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  1. We did our second spatchcock Turkey in six weeks. I am born and raised Canadian, wifey is born and raised Yankee. Two American born kids as well but we live in Canada. That means we celebrate twice and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will be doing a third spatchcock Turkey in about a month for Christmas. No such thing as too much Turkey in my mind! Happy Thanksgiving all!
  2. When I got my KJIII last year I had the same winter concerns. My sense is that our Canadian winter is likely colder than yours. I got a lot of great responses from people even further North than me telling me to use it all year. I followed their advice and haven’t looked back. I have done a 5 hour rib cook in -20c temperature with NO issues. The KJ is a beast to be enjoyed all year round.
  3. I’ve never seen it before. Let us know how it goes. I typically use KJ Lump but can’t seem to find any so right now I am using Jealous Devil Chunks.
  4. I had a Traeger XL. I now have a KJ III. The Traeger was pretty much set it and forget it (although mine was so big, I did on occasion have issues with running out of pellets on an overnight cook or the pellets not running pellets into the auger and leaving me with no food in the morning). The Kamado has a bit of a learning curve but a lot of that can be cured with a temperature control device. I use a Flame Boss and it is amazing. From a flavour and versatility perspective, there is no comparison. I do 900f Neapolitan Pizzas on my KJ. I bake bread. I make gravy,
  5. Without them, we might be eating Turkey jerky.
  6. The plan was to have two probes in bird at all times.
  7. I have often thought the exact same thing but I assumed that their temp warning contemplated this as well. I was doing wings at 425F with the SloRoller and figured the metal had to be at least 100F hotter but I have nothing scientific to back that up.
  8. As some of you might know, Thanksgiving is just around the corner up here in the frozen tundra, known as Canada. It's on October 12 and I was planning on exiting my igloo and doing a spatchcock turkey on my KJ Classic III (amongst a host of other things). Here are my questions... 1. I was hoping to do a 15lb Turkey (or smaller - but not much smaller). Does anyone have any experience with a bird of that size on classic? Will it fit? I know I've seen @Smokingdadbbqdo one on his but I didn't know the size of his bird and he also used a rib rack to gain a bit more space. I don't
  9. KJ Big Block for everything but Jealous Devil for Pizza.
  10. Thanks. I took a really simple recipe from that site and tweaked it a bit and my first run at sourdough was a success. I was in a rush this am so no pics but kids loved it.
  11. Ok thanks everyone. In the few days since I originally posted my starter is finally going!!!! Which now brings me to my next questions...aside from using a dedicated sourdough recipe, is it possible to add my starter to an existing recipe (I have a very simple artisan bread recipe the family seems to really love). I was wondering if I could just swap out the yeast for maybe 100g of starter? Lastly...anyone have an idiot proof sourdough recipe for a sourdough rookie?
  12. Using unbleached AP flour but started it with organic whole wheat flour.
  13. I am currently on day 10 of trying to make a sourdough starter. My recipe is straight from the King Arthur website. I have been following it to a tee, but I am not getting the kind of bubbling (and doubling) that I thought I would get by now. The smell is good, the colour is good but it seems to be taking longer than I expected. is this just a matter of needing to be more patient? How long before I throw in the towel and start again? Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Those look great. Do you notice a difference with Caputo and if so, what do you notice? I have never been able to discern a difference in my 00 flours.
  15. I’ve used oil as a binder for years but I don’t remember exactly who it was (I think Harry Soo) who said that oil prevents the salt from penetrating the meat. TBH, I have never noticed it.
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