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  1. So do folks try to clean off burned corn meal from their pizza stones? Did a pizza cook last night and while most of it simply brushed off there are a few spots where it is baked on and even a damp paper towel won’t remove it. Pretty sure that you don’t want to introduce too much water to the stone. Just leave it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Tonight’s pizza cook. Meatball, black olives and banana peppers. Came out great!
  3. Thermoworks Smoke is the way to go IMHO. Buy quality once and save $ in the long run.
  4. Looks fantastic. Did you shoot for 135 - 140 for an internal temperature?
  5. So one of my favorite fish to grill is swordfish. Over the years I have developed a glaze that I like very much. The glaze consists of : 3 tbls melted butter 1 freshly squeezed lemon 2 tsp soy sauce 1/2 tsp wasabi powder Heat but don’t simmer or boil and mix well. Obviously you should adjust the quantities based on how much fish you’re grilling and how salty (soy) and spicy (wasabi) you like. I set up my KJ Classic 3 for two zone cooking with a heat deflector in the low position and a grate in the high position on one side and my soapstone half moon on the direct side. Brought the dome temp to 375 F and waited until the soapstone hit 480 to 500. Put a light coating of Alvacado Oil on the swordfish and some kosher salt and fresh ground pepper on both sides. For the asparagus which was cooked on the in direct side I used olive oil and S&P. The fish was cooked on the soapstone for about 5 minutes per side then moved to the in direct side and the glaze is brushed on. Flip after 2 minuets and brush the again. Pull the fish and brush again right before serving ( brush the asparagus if you have enough left). Some fresh squeezed lemon and serve with rice or whatever you like.
  6. Just had to take a sledgehammer to mine after 18 years of good service. What killed it was the firebox finally crumbled beyond repair. The early RJs were okay but he definitely produced some substandard product after he moved to Mexico.
  7. So I did a search on the forum for Calzones and found some information but I still have a question. Has anyone cooked them with the DoJoe? The reason I ask is that most posts suggest a lower temperature cook and with the DoJoe in place controlling the temperature goes out the window. Would it be better to set up with the pizza stone and skip the DoJoe so I can cook at around 450? Any advice would be appreciated!
  8. GiffS


    Thanks folks, I appreciate the warm welcome and good wishes.
  9. I have come to the conclusion that grass fed beef is way inferior to USDA Choice and especially USDA Prime. The fat content simply isn’t there. Has anyone found a grass fed beef source that has a good fat content? My wife is fixated on the grass fed thing and I think it’s mostly a scam. I read somewhere that beef labeled grass fed is actually grain fed in the last month or so to finish it off anyway and that you need to look for grass fed, grass finished if you want full on grass fed meat. Either way so far I am not a fan.
  10. GiffS


    New guy here. Been cooking on a Kamado for almost 20 years. My first Kamado came from Richard, now a rather infamous character, but I have to say my original kamado served me well for 15 years until it finally needed to be replaced. It was used hard and left outside in Maryland and Virginia uncovered for it’s whole life. Anyway it served me well. i replaced it with a Kamado Joe Classic 3 which I am really enjoying but I should have gone with the Big Joe I am really liking the flexibility of the rack system. I have added the cast iron griddle, cast iron grates (2) and a soapstone half moon. Anyway happy to find this forum. John your videos have been awesome for me. I am fighting cancer and have chemo treatments 5 days a week. Watching your videos to learn new recipes and techniques has made my time in the chair go by faster. Thanks! GiffS
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