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  1. Cooked up some ribs yesterday, made 4 different kinds. I’m working in finding the right flavors. I’m a big fan of bark. Pics below, salt and pepper only, salt and pepper with onion powers and garlic powder, commercial all purpose rub and commercial rub with bbq sauce glazed. Interested in hearing people’s homemade rubs. 2-2-1 at around 230 using pit boss k24 Kamado
  2. Hi all, I'm been trying to find someone who sells or ships spiders to canada for the pit boss. I want to set up for direct and indirect grilling can't find parts anywhere. Cermic grill store won't ship to canada ad their canadian distributor is sold out. Anyone here have any ideas????
  3. New to the forum, very interested in reading and learning. Hope to find someone who can tell me where I can buy a spider for my 24 pit boss in Canada? Amateur bbq enthusiasts
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