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  1. Kinda difficult to clean properly. Best bet is get the BBQ screaming hot (350ish C) and let it sit at that for a bit. Burns all the grease away and just leaves carbon which you can scrape off. Have had some success also putting mine in the dishwasher
  2. This! Had some friends over before Christmas and one of them bought their vegan sister. Had to make yorkies with oil. Just not the same... I keep a pot in my fridge and collect the leftover fat and dripping from every roast/ fryup that I do. It then goes on roast potatoes or in my Yorkies.
  3. Tbh, I've never had a good restaurant Yorkshire pudding. Even a crap homemade one is better than a good restaurant one! Most restaurants use pre produced frozen ones.
  4. It's basically pancake batter mix, so perfect for breakfast! I usually go for equal parts flour to milk, and then 2 eggs. Pinch of salt if savoury, or leave plain otherwise. Best way to serve them is filled with gravy! They act like a bowl full of meat juice then... Although my grandad always used to chuck jam in leftover ones and have it as a pudding! Probably where I get it from come to think of it...
  5. Nah. Chuck a bit of jam in them! Nice sweet treat then!
  6. True. But I was cooking for 2, so that's 2 each for dinner and another 2 for me when cleaning up!
  7. They came out good. I just like to shoot for a golden all over colour!
  8. Yorkshires (and the recipe) can vary from person to person! The trick is not to open the oven in cooking or they collapse. Kinda difficult in a kamado! This was the first time I'd tried them in a kamado and was pretty happy with them, although they weren't as golden brown as I'd have liked in the middle. Always make sure the oil/fat in the pan is screaming hot, that way they won't stick to the bottom and they'll slide right out.
  9. So, a great British institution is the Sunday Roast. Roast meat, veg, gravy, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing (dependent on meat!), other veg and gravy (not the sauce you yanks serve with "biscuits")
  10. Got it off the grill about 4.20, so 7 hours cooking time. Poke test was nice and tender! Maxed the grill out too...
  11. Can't promise anything about leftovers! Lol Just got the ribs and belly ends prepped. Butt is coming along nicely. Just hit the stall, so will be wrapping shortly...
  12. Happy new year kamado fanatics! I'm in the middle of sorting out a New Year's Eve Feast. Just got this monster butt on the go. Some ribs and pork belly burnt ends are just about to get prepped. Got a stack of burgers made too. Probably far too much food for 8 people, but plenty of leftovers!
  13. Ok, so I'm going to be doing a Butt at my New Year's Party. This butt was great, buuuuuut, didn't have that crunchy bark. Now, 5 1/2 hours seemed a little short for cooking time, and I waited until the fat cap split at around 165F internal temp to wrap. Should I have maybe waited a bit longer to let that bark develop? For reference, I used olive oil as a binder. Would honey or something like golden syrup have done a better job for creating that bark?
  14. Taken off the grill around 1.15pm. Cooked mostly at 275°F/135°c. Rested for 3 and a bit hours. Pulled apart beautifully.
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