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  1. Just wanted to say "hi everyone" from the countryside. I took delivery of a Kamado Joe Classic III last Thursday and have been busy over last weekend. Firstly, lime marinaded chicken breast strips cooked directly. Next day, 2x tomahawk steaks reverse seared, then sausages on Sunday. Taking a short break for 10 days whilst working in Germany. Then back to the UK, where I will put into practice some of the techniques and recipes that I learned on the London BBQ School kamado cooking course. Best regards, Nikko
  2. Take a look at the difference between the Classic II & Classic III. You will see that the Classic III is taller than the II. I asked my instructor at the London BBQ School kamado cooking class that I attended last weekend what was the main difference between the two. He pointed out that the deeper pit on the III allows more space for accessories, particularly the grill expander and this allows the Classic III to cook far more food indirectly that the II. He also mentioned that KJ are not really pushing this fact as they don't want to cannibalise the sales of the Big Joe. You should check out the II and III side by side to appreciate this point.
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