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  1. Extra felt sounds like it will do the trick so. I'll try to source some and see how it goes. Will also try John's suggestion of taking the cap off rather than sliding over in the meantime. Just need somewhere to put it down that won't melt! Thanks all.
  2. I've been getting to know my KJ Classic II for a few months now and keep noticing that my top vent assembly isn't as tight on the lid as I would like. It's not so bad when the vent is partly open but when I swing the vent wide open it's very noticeable, especially once it warms up. Plus, a little siren goes off inside my head when the text doesn't line up perfectly in the centre! Wondering if anyone had similar issues and if so, how you went about fixing it. More felt? It would need to be heat proof I suppose. Will try to source some to fit and see if it improves. Any other suggestions?
  3. Hello all, Just joined the site after lurking for a while. Some great discussions and tips on here so looking forward to being part of that. I've been cooking for years on Weber kettles and other BBQs but recently pulled the trigger on a KJ Classic II. Really enjoying it! Plenty of cooks so far. Most good, a few not so good! All part of the journey I'm sure!
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