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  1. This is the perpetual battle in my home, with half the family liking them super soft (dare I say...almost mushy), whereas I want some bite, a bit of pull. Depending on the type of ribs I do, I go 2-1.5-1 for back ribs and 2-2-1 for side ribs. Ive never seasoned overnight for fear of drying them out, but maybe I will give it a try.
  2. Yeah, I assumed that would be the case but if I can simply glue it back on without incident, I don't think this is the time to be making any warrantly claims unless they are an absolute emergency. I am thinking the Permatex solution is the right one. Any thoughts on cleaning my gasket before a glue it back on???
  3. On my relatively new KJC III, the newer mesh gasket is almost completely unglued from the bottom and about 30% off the top. Other than no longer sticking, the gasket is six month old and looks to be in decent shape. I know @John Setzlerhas used Permatex to glue a new gasket but I wanted to know if it is advisable for me to do the same to my 6 month old gasket? If so, any special steps I should take before doing it? Seems like I’ve got a lot of time on my hands at the moment. Also...am I doing something wrong for this to have happened so quickly?
  4. Turns out one of my local places has free delivery on orders over $75, so I ordered 3 bags of Big Block at $29.99 per bag, which is the normal price. Only problem I foresee is that they are officially closed as of today, so I am not even sure this order will be processed. Time will tell. Not a huge deal, as the gasser is more than adequate, plus I just did a massive pork shoulder on Sunday, so I've got enough pulled pork to last me for ages!!!! LOL
  5. I think that is USA only but I will give it a shot.
  6. I just filled my firebox with my last bit of lump. Probably going to have to use the Weber gasser for the foreseeable future... Amazon.ca is charging like $90 CAD for a bag of KJ Big Block.
  7. Says the guy in AZ. It was -9 c when I woke up this morning.... zero chance that works up in these northern parts. Lol On a better note, I’ve got 15lb pork butt going on the KJ at about 11pm, plan to make some fresh Kaiser Rolls tomorrow and have a feast.
  8. I am a small business owner. Going bankrupt is bad, really bad. Going dead is worse.
  9. It's a sort of tricky balancing act between taking this VERY seriously and being flippant. Like Frank said, Italy largely took a flippant approach and is now paying the price dearly. South Korea on the other hand mobilized immediately and has done a better job, even though they initially had a bigger infection rate.
  10. I think the problem you run into in general is there are two kinds of stupidity you see at times like this... 1. The stupidity of overreaction (buying 500 rolls of TP) or 100 bottles of hand sanitizer; and 2. The stupidity of underreaction (poor hygiene practices - which is bad at all time, not just when there is a virus). Let me give you an example of this one, I just witnessed yestertday. I work in a building that houses a Service Canada and a Canadian Immigration Office. We have a lot of traffic. Yesterday there was a guy sitting on ledge and I watched him sneeze into his bare hand. First, he did not fully cover his mouth. The and was about 6 inches from the mouth, ensuring a lot of particulate would get airborn. Second, he didn't sneeze into his elbow, as recommended. Third, after he sneezed, the proceeded to wipe his hand on his right knee to "clean it off" so to speak. So, my concern is, what about every door handle he touches, what about the elevator buttons etc... Maybe that will transmit the virus, maybe it won't... but c'mon!!!! Have some common sense for fak sakes. I think we can all walk and chew gum at the same time, so I don't see why we can't practice good hygenic practices, while maintaining calm. Doesn't seem like a lot to ask.
  11. This is an interesting conversation. I think I agree with it in parts and disagree in parts. The problem I have with most people who are freaking out, like my employee that bought 500 rolls of TP, is that she DID NOT get the flu vaccine. Like, if you are sooooo concerned about this virus, why aren't you concered with the Flu, which kills 10's of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) across the globe annually. On the other hand, this virus has proved to be very dangerous in two ways: The mortality rate among the elderly or those who are immuno-compromised, is much higher than the flu and the ease of which it is transmitted as compared to say SARS in the past.
  12. We had a pretty good supply of TP already and really do most of our grocery shopping at “mom and pop” type grocery/meat/fish markets and they have seen very little increase in consumers. Pretty much business as usual for us, although one of my staff did tell me she bought just under 500 rolls of TP (that’s not a typo). She had no explanation of why her family of 3 needed that much.
  13. I have a Classic III and it is happening to mine as well. I’ve read on here that it is normal (and I wish it weren’t) because I think the peeling is unsightly.
  14. Honestly... I don't think you can go wrong either way. I have the Classic III. I cook for 2-4 people on the regular and might cook for (11) would be my biggest number of the year. I have never found my Classic to be too small for my needs, although admitedly, I wouldn't mind the extra space of a BJ. I LOVE my SloRoller. Doesn't it make a difference? I have NO idea, but it is another toy in the collection that gives me pleasure.
  15. I do use a Flameboss 400 and I do notice more smoke leaking out when the fan is active, but, there still seems to be a leak even when the fan is dormant. I will see if I can get some video this weekend. I am not quite sure I would describe it as a "tire factory on fire" but what I did notice is that when I did my overnight Butt cook, I set my temp to 250F with the FB400 and after about 3 hours, my temp ran away on me and got up to 325F (even though the top vent was open half way to the first line (just a tiny opening). The temp was stable for about 3 hours and then it ran away, which led me to believe there was too much airflow (and if the fan was dormant) I could only conclude it was the leak.
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