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  1. Thanks for the welcomes :-) I picked up a couple of 8lb butts from Kroger to try the KJ recipe Boston Butts Kamado style, now I'm trying to work out which part of my sleep I want to sacrifice.... That's a good point TKOBBQ, it seems rock solid but maybe I'll get some high temp silicon (red) and bond it down for extra safety.
  2. I decided to make a poor man's trophy bbq and built a solid concrete pedestal with Luftlighter outlet for a KJ Classic ii. Next up is a permanent install prep counter. Really appreciated the dedicated threads on charcoal and if I'm reading it right I should be OK with RO for pizza and KJ Big Block for long and slow? I did splurge and get the KJ ash basket and pizza stone too. My wife said I shouldn't lift the KJ on my own so I used my Gti to move it across the lot :-)
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