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  1. +1 on a well seasoned Cast Iron (anything) has so many uses in my house... from searing steaks (and finishing the oven), to omlets and baking. They also should last severl lifetimes, if properly cared for.
  2. Just so we are clear, the FB400 doesn’t have an electronic unit, the controller (fan) connects to the app only, so the part I am concerned about is the fan connected to the lower vent. This is what it looks like...
  3. Interesting thread timing for me...just this past Tuesday I grilled 7 US Prime NY Strip Steaks because I wanted to do a family taste test on how we liked them best. All were seasoned the same and cooked to the same internal temp. One group was on my KJ. High heat sear, finished on indirect heat. One group on my natural gas Weber Summit. High heat sear, finished on low heat. One group on a cast iron pan, high heat sear finished in a 500F oven, basting in butter. Our results: KJ - 2 first place votes, 1 second place vote, 1 third place vote (wifey) Weber - 2 first place votes, 2 second place votes Cast Iron - 1 second place vote, 3 third place votes
  4. Struja

    Fred Hammond

    I don't have an iKamand but the fact that you are on unit #2 and it is still not working, says it's got something to do with your network. The puzzling part for me, is that if your doorbell can ONLY connect to the 2.4ghz network and that is functioning properly, the iKamand should work as well. I use a FB400 and I had connectivity issues at one point but it was becaue my 2.4ghz network stopped working. It took me about a day to put 2+2 together, but I realized some smart electrical outlets I had went offline, which clued me into the fact that only my 5ghz network was operating properly. I would find out what you have at home that works with a 2.4ghz network ONLY and fully make sure they are all working properly and are properly connected. I also have Nest Smoke Detectors (older models) that could only connect to my 2.4ghz network and the appeared to be working fine but were also disconnected when my 2.4ghz network went down.
  5. I have a FB400 temperature controller for my KJ which I have come to rely on anytime I am doing a long cook or something slow and low. I was hoping to do a Boston Butt this weekend, but the weather looks like it is going to pretty gnarly in Toronto over the weekend, mostly with rain. On the Flame Boss website they say the FB400 controller is intended to be used "outdoor and dry". Obviously, I don't want to compromise the device but I wanted to ask if any of you have any experience with it during inclement weather or if you have any work around (self created water protection schemes). My cooking area is NOT covered so it would be exposed if it was raining heavy. I could simply do the cook without it and simply adjust my airflow but my preference would be to use it, if I could. Any ideas?
  6. I think @keeperovdeflame and @Ben S got it spot on about temp control. I am also a pellet convert. I had a Traeger XL for 7 years and now have a KJ. No comparison IMO. I added a Flame Boss 400 temperature controller to my KJ and I have all the convenience of the Traeger with better flavour and way more diversity of uses.
  7. I like this video (I had mine pre-assembled) but putting the paper towel behind the fire box was smart. The other day my top ring came off the firebox and boy did I ever have a hard time getting it back on. I wish I had watched this video earlier. In that regard... my ring that holds the firebox pieced together has become warped and the result is that when I use the SloRoller and then the rack on top, it is very wobbly. Anyone experience this and if so, do you have a fix?
  8. It was only about 4-5 months ago that I was in your EXACT spot. Just getting my KJC III and excited as all hell. Here are my recommendations for a first cook... 1. Something that utilizes the SloRoller. I just LOVE the SloRoller, so the sooner you can get to it, the better. I would recommend: a) spatchcock chicken or turkey b) prime rib roast c) beef rib plate (maybe my favourite thing I've ever done on my KJIII) d) SloRoller Chicken Wings 2. Pizza. Can't really go wrong with a pizza provided you have a stone and the proper setup like what @keeperovdeflame illustrated above. 3. Dutch Oven Bread in your KJ. If you haven't already... the one accessory that I got which is easily my favourite is a temperature controller. I got a Flame Boss 400 and just can't live without it. Most of all... enjoy, enjoy and enjoy it.
  9. The store in Mississauga is already closed but I was at the Vaughan location yesterday and the entire store is 20% off, no exclusions. (That’s $400 off a KJ III). Rubs, spices and sauces are 30% off. There are some items even discounted further. I bought a bunch of lump, wood chunks and rubs.
  10. I have a Classic III with and expander rack. I’ve done ribs with the SloRoller and the first rack in the highest position and then the expander on top. Take a trial run on positioning because I learned the hard way that there is enough room, HOWEVER, the dome thermometer may pierce the meat on the expander rack but you can avoid this based on how you position that rack and how you orient the food on the expander.
  11. For those of you who are using them (whichever brand you might be using) do you remove them after every use, especially those in Northern Climates? I have a FB400, which has the sheet metal adapter that I put into the bottom slot of my KJ. I then attach the fan to the adapter but I remove it with EVERY use. My KJ has a cover, but I do NOT feel comfortable leaving it attached with each use. Is that what everyone else is doing, or do some/all of you keep the fan attached at all times? The iKamand looks less cumbersome than the FB400, so maybe it remains on at all times. Otheres may keep it on because they live in warmer climates but I was worried if I did that up in the Great White North, I'd freeze some of the moving parts and ruin the fan. Thoughts?
  12. I love seeing what you do next @ckreef. That looked amazing. Paella is one of my absolute favourite dishes but I don’t do it at home either. For whatever reason, I can’t bring myself to take the step. Well done.
  13. I think the internal temp is measured halfway from tip to the notch in the middle of the probe which is important for positioning to get a proper temp reading. Having said that, the Meater+ is my least favourite of my probes, but I think the app is quite good.
  14. Thx @John Setzlerthat was very useful.
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