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  1. Hi guys, I've owned my Kamado for for about 40 days and have done 2 long 15 hr cooks on it. I went to wipe down the Kontrol tower the other day and noticed taht as I was wiping it the black coating peeled off with the grease. I emailed customer support and they are telling me that this is normal wear and tear after 2 uses? Let me know if this is the norm. Thank you for all your help!
  2. Will do. Or I will give them a call Monday so I can talk to them in person.
  3. Its Gen 1... I got it a month ago but I guess I got their old stock from a local BBQ store. It won't connect at all now..
  4. I have a Kamado Joe Classic and started a pork butt last night at midnight. When I woke up at 6am I noticed that the temp reading was way off and the ikamand was acting weird. When I went to check it out there was smokey liquid dripping from the ikamand from everywhere. The temp dropped to the low 40's last night and was humid. Now the ikamand will not connect to the internet and won't work. Is there any way to prevent what I think is condensation dripping from the lower vent?
  5. Hi everyone. I'm very new BBQing and put on a 9 pound Boston Butt on my Kamado Joe classic last night at 2am. I have the ikamand so I set it to 225 degrees and went to sleep. When I woke up at 8am the pork had an internal temp of 140 degrees. It is now 12:37pm and after 10.5 hrs the temp seems to be stuck at 144 degrees for the last few hours. Is this normal? I bumped my temp up to 235 to see if that helps but it has not moved. I was going to wait till it hit 165 to wrap but should I just wrap it now? Thank you for all your help!
  6. So there is no point in trying to get the temp correct? Also will the handle of the grill get really hot if i leave it open from the heat? Thanks again for the quick response. Getting ready to put it on soon!
  7. Hi Guys, Trying to make some rotisserie chicken on the JoeTisserie tonight. Do you guys keep the lid open or closed during cooking?
  8. Hello, Completely new to smoking and just got kamado joe iii. Can anyone recommend any good wood chunks that I can purchase from Amazon to smoke pork butt / briskets? Thanks for all the help!
  9. Thanks Chaluk! I will go ahead and try that. With the version 1 when smoking for long periods of time how open should i make the vents since it is manual? I'm looking to attempt a pork butt. Thanks again for your help!
  10. Hi Guys, I just purchased a Kamado Classic iii today and waiting for it to get delivered here in the next few days. I also purchased an iKamand to go along with the grill and noticed that what I got was the old version of the ikamand without the flap when I got home. I've been doing some research and it looks like the version 2 has had a recent update which was pretty successful in controlling the temp. Are they still doing updates for the older ikamands? I would rather not return the device since I bought it from a small local dealer and I don't want him to take the hit on it if it will work just as well as the new version 2 with the necessary updates. Will there be a big difference between the Version 1 and 2? Thanks in advance for all your help. You will see me around a lot more looking for help / advice as I start cooking!
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