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  1. Yes, this is my firs brisket, third long cook on kamado ever, and I’m really proud of it..definitely the help was needed at the time, who else to ask if not the forum. thanks guys!!
  2. I did that, it came out great, I didn’t increase the temperature much. Left it like that for 5 more hours and got 205f out.
  3. Yeah, that’s what I did, now it’s steady on 174 for last 40min (could be a stall?). I’m thinking to keep it like this a bit longer as I’m expecting to serve in in 3h. Then in 2h if I still need to push through the stall I’ll wrap it in? thanks for the tips..
  4. Amazing, I’m glad hear that. how about wrapping it in the foil and back on the grid? When would be the best time/temp to do so?
  5. Hey guys, I’ve put my brisket this morning to cook on 275. After 3.5 hours of cooking I’ve put the probe in and the internal temperature is 165 I’ve cooled my kamado and rise the grid, now the temp internally is 171 after 4h. Am I overshooting the temperature? What do you think I should do next, as I was reading to put in the foil and back on the bbq?
  6. Here is my first attempt of smoking meat. and first one is Picanha.. smoking on 100 Celsius, until internal temperature reached 48 degrees c, then searing it on 300 degrees c. Amazing results.
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