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  1. Very cool both Scott Roberts and freddyjbbq. ... I have bbq up this way for many..many years. .. but the extreme temperatures was always a problem for yearly maintenance on my previous grills.. from having to replace burners due to less than ideal natural gas/propane sulfur content and impurities issues, and just general maintenance of looks of the grills when attempting higher heat cooks or even lower heat cooks .And yes I always covered my grills.. Metal condition was always a constant issue resulting in more sales I'm sure not just for myself..but others up here..on these types of grills.. I'm looking forward to doing as I can when I can cooks on a ceramic Kamado
  2. They were great..Used a recipie I saw from John on utube for beef back ribs.. a few changes..used a beef broth for marinade.. and topped with a bbq sauce for last 30 minutes of cook..but still darn good! Just learning with Kamado..purchased in May... but feel it's a killer way for my cooks year long up this far north in Canada.
  3. Thanks for reply Inarngr... Nice to meet you
  4. Thanks for reply TKOBBQ..Nice to meet you... Look forward to learning lots and I have lots to learn!! lol
  5. Just a newbie here.. But I'll be interested on reheat of ribs.. I Just cooked my today.. and It seems they were a success.. Have some left over so re heat is of interest.
  6. For me.. 1 year ago while down in Texas... A good friend had one... As the "Joe" was rolled out and the fire box prepared...my eyes widened and my questions started. And as my friend put on the ribs ...that he had prepared the evening before. for a 5 hr smoke and cook,,and the smoke ensued ..they evolved. Ae I learned more about low and slow from his demonstration.. I felt more and more convinced that this was what I had been looking for as a multi /functioning/ and reliable item to consider for purchase, It's my fist year.. I live in an area of extreme temperature variations.. But I can only say ... Push our limits..
  7. HI CKreef.. Yes I'm stocking up on lump charcoal... Read on another site around vents position....to minimize vent setting with cooler air temperatures to allow low and slow heat up grill prior to enjoying is the way to go ! . Also consideration of moisture on charcoal /wood is a discussion point for me ....Saw an interesting post on use of wooden dowels on the gasket area when cooled to help facilitate physical separation of gaskets when done with cool down. And thanks for reply... will look to other discussion topics.
  8. And it doesn't have to be discussion at the extremes I'm talking to in my fist post . It can be and freezing or below temperatures. And around what the air density and temperature has made both considerations and or success/learning's from low and slow cooks.
  9. Thanks Scott Nice to see reply from you! Northern Alberta Canada Boy here !
  10. Hi Just a newbie with Kamado cooking ..My question is around ambient air temperature.. Where I live in Northern Alberta the winters can get down right frigid ( Like -45 below) ..Just looking for discussion around success and learning's when dealing with wanting to put on a prime rib roast on a Super Bowl Sunday..or any Sunday for that matter .. I.E. heat up rate for Kamado... to me obviously slow heat is the way to go ..but possibly thingsto consider with both the heat up and cool down of a Kamado at such extreme temperatures. just looking for comments and or discussions at this time.. Thanks is advance..
  11. Wishing to introduce myself.. Look forward to discussions around Kamado smoking /grilling/roasting /pizza techniques. Living in the Far North of of Canada I;m sure to have many questions ..Nice to meet you all !!
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