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  1. Thanks. I took a really simple recipe from that site and tweaked it a bit and my first run at sourdough was a success. I was in a rush this am so no pics but kids loved it.
  2. Ok thanks everyone. In the few days since I originally posted my starter is finally going!!!! Which now brings me to my next questions...aside from using a dedicated sourdough recipe, is it possible to add my starter to an existing recipe (I have a very simple artisan bread recipe the family seems to really love). I was wondering if I could just swap out the yeast for maybe 100g of starter? Lastly...anyone have an idiot proof sourdough recipe for a sourdough rookie?
  3. Using unbleached AP flour but started it with organic whole wheat flour.
  4. I am currently on day 10 of trying to make a sourdough starter. My recipe is straight from the King Arthur website. I have been following it to a tee, but I am not getting the kind of bubbling (and doubling) that I thought I would get by now. The smell is good, the colour is good but it seems to be taking longer than I expected. is this just a matter of needing to be more patient? How long before I throw in the towel and start again? Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Those look great. Do you notice a difference with Caputo and if so, what do you notice? I have never been able to discern a difference in my 00 flours.
  6. I’ve used oil as a binder for years but I don’t remember exactly who it was (I think Harry Soo) who said that oil prevents the salt from penetrating the meat. TBH, I have never noticed it.
  7. From a guy that drives an electric....that is one sweet ride.
  8. I use the FB400 on my KJ and have never run into that issue so it might be Keg specific.
  9. I had a Weber Kettle and while it is no match for my KJ it is an awesome option. Given the price and its versatility, you cannot go wrong with it. Of course, if money is no object, get a second KJ.
  10. I grew up with a Dad who used so much lighter fluid, our grill didn't matter, everything tasted like gas and my insides are probably still slighly petrified by all of the crap we consumed, so when we got our first gas grill, it was a noticeable improvement in food quality (less gas taste from a gasser - if you can believe it). Fast forward 25 years and I bought a Traeger XL. Yes, I went full in on a smoker (at least in size), but that bad boy could fit a whole hog, and have some room for some ribs. I LOVED it, but I still thought it was limited and I missed charcoal. So, I had a Napolean gasser and bought a Weber Kettle. Loved them both. Unfortunately, wifey did not love the clutter so I made a deal with her because I wanted a KJ, so the deal was two of the existing 3 had to go. Bye bye Traeger and Weber, hello KJ. Miss the Traeger and Kettle, but the KJ is my Mona Lisa. The versatility, the taste of food, the ease of use. For me, it's the best grill I've ever owned. I paid over $2k up here in the great white north and it was worth every penny.
  11. Leftovers? What leftovers? Rookies. lmao
  12. I go between sear and reverse sear and I am not sure I’ve ever been able to discern a difference, although I’ve had family members tell me the best steak I ever did was a reverse sear of a Tomahawk.
  13. This is a great thread @ckreef. My two “go to” lumps are KJ Big Block for the majority of my cooks but I opt for Jealous Devil for my pizza cooks. Seems to hold high heat forever. I used to get an Argentinian lump called Le Gourmet Classique (blue bag), which I think was Quebracho Blanco. I really enjoyed the smoke but it seems it has been discontinued.
  14. Yup, I was aware. I used to live in Brooklyn Heights and would walk to the old Grimaldi’s. The good old days! Lol
  15. Hilarious. I grew up in Toronto where I would eat ANYTHING on a pizza. In 1996, I moved to NYC and lived there for 13 years. After going to all of my favourites like Di Fara and Grimaldi’s I became a real pizza snob and anything more than pepperoni is a casserole IMO. Lol Now, it’s either a cheese pizza or a pepperoni and nothing else.
  16. I have the KJ Soapstone. I have a 16.5” Pizzacraft Pizza Stone, which I love but my soapstone is WAAAAAY better. More versatile, more uses, just better. I think those choices above are excellent and I would grab one in a heartbeat.
  17. Echo what the others have said. I have a Classic III. I used to have a Traeger XL, which I could do a whole hog on but never did. My Classic III works for me and my life but I can totally see how and why someone would need and want the Big Joe. I cook for 4 and have never found my Classic too small for my life.
  18. Is it tomorrow yet? Can’t wait to see the results.
  19. It took me a while to get my chicken and Turkey right and you are 100% correct about adding any smoking wood at all. My wife prefers none at all and I prefer a very mild wood like apple or cherry.
  20. I am going to buy some today and try it for a pizza cook tomorrow. I typically use (and like) KJ Big Block. I generally prefer any lump from Argentinian hardwoods.
  21. Dickson’s bbq has free shipping on orders over $99, to save you the trip. It, or barbecues galore are my go to stores. https://dicksonbbq.com/
  22. This is a very good point. Having family in the meat business, it is my opinion that Dry Aged USDA Prime is the gold standard (my preference even over Kobe/Wagyu). Most reputable butchers in Toronto have USDA Prime, I know for sure that’s what I get because the place I buy from is a Federally Inspected plant, which mandates source origination. When I started doing a rib plate I found this video simple but useful...
  23. @Maple_Smoker - where did you get the Ribs? To me, it looks like you pulled them late, or that maybe the meat itself wasn’t well marbled, or that you may have been cooking hotter than 275. Beef rib plate is one of my favourite cooks and I think beef ribs are typically pretty forgiving. How are you measuring the temp? Is it the dome thermometer or do you have an ambient pit probe? I use. Flame Boss pit probe and I cook at 275 as well but when I do, my dome shows 250, so I am wondering if your dome is showing 275, but maybe your grate temp is closer to 300. In any event, I get all my meat at Leavoy Rowe Beef Co, if you want to give them a shot. I think right now they are offering free delivery in the GTA for orders over $300.
  24. This describes my wife. I used to have Traeger Pellet which she much preferred over my KJ. I think she is nuts. I’d agree you can’t compare a Kamado to a stick burner for low and slow but it could also be you simply don’t like the Kamado flavour profile.
  25. My most enjoyed and unexpected accessory which is not an essential is my soapstone. I feel like my Kamado game has improved significantly since I got it. In fact, I like it so much I even use it on my gas grill.
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