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  1. Great recipe John! Tried this today …did your 5 spice/salt brine and did your glaze too. 6.eml 7.eml
  2. @ lnarngr Good looking dinner.. well done .. Merry Christmas and all the Best in the new year
  3. @adm Nice looking cook .. well done! Merry Christmas to you an yours also!
  4. Looks very good.. nicely done.. enjoyed your bread submission today also... I'm having trouble reducing Bold text.. lol a learning curve on that for me too.. Merry Christmas!
  5. @ Ginger Ale Thanks... It was a nice cook .... and was enjoyed by all mine here... Merry Christmas and all the best in the coming year!
  6. @ Gebo Good post.. agree with your opinion on the hard and great work the moderators do here... Thanks to them all,,,, and all the best to them and yours over this Holiday season!
  7. @TKOBBQ..thanks for response... yeah it gets a little more difficult to get things done as one gets further north.. but it can be done... one of the joys of cooking and this forum.. Best to you and yours this Holiday season!
  8. @ Rob_grill_apprentice ..Thanks... enjoy seeing your recipes baking and cooks . All the best and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  9. @ SmallBBQr Hello from 4 hours or so further northeast.. Thanks ..yes Christmas came early .. and yes the gravy as well as the rest of the dinner was awesome. Held off on my green bean casserole for this one... I'll be doing some more cooks in a few weeks and try that one... Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  10. Due to personal circumstances.. Christmas dinner came early for me and mine.. Did a 12 lb turkey here yesterday.. a balmy -15 Celsius. Brined the bird for 18 hrs prior to adding some Country head all purpose seasoning and my own mixture of poultry spices including dry thyme / dry sage and some good coarse pepper. Stuffed the bird with some onions and then put on my Kamado at 400-450 degrees F for 2 and 1/2 hours.. pulled at 165 on the drumstick.. topped with some coconut herbed scalloped potatoes and breaded parmeson roasted cauliflower florets.. .. a nice stuffing and gravy made with drippings for the cook ended it all well.. Merry Christmas to all. Tonight -30 Celsius.. glad the cook got done early.. lol
  11. @John Setzler HI John.. been away for a while... Thanks for the question on why no use oil oil on the wings... My last attempt on this was just to try to see if the Wings natural oils would work.. as suggested by CKreef.. They seemed to.. That being said as I experiment and learn on the Kamado Joe .. I do plan to try doing wings as you suggested... I enjoy your recipes and inputs to help newbies like me to test the limits of our Kamados.. Cheers!
  12. I also find that with really cold dense air like I experience that fuel consumption of charcoal .. after initial warm up ceramics is not as big an issue as I thought it would be.. However... I always go slow with the warm up of the ceramics and plates when doing a "cold ambient temperature " cook.. And if I'm doing this ,figure load up more on charcoal in the box anyways.. It won't go to waste and can be used again if not burnt off ..Hope this helps
  13. Where I live the winter temperatures can get quite frigid.. like -40 Celsius. I keep my deflector plates /grills etc. in my home when not in use at that time of year… Keep them at room temperature and when grill is above 175F start to insert…ff I’m looking ahead, I will load in a 5 gallon pail with some lump and bring it into my home, to allow it to sweat out any moisture prior to the cook.. Once cook is done I raise the temp in that time of season to about 500F to burn off oils/grease etc. and hinder mold growth. When shutting down I do a quick rub down on the outside of the grill with some disinfectant wipes… ..I place a few piece of aluminum foil between the gaskets on the bottom and dome of the grill to allow for non-sticking gaskets… Once cool down is completed I open the vents so they don’t stick/freeze.. If they do I use a heat gun gently to open them.. As time permits upon cooking I get rid of the ash.. Ash with moisture allows for rust on stainless steel, things like ash collector etc. . I find an old used shop vac I have makes that an easy piece to do. Then cover for the next cook..
  14. Been Following this thread for a while now.. Tonight an attempt for a crispy skin. Dusted the wings with some flour and a wing dust.. one hot... one calm.. No oil.. Held Kamado at 400-450 degrees. Cooked skin side down for about 20minutes and flipped and did the same for another 20 minutes...thank you ckreef.. Sided with a sour cream/blue cheese dressing.. thank you john .. turned out very good.. Nice taste and crispy skin ..Enjoyed by all
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