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  1. I did a couple low and slow cooks with my JR and then did pizzas on camping trip. Hit maybe 700° which my full size Akorn handles fine on a regular basis. Same problem as you. My lid gaskets are hard as a rock now. Also the plastic tab cover on my top vent broke off when I tried to close the vent to shut it down. Of course I lost my receipt for it so can’t even register it for warranty purposes. I was kinda disappointed considering all the positive reviews. Gonna probably do the same and use the nomex gaskets and be damned careful I don’t burn myself on the vent handle. It’s a shame. I wonder if we get the factory seconds up here in Canada!
  2. I put a gasket on the ash pan and siliconed the vent frame to the ash pan. Have not had a chance to test it out yet since the mods.
  3. It’s got a half moon “warming rack” that sits on top of the grate. It’s definitely a bit different than a Char-Griller branded one for sure, but I like the table it’s in better. I do wish the side shelves folded down though.
  4. Ah I see. The fingerprints and smudges sure make it look like it’s galvanized!
  5. Hello from a new kamado owner from Saskatchewan. Just recently purchased a rebranded Akorn (Master Chef) from my local Canadian Tire. It was on sale for $249.93 Cad. I also had a coupon for 50x CT rewards so I got $25.99 back in credit. Pretty good deal for us up here in Canada. Since it didn’t come with a heat deflector of any sort, and a smokin’ stone is $100 up here off amazon.ca, I decided to make my own out of 1/8” steel. I figured while I’m at it, I may as well make it a drip pan too. Works great! First cook was a couple racks of beef short ribs but I forgot to get a picture. Had a bit of an issue getting the temperature below 300F. Lower cent completely closed, upper just cracked. It actually ran at around 300F with both closed. So I took the lower vent off, siliconed around it and put it back on. Then tightened up the slider with some foil tape. Still needs some more sealing as it won’t quite snuff the fire out. Anyway then I did some turkey drumsticks for my wife and they turned out great. Third cook was a brisket point I turned into burnt ends and it was amazing! I have pictures but they aerial uploaded yet. I put a second gasket on the ash pan but have yet to use it to see if the fire can be put out now. I gotta say, I really like it so far. So much that I bought an Akorn JR from Walmart yesterday on clearance for $129. I think I’m going to use the canning rack setup on this one.
  6. You used galvanized metal to hold the firepot in place? None for me, thanks.
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