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  1. LJS

    Pork Belly

    Hello Kamado Peeps, I made the best pork belly ever with smoke flavour as well as 100% perfect crackling. Take your pork belly and do a lot more scoring on the skin and if you have one of those goodies with lots of spikes then spike the skin. Then ladle boiling water over the skin about 10-15 time to make sure the skin has boiled up a little. Pat dry and then place skin side down on a bed of salt, leave in fridge for 12-24 hours. After that just wipe the salt off the skin and add your favorite rub on the meat side. Cook indirect heat at 200-220°C until internal Temp is at 75°C perfection. Keep smoking
  2. LJS

    Reversed seared

    Len440 The scotch fillet is cut from the whole boneless eye of the rib. The cut has a slightly open grain and some marbling in addition to a strip of fat within the lean that runs through the length of the scotch fillet tapering slightly towards the chuck end. I should try a over night scotch marinade sounds like a great idea - but id use Jacks
  3. LJS

    Lamb shank

    Hi Kamado Peeps, Over the weekend we did some work on the house and it started to rain, I had planned a cast iron pot lamb shank. I went ahead in the rain, I do have cover but decided to go with nature. The gods and stars aligned, my fire logs were somehow positioned under the pot and kept the pot upright and the pot shield the fire from the rain. The cook turned out fantastic. Lamb shanks, carrot, celery, thyme, salt , pepper , beef stock and some cabbage and chick peas. Yummy. About a 3 hour slow cook. Keep smoking
  4. Hi Kamada peeps Chimichurri sauce with all herbs from our garden except oil and garlic, our garlic is still growing lol. Reversed seared scotch fillet with back vegetable, fresh salad and a good red. Keep smoking
  5. Hi Kamado People, I have been smoking for about 2 years now and I have never tried a pork roast style cook and beside whenever I have done pork roasts I have not got the crackling right and this is critical. So I decided to research a little and found heaps of methods out there, anyway I was stuck on three types 1. Continuous apply of vinegar, 2. Apply lots of salt to fat/skin, boiling water. All of these have the requirement of putting the pork into the kamado at a very hot temperature for around 30-40 mintues before dropping temperature to normal roasting temp of around 180/200°C. All of the above are required to have a dry roast, not fresh out of the plastic pack , best left overnight. At the last minute I decided to go with boiling water pouring over the fat and then right away into the hot kamado mine was at about 250/270°C range with one chunk of cheery, had no apple in the shed. Any how after 30min I closed the vents and the temp started to drop. Once at 180°C I left her there until internal reached 75°C and wow wow what a beauty. Moist and perfect crackling. Salt was needed to be added though.
  6. LJS


    Hi len440 No precooking on the broccoli our family enjoys a little crunch and crispy thin base. Agreed since making our own pizza I think i might have had one store bought over the past 2 years. I ll have to check out J Seltzler information thanks for sharing
  7. Hi Kamado people, I done my normal reversed seared scotch fillet steak and as always, the method and results are amazing. See my method below The reason with this post is that I have heard about chimichurri sauce a lot and had never tried this at home or out and about so I thought I would give it a crack. Fresh Italian parsley – a lot (half cup) Coriander – a lot 2 big cloves garlic crushed and then push some coarse salt over it Red wine vinegar to taste about table spoon Olive oil to fill and make the sauce as you want the consistency to be – I like mine a little thick no too runny. Add chilli and sundried tomatoes to likin of taste WOW! You yummy, I will never look back. Keep smoking
  8. Hi Kamado people, I smoked some cheese about 2 weeks ago, used cherry. Used cold smoke method reached about 40°C internal and the cheese held shape and went for about two hours. Cut reasonably small pieces as recommended and then left to cool and vacuum sealed. The selection I have are: Massdam – Swisse Dutch Colby - OZ Goat cheese - Red Lester – English Edam – Dutch I haven tasted all but I am happy with the Colby and Goats. Ill try my flavor Red Lester over the weekend. I would like a stronger smoke flavor Any recommendations welcome Keep smoking
  9. Hi Kamado Peeps, Over the weekend I cooked up some pizza – cheese and veg cheese. I love the wood fire taste and the pizza is cooked just right in under 10min. I have not tried any backing yet but have done loads of baking on the webber. Keep smoking
  10. Please and thanks to all for helping with this Covid-19 my home cook life and work life is a little hectic to say the least.
  11. Thanks guys I would like to enter but I am not clued up on pc's - how do I enter are there instructions I will appreciate some links and or layman terms Thanks all
  12. Hi Kamado Peeps, I tried reversed seared lamb rack. Fresh rosemary and thyme crushed with garlic and olive oil which I used as my rub, I topped this with salt and pepper. I used Cherry wood flavour which over the 1.5 hours increased the flavourer intensity just fine. Brought the internal meat temp up to around 45°C but should have been more like 50. And then grilled. Overall, I enjoyed this smoke as it was a lot quicker than the traditional. Keep smoking I tasted my first cold smoke cheese and it is awesome, so brilliant I smoked 3 other pieces – cheddar, tasty strong and matured for 3 months.
  13. Hello kamado Peeps. This weekend I tried a low and slow smoked roast lamb with a small leg – just for the small family. I smoked the 1.2kg pcs for around 3.5 hours, and usually this would have been pulled way before this time to ensure a lovely nice rare finish and maintaining the moisture. With this smoke I did not use a water pan on the deflector plate but raised the lamb on the extension grill and placed a small water tray under the lamb with some carrot, garlic, onion and broccolini. I later used this for gravy. The lamb was spiced with olive oil and salt and I stuck fresh rosemary and garlic inside the meat. The lamb was soft and tasty. I took the gravy and put in into a blender as fine as I could and then simmered a little on the stove, before serving I strained the gravy leaving it smooth and silky. I am so impressed at how good the gravy tasted and some of this over the lamb was the bee’s knees just loved it. I also got a nice smoke taste as I used some pecan wood and the lab showed a good smoke ring. Next up a review on my cold smoked cheeses......2 weeks to wait Keep Smoking
  14. LJS

    Ribs 321

    Thanks AntinOz - It was really hot so perfect for green
  15. LJS

    Ribs 321

    Thanks guys, I have no problem holding a low and slow heat for 8-9hours at 300F I struggle a little after the 2.5 hours mark burning at 212F I normally got to open vents and then let the heat pick up and close it down again. I don’t have a Kamado Joe but I am really impressed and happy with the Akorn. I have also looked at the controller but decided against it and to keep it real – my perspective
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