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  1. Hi all. I use a heat gun that gets to 1200 degrees to start the charcoal on my Vision grill. Has anyone tried using it to sear beef, chicken, etc., in the manner of a Searzall? Any success?
  2. I assume Vision will take care of this but I was wondering if anyone has had a top vent failure out of the box. I just put my C-Pro together and I figured some smash burgers on soapstone would be a good start. All went well and I closed it up when done. No smoke from the common areas like the front door or felt around the bowl but instead from the top vent as soon s I closed everything else. What is strange is that it is not coming from the likely place, the gasket, but straight through the actual vent holes even though both parts of the top vent (slider and small knob) are closed completely. I would have guessed the vent gasket would be the problem because it didn’t feel as snug as I figured it would. Three hours later, it’s still at 350 degrees. Anyone else have this?
  3. Re: Pizza A trick I learned on the Akorn is that the higher the better for pizza. I’d put the diffuser on the top shelf of the Vision and pizza stone above separated by three 1 1/4-1 1/2 inch balls of aluminum foil. It ensures the toppings get cooked, and get good leoparding before the crust burns. It also eliminates the problem of the top rack legs.
  4. Here is the website: https://tiptoptemp.com/ It’s a very effective and simple device for long cooks. It worked great on my Akorn. When I bought mine, they were $25 and I was able to find one on sale from a different website for $15. I’d look around for another such deal, especially this time of year when places are looking to get rid of summer items. It attaches to the top with a simple $3 plate hanger. Kept it on tight but easy to take off.
  5. Thanks, both. I just moved a distance from my friends and although I have neighbors, it has not been more contact than a wave at the mailbox. I was hoping my son would be enough to help but I may have to offer some pork butt for some help from the neighbor. :-)
  6. Hi all. I just stepped up from the Akorn to the Vision Pro C Series which I should receive on the 12th. I know they weigh something like 220 lbs but I also figure that minus the fire box, cart, tables, etc., it must reduce the weight significantly. Can one guy lift into the cart alone? Or perhaps just myself and 13 year old son? Thanks in advance!
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