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  1. Thanks very much Earl I am leaning towards the CyberQ although it is harder to get in the UK.
  2. Hi All, I have been using the Big Joe 3 since July and I still struggle a little to maintain a constant temperature in the dome. To that end, I have done a lot of research into temperature controllers and have come up with my two front runners as the title suggests. Does anybody have any experience of either of these controllers or know which would work best with a Big Joe 3? Thanks in advance, Huw.
  3. I have used gas BBQs for the last 20 or so years to grill burgers, chicken, steak, lamb and pork, lid open and with nothing more adventurous than a tikka marinade for the chicken and a middle eastern paste for the lamb, so no smoking, no brining or 24 hour infusing meat rubs. With the help of a large contribution from my wife for my 60th Birthday, I’ve now purchased a Kamado Big Joe 3, along with Meathead's eye-opening book, ‘The Science of Great Barbecue’. I’m now looking forward to discovering a new world of cooking and taste using Big Joe 3, together with advice from the book, this forum a
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