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  1. Where are you placing your wood chunks? Have you tried placing them at the bottom under your lump? That can help. Also remember that 3 or 4 hours of smoke is usually enough to get the job done.
  2. Thanks John. I should have experimented with the set up on a cold grill to see what would work. Lesson learned.
  3. So probably a stupid question but here goes. Got a grill extender for my KJ Classic III a while ago and never got around to using it until just now. Doing ribs with the slo roller in place and AFTER I had the grill going decided to put the extender in. First question is that it doesn’t seem possible to use the extender with the slo roller and the normal racks in the highest position. It that correct? I couldn’t see what I was doing very well due to the smoke. I then move the normal racks down one position and still the extender didn’t want to sit properly because now the back foot is bei
  4. That may be the culprit, I did have the top vent a little more open than I should have, probably half an inch and I did adjust it more closed . Until your post I had forgotten that adjustment.
  5. Did a 6 hour beef short rib cook yesterday with the latest version of the app and the newest Signal firmware. There were a couple of oddities. My set temperature was 250° .As you can see in the graph there were 2 significant high temperature spikes early on. I think they may have been related to some strong winds that kicked up but I am not sure. The next point is that the graph shows the modulation of the temperature more accurately than before. Not sure if they had simply factored out those minor fluctuations in the previous version or if something else is in play. Could be as simple as
  6. I have used the beta version for quite a few cooks in the past few weeks and I am encouraged. The temperature control is solid and the features of the new app are a huge improvement over the old one. Still a few minor interface issues but it is going in the right direction.
  7. Try ATBBQ.com. All Things Bar B Que. They have tons of choices, I like the Cattlemen’s Grill rubs. Good folks to deal with and good delivery times.
  8. Gave the new beta app a go recently and overall it is a great improvement. There are few things that I would like to see tweaked mostly having to do with improving the interface as opposed to functionality. For example naming a session and adding notes is a little clunky. Also it would be nice to be able to view the graphs separately between the grill temperature and the food temperature since the scales are often so far apart. Of course being able to combine them again would be nice also. Since I downloaded the beta they have updated two or three times which tells me they are serious abou
  9. Have to say my Signal and Billows set up have worked pretty much flawlessly. My grill temp probe and therefore the input that drives the billows is in the provided clip on the grate and not in the dome. Also my Signals was an open box buy.
  10. Happy you got it sorted! Now we need to encourage ThermoWorks to upgrade their app. Perhaps adding a timer functionality and improvements to the interface.
  11. I have no idea why the notch is there. But as you mentioned I seriously doubt that it could cause enough air to enter to screw it up. When my billows is installed and powered up the fan will run initially to get the K headed towards the target temperature but well before it gets there the fan will start to cycle in short bursts and eventually shutoff entirely. It might be time for you to touch base with the ThermoWorks folks for support. I have had a good experience with them in the past trouble shooting issues with a Thermapen. Keep us posted I am curious about your issue and how it gets
  12. &roid, when you slide the lower door on your KJ closed does it go over or behind the adapter plate? I found that it is important that it slides in front of the adapter plate to get a good seal. Also on the graph I posted I never touched the top vent I only had it open maybe a 1/4 inch and probably a bit less and when I upped the temperature from 240 to 300 I didn’t change anything on the grill just the fan temp setting in the app. The other thing to be cautious of is how much charcoal/lump you let get started before you engage the billows. In the graph I posted I had the ch
  13. My billows does a pretty good job regulating my KJ Classic III. In the graph below I was cooking a Pastrami, starting set temp was 240. After 4.5 hours raised it to 300 for 3 more hours. Output.numbers
  14. I ended up buying the billows to go with my signals unit and have done 3 or 4 cooks with it. So far I am pleased. Of course I have never had a temperature controller before in 20 years of kamado cooking so it’s a bit like discovering electricity, it’s an amazing technology if you never used it before. The App is really in need of improvement to add some bells and whistles but hopefully that will come in time.
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