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  1. I did a couple low and slow cooks with my JR and then did pizzas on camping trip. Hit maybe 700° which my full size Akorn handles fine on a regular basis. Same problem as you. My lid gaskets are hard as a rock now. Also the plastic tab cover on my top vent broke off when I tried to close the vent to shut it down. Of course I lost my receipt for it so can’t even register it for warranty purposes. I was kinda disappointed considering all the positive reviews. Gonna probably do the same and use the nomex gaskets and be damned careful I don’t burn myself on the vent handle. It’s a shame. I wonder
  2. I put a gasket on the ash pan and siliconed the vent frame to the ash pan. Have not had a chance to test it out yet since the mods.
  3. It’s got a half moon “warming rack” that sits on top of the grate. It’s definitely a bit different than a Char-Griller branded one for sure, but I like the table it’s in better. I do wish the side shelves folded down though.
  4. Ah I see. The fingerprints and smudges sure make it look like it’s galvanized!
  5. Hello from a new kamado owner from Saskatchewan. Just recently purchased a rebranded Akorn (Master Chef) from my local Canadian Tire. It was on sale for $249.93 Cad. I also had a coupon for 50x CT rewards so I got $25.99 back in credit. Pretty good deal for us up here in Canada. Since it didn’t come with a heat deflector of any sort, and a smokin’ stone is $100 up here off amazon.ca, I decided to make my own out of 1/8” steel. I figured while I’m at it, I may as well make it a drip pan too. Works great! First cook was a couple racks of beef short ribs but
  6. You used galvanized metal to hold the firepot in place? None for me, thanks.
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