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  1. ouch. how did it work out?
  2. While not as major as your issue, my heat deflector cracked in half for no obvious reason last summer. I filled out the warranty form from KJ website, it required me attaching a picture of the kj and the broken part. With in a day or so I had an email back and good correspondence via email from them there after. Unfortunately the deflectors were out of stock and back ordered, but they did make good on it and in due time I received them in the mail. Hopefully your issue is as easy to resolve.
  3. Keep an eye on it when you do...One time I had no deflectors in, swung open the top vent wide open on the little pivot hinge, with the door wide open. Lots of grease had built up prior...after 15-20 mins flames were shooting out the top vent about 8" high...almost caused a problem, and would have been a problem if I didn't catch it when I did.
  4. Hey Spark...Raleigh Here...I got a few of these to hang on the stand to organize and store my different cooking grates and stones: https://www.amazon.com/Kamado-Powder-Coated-Perfect-Accessory/dp/B07V9ZNS9R/ref=sr_1_11?crid=2C3CYLEPM5L1I&dchild=1&keywords=kamado+joe+accessory+rack&qid=1617548746&sprefix=kamado+joe+a%2Caps%2C184&sr=8-11 Check out Atlanta Grill Company, sometimes they have sales on accessories. I know all about that salt air destroying things...I have lost count of how many outdoor light fixtures I have replaced at my parents house on the coast.
  5. How deep depends upon how fatty the meat is that you're cooking. I usually use a disposable pie pan. Recently I bought a costco size bag of aluminum trays that around 4"x10" or there about that I am working through. Its a mess to clean and disposable is a lot easier. Let it sit there over night after the cook is done, so it cools down and coagulates, then just trash it. A few times, I have even just folded aluminum foil into a square and folded the sides up as well.
  6. Before putting it to the fire, lightly coat the OUTSIDE of the pot with dawn. When its time to clean, all the soot will wash off with ease. DO NOT do this on traditional cast iron for obvious reasons. Only on enamel or traditional stainless steel or aluminum pots. It also works for cooking over an open camp fire.
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