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  1. Hi Kamado Peeps, Over the weekend I cooked up some pizza – cheese and veg cheese. I love the wood fire taste and the pizza is cooked just right in under 10min. I have not tried any backing yet but have done loads of baking on the webber. Keep smoking
  2. Please and thanks to all for helping with this Covid-19 my home cook life and work life is a little hectic to say the least.
  3. Thanks guys I would like to enter but I am not clued up on pc's - how do I enter are there instructions I will appreciate some links and or layman terms Thanks all
  4. Hi Kamado Peeps, I tried reversed seared lamb rack. Fresh rosemary and thyme crushed with garlic and olive oil which I used as my rub, I topped this with salt and pepper. I used Cherry wood flavour which over the 1.5 hours increased the flavourer intensity just fine. Brought the internal meat temp up to around 45°C but should have been more like 50. And then grilled. Overall, I enjoyed this smoke as it was a lot quicker than the traditional. Keep smoking I tasted my first cold smoke cheese and it is awesome, so brilliant I smoked 3 other pieces – cheddar, tasty strong and matured for 3 months.
  5. Hello kamado Peeps. This weekend I tried a low and slow smoked roast lamb with a small leg – just for the small family. I smoked the 1.2kg pcs for around 3.5 hours, and usually this would have been pulled way before this time to ensure a lovely nice rare finish and maintaining the moisture. With this smoke I did not use a water pan on the deflector plate but raised the lamb on the extension grill and placed a small water tray under the lamb with some carrot, garlic, onion and broccolini. I later used this for gravy. The lamb was spiced with olive oil and salt and I stuck fresh rosemary and garlic inside the meat. The lamb was soft and tasty. I took the gravy and put in into a blender as fine as I could and then simmered a little on the stove, before serving I strained the gravy leaving it smooth and silky. I am so impressed at how good the gravy tasted and some of this over the lamb was the bee’s knees just loved it. I also got a nice smoke taste as I used some pecan wood and the lab showed a good smoke ring. Next up a review on my cold smoked cheeses......2 weeks to wait Keep Smoking
  6. LJS

    Ribs 321

    Thanks AntinOz - It was really hot so perfect for green
  7. LJS

    Ribs 321

    Thanks guys, I have no problem holding a low and slow heat for 8-9hours at 300F I struggle a little after the 2.5 hours mark burning at 212F I normally got to open vents and then let the heat pick up and close it down again. I don’t have a Kamado Joe but I am really impressed and happy with the Akorn. I have also looked at the controller but decided against it and to keep it real – my perspective
  8. LJS

    Ribs 321

    Hello Kamado Peeps, Has ana awesome weekend. My friend did a low and slow leg of lamb on the Webber kettle and left it in sauce with the aim of enhancing the gravy. It sure did and pulled apart beautifully on the rolls, he also did not use any wood just natural spices. So I had to do a cook myself. Went to this new meat shop (meat emporium Sydney) and the selection and quality is really good. I walked out over budget and decided to do some pork ribs a monster pcs. Spice: Pepper, salt, garlic, mustard, onion, paprika, sugar and cayenne pepper Wood: Cheery and 1pcs pecan 3 2 1 method – full proof as always, some 5-6 hours later yummy Keep smoking ….
  9. Hello Kamado Peeps Its been awhile. Well then, I got hold of some beautiful scotch fillet and cut 2 pcs about 2.5-inch-thick and proceeded to do my usual reverse sear method. Internal steak temp 45°C Unfortunately, I could not dry age as suggested by Smoking daddy BBq the steaks as the cook was last minute arranged. The cook turned out fantastic and agreed so tender no matter which direction I cut. Sorry with all the guest I had no time for photography. Thank you all for the tips – I will still be doing the dry aged method. Keep on smoking
  10. Could cook total fire ban. I will post as soon as i do the cook.
  11. Agreed a sirloin cant compare to rib eye. I will be testing the method suggested by smoking daddy Canada on a scotch steak once again thanks for all the feedback
  12. Hi Peeps, We just had along weekend. Reversed my 3rd test. I did go for a more tender cut the EYE FILLET. I reversed my 1st tomahawk steak and it is freaking awesome; I don’t want to eat any other steak and cooking method again, just killer taste and enjoying the cook. I am allowed to wish. 14 days aged Tomahawk, then coated with a dry rub ( Loot N Booty Everything Rub). I slowly took temp up to 45°c I then opened vents and let the heat jump up, followed with a quick sear on the grill. I lifted the steak as high as I could to get more smoking flavor and it works well. Next I will try my own bacon – any links to this is appreciated. Keep smoking.
  13. Cheers Frank This information will be of great help. Last night I cut thin slices and the sirloin is actually very tender.
  14. Hi Kamado People I did my second reverse sear with a 2.5-inch-thick sirloin and the result was great. Applied a good rub/spice and brought internal up to 40C slowly about 40minutes this took and rested, followed by a quick high temp sear, now the taste is superb, and I reckon can’t be beat by the normal grilling method. However, I feel the steak needs to be more tender, comparing tenderness to normal thickness and grill, reverse searing the steak is not as tender as a standard 1inch steak would be grilled over hot coal and grill. I will appreciate any tips, tricks or advise on improving tenderness? Keep smoking
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