more. I set to the smallest sliver opening in the top to ensure the fan is doing the work versus the natural air flow. Then if you’re struggling to get to a temp then just open a small amount at a time. I usually give it 10 mins to adjust and it gets there.
  3. I just cut them down with some snips. Had the same issue fitting the vision grill. Worked like a charm.
  4. Sorry about the delay. Haven’t logged on here in a while. All I did was cut the grate. Improved overall airflow anyway and since I’ve sealed around the drawer with or with billows I’ve been able to keep a much steadier temp and it seems to be able to get even hotter - I assume it draws more air without the mesh.
  5. I use my Joetisserie all the time and haven't come across this. I've change my felt last summer and still looks new. Really easy and cheap if the cuts are causing issue for you.
  6. Yep. Solid piece for sure. I have some cracking in the usual spot in the back. That looks much more serious. Interested to see what Vision says.
  7. I tried my Thermoworks Billows on my B series today. I did some back ribs. Weather here today was terrible - very rainy. The cook turned out really well - Billows was easy to use with the mounting plates. I had to drill two holes into my bottom vent grate to allow for the spring to clamp correctly. I also had to cut the mounting plate slightly to fit the groove of the bottom vent. Top vent was open very little as instructed and didn't touch for the whole cook. It did keep the temp very steady - although still saw spikes when opening and closing the lid. Which I only did 3 times - ribs on, wrap and back on to sauce. Thermoworks said it's supposed to account for lid opening in its most recent firmware release, but can still see a bit of over compensation by Signals/Billows. I have had Signals since early last year, not sure I would invest in the Signals just to get Billows. That said, Signals is awesome on its own. I can generally regulate nearly as well through usually methods. I believe the value will be in the over night cooks and reduced stress about not having to worry about drops or spikes. 225 degrees, Jealous Devil Charcoal, Sugar Maple for the smoke. 3-2-.5 timing on the ribs.
  8. Yes, definitely got to the business of eating quicker at the higher temp - not as much as I would have expected, but could have been a more sizable rack or something along those lines.
  9. Wondering what grill temp did you use? I've done them 3 times. Twice at 225 and once at 275, found the 275 much better overall. I need to do once more to confirm!
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