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  1. Wow, amazing price!!! Did you seriously fit both inside that car?? I would've been shocked to hear of ONE fitting!! Have fun with it - you'll love it!
  2. Got mine for $399 (on Labor day weekend) - totally pleased with that! Loving it so far, but hardly used it. What a bargain price though! I hope to have mine for a long time and get some great usage and tons of amazing meals from it!! Happy cooking, and eating!
  3. @nealc The thermostat on my few month old Akorn Jr goes to 700. And, I'm quite sure it would do that! I've read quite a bit on here, and seen a fair amount of videos - all for the Akorn Jr - and people sear and high temp cook with them all the time! I've personally had mine to 600 a handful of times. No issues. You're good to go. However, my personal thoughts are that after about 600, you may be causing a little undue stress on your grill. Particularly on the gaskets. I've read heat will supposedly cause them to wear & degrade quite a bit faster.... Theref
  4. Very cool!! Good for you all!!
  5. I'm originally from, and grew up in, the city you're in
  6. I'm a European exotic guy through & through (Lambo, Ferrari, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, AMG Mercedes, Porsche, McLaren) - but nice vid & glad you had fun!!
  7. Hey all, So today I finally attempted my first low & slow!! This was with TWO grills (my trusty Akorn Jr and my brand new Vision Classic B), and for two different purposes - simultaneously. The purpose of the Akorn low & slow was to cook ribs for dinner (first time cooking ribs on a Kamado.) The purpose of the Vision low & slow was, because I had never cooked with it, and the main reason I bought it WAS for low & slow (larger cuts of meat), I wanted to: A. Do a couple dry/practice runs to get myself acquainted with the low & slow "technique."
  8. Yeah, I'm newer to the world too - but, it rocks!!
  9. Thanks! Quick question: The alcohol - rubbing alcohol 91%, or 'actual' denatured alcohol in a can like lacquer thinner or paint thinner? Thanks!
  10. Great!! Thanks so much guys for all the info!!
  11. Thanks much for the info & tips! I do have an Akorn, yes, but this post was in relation to my new Vision. I'll get my profile updated
  12. Hey all, Haven't done a low & slow yet. Going to do a few practice/dry runs before actually cooking. Question though: for startup, what "process" would you recommend? 1. Lots of lump. Wide open vents/oxygen. Let most of the lump catch on fire/begin (that way it's lit.) Let temp get up hot - maybe 450deg. Then, close vents to back it down & cool off to 250deg. Of course this will take some extra "set up" time, as it will have to cool from 450 to 250 - instead of cooking right away. My rational however, is a lot of pieces of lump will be lit and hopefully shouldn't have an
  13. Very cool!! Thanks so much for sharing, that was a great watch!!
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