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  1. Got it off the grill about 4.20, so 7 hours cooking time. Poke test was nice and tender! Maxed the grill out too...
  2. Can't promise anything about leftovers! Lol Just got the ribs and belly ends prepped. Butt is coming along nicely. Just hit the stall, so will be wrapping shortly...
  3. Happy new year kamado fanatics! I'm in the middle of sorting out a New Year's Eve Feast. Just got this monster butt on the go. Some ribs and pork belly burnt ends are just about to get prepped. Got a stack of burgers made too. Probably far too much food for 8 people, but plenty of leftovers!
  4. Ok, so I'm going to be doing a Butt at my New Year's Party. This butt was great, buuuuuut, didn't have that crunchy bark. Now, 5 1/2 hours seemed a little short for cooking time, and I waited until the fat cap split at around 165F internal temp to wrap. Should I have maybe waited a bit longer to let that bark develop? For reference, I used olive oil as a binder. Would honey or something like golden syrup have done a better job for creating that bark?
  5. Taken off the grill around 1.15pm. Cooked mostly at 275°F/135°c. Rested for 3 and a bit hours. Pulled apart beautifully.
  6. It's currently -2°C here in foggy Norwich, but I've just put my first pork butt on the go... 9.5lbs, rubbed in Big Cock Good Sh*t
  7. Made some stew to go with the leftovers from Sunday's chicken. Baked some fresh bread on the Monolith to go with it
  8. Just spatchcocked my first chicken. Rubbed down with Big Cock Good S##t. Waiting for my monolith to get up to temperature in the rain and dark here in the UK!
  9. Is it better to cook a spatchcocked chicken skin up or skin down?
  10. It's that time of year in the UK when the temp hits about 5°c and it hoofs it down everyday. Don't now about @AK-g's part of the country, but we get battered by some pretty strange weather at times in Norfolk. In the last week, there's been rain, drizzle, muzzle, hail, sleet, monsoons and typhoons!
  11. Ah, scouse land! I was up in Liverpool for a conference last month. Complete waste of a couple of good BBQ evenings!
  12. I put the deflector plates on the grill grates to allow maximum airflow around the fire. Then I put 3x 1 1/2" tall rammekins on those and set my pizza stone on top. Where do you live? It's bloody freezing in Norfolk right now!
  13. Made pizzas again at the weekend. Fired the Monolith up to 650-700F. Cooked them in minutes. Not sure what or when the next cook will be as it's starting to get a bit chilly in the UK!
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