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    Struja reacted to HoserJoe in Getting pizza dough onto pizza stone...having issues   
    Wood peel for launching, metal peel for turning, removing also helps
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    Struja reacted to Snoozeboy in Getting pizza dough onto pizza stone...having issues   
    Build the pizza on a well floured board. Don't roll it, as it rolls the air out of it. Form it with your hands. There are lots of good videos. Don't over build it with toppings. Then drag it onto a lightly floured peel. 
    I form my pizzas slightly oval so that, when I drag them onto the peel, they stretch to a round shape.  
    Minimum time on the peel will mean they slide off onto the stone. 
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    Struja reacted to Chris Topher in Bread Experts - Input Needed   
    in reverse order, theperfectloaf.com has some great info, generally, and two straightforward recipes that you might check out. The first is the beginner sour dough (https://www.theperfectloaf.com/beginners-sourdough-bread/), combining bread, whole wheat, and rye flours. This is what pops out at the end:

    The other is the all-purpose flour recipe (https://www.theperfectloaf.com/sourdough-bread-with-all-purpose-flour/).
    I have no affiliation with theperfectloaf.com, except as a follower of its good content. thefreshloaf.com is also a good resource (no affiliation with them, either).
    As far as swapping starter and yeast, I think it would be just a matter of figuring out the right ratio, since starter is really just four, water, yeast, and bacteria. I guess you'd have to account for the flour and water in the starter going into the final dough, otherwise, you could throw off the hydration. 
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    Struja reacted to John Setzler in Bread Experts - Input Needed   
    I have been following a guy for a while now who keeps his starter in the fridge at all times.  He keeps a container in his fridge with 300g of 100% starter in it.  When he wants to make bread or pizza, he pulls out however much he needs to make his levain and then just adds that much back to his starter and puts it right back in the fridge.  He bakes several times a week.
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    Struja reacted to Ben S in Bread Experts - Input Needed   
    I always tell people to keep feeding everyday for Atleast two weeks. Don’t think. Just feed. 
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    Struja reacted to John Setzler in Bread Experts - Input Needed   
    you should be fine if you have followed their instructions...
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    Struja reacted to KamadoChris in Bread Experts - Input Needed   
    Far from an expert, but I started one several months ago, no specific recipe just equal parts water and flour.  It took literally 2 months to actually work, I tried different flours, tried the pineapple juice thing, tried keeping it warm, tried feeding a lot, tried feeding a little.  At one point I divided it all up and had three separate mixes going with different flours and ratios.  Finally, one day it just started working magically, I make a loaf usually once per week and normally do waffles with it on the weekends, which are amazing btw.  I made pretzels this week for the second time for a treat which were excellent as well.  I'm just using unbleached AP for feeding my mother starter, but I use bleached flour for breads and waffles with great results and active starters so I could likely switch the mother at this point.  I keep mine in fridge and feed on Sundays, taking out what I need and bulking up the starter for what the recipe calls for over the week.  My mother starter is 1:1:1 - 50 grams each starter/flour/water that volume seems to work well for me over a weeks worth of baking. 
    Try two feeds per day, discarding only every other feed that seemed to help me get going.
    Oh, and I stopped washing out the jar just leaving all the yeasties in there and just writing the tare weight of my jar down, I know 690 grams gives me 50 grams of remaining starter to feed in the jar. I didn't want to to be too sanitized and that seemed to help stabilize things.
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    Struja reacted to CentralTexBBQ in Baby Back Ribs Question   
    Simply put, you are grossly overcooking the ribs. I don't know where these "methods" originated and I've never been a fan of them. I do understand that many are. However, that method must be  readapted to the Kamado. Not only is it a matter of how you check for doneness as @Mattman3969 inquired but, when.
    I do not wrap and they do not come out dry, but I am checking for doneness much earlier than you. I've never had baby back take longer than 3.5 hours. Spare ribs typically shy of 5, maybe 4.5. All of that changes with how hot you are cooking but in general, whatever "method" you use, check for doneness earlier.
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    Struja reacted to adm in A few more Kamado pizzas.....   
    When I used to use Caputo, I definitely did notice a difference. The corniciones always used be be more puffy and softer. But that could also have been longer fermentation times....
    There's a new Caputo flour available now as well - it's called Caputo Nuvola and is meant to give even more puff!
    I need to order some and have a go.
    Flour has an index called "W" which describes the strength and resistance to leavening: W Factor
    The generic supermarket own brand "00 Pasta Flour" that I have been using doesn't specify a W factor, but Caputo Blue has W 260-270 and so is suitable for long fermentation. The Caputo Nuvola has a W from 260 to 280. Apparently, W from 260 to 280 is what is needed for proper Neapolitan pizza.
    The Caputo also has lower protein content than the 00 I have been using - 12.5% vs 14.1%. 
    Does all this make a difference? Probably.....
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    Struja got a reaction from philpom in First in person look-C8 Z51 Stingray   
    From a guy that drives an electric....that is one sweet ride.
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    Struja got a reaction from WI/TN in What should my second BBQ be?   
    I had a Weber Kettle and while it is no match for my KJ it is an awesome option.  Given the price and its versatility, you cannot go wrong with it.  Of course, if money is no object, get a second KJ.
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    Struja got a reaction from JeffieBoy in Akorn > Weber Kettle > Kamado Joe   
    I grew up with a Dad who used so much lighter fluid, our grill didn't matter, everything tasted like gas and my insides are probably still slighly petrified by all of the crap we consumed, so when we got our first gas grill, it was a noticeable improvement in food quality (less gas taste from a gasser - if you can believe it).
    Fast forward 25 years and I bought a Traeger XL.  Yes, I went full in on a smoker (at least in size), but that bad boy could fit a whole hog, and have some room for some ribs.  I LOVED it, but I still thought it was limited and I missed charcoal.  So, I had a Napolean gasser and bought a Weber Kettle.  Loved them both.  Unfortunately, wifey did not love the clutter so I made a deal with her because I wanted a KJ, so the deal was two of the existing 3 had to go.  Bye bye Traeger and Weber, hello KJ.  
    Miss the Traeger and Kettle, but the KJ is my Mona Lisa.  The versatility, the taste of food, the ease of use.  For me, it's the best grill I've ever owned.  I paid over $2k up here in the great white north and it was worth every penny.
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    Struja got a reaction from Nnank76 in Brisket Leftovers....   
    Leftovers?  What leftovers?  Rookies.  
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    Struja got a reaction from ckreef in Reef's Lump Comparison   
    This is a great thread @ckreef.
    My two “go to” lumps are KJ Big Block for the majority of my cooks but I opt for Jealous Devil for my pizza cooks.  Seems to hold high heat forever.
    I used to get an Argentinian lump called Le Gourmet Classique (blue bag), which I think was Quebracho Blanco.  I really enjoyed the smoke but it seems it has been discontinued.
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    Struja got a reaction from Scott Roberts in Reef's Lump Comparison   
    This is a great thread @ckreef.
    My two “go to” lumps are KJ Big Block for the majority of my cooks but I opt for Jealous Devil for my pizza cooks.  Seems to hold high heat forever.
    I used to get an Argentinian lump called Le Gourmet Classique (blue bag), which I think was Quebracho Blanco.  I really enjoyed the smoke but it seems it has been discontinued.
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    Struja got a reaction from pesto3 in Pizza on the classic   
    I grew up in Toronto where I would eat ANYTHING on a pizza.  In 1996, I moved to NYC and lived there for 13 years.  After going to all of my favourites like Di Fara and Grimaldi’s I became a real pizza snob and anything more than pepperoni is a casserole IMO.  Lol
    Now, it’s either a cheese pizza or a pepperoni and nothing else.
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    Struja reacted to Chris Topher in Pizza on the classic   
    There have been days that I'd eat dog s*#% on pizza
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    Struja got a reaction from ckreef in Best Lump Charcoaled   
    I am going to buy some today and try it for a pizza cook tomorrow.  I typically use (and like) KJ Big Block.  I generally prefer any lump from Argentinian hardwoods.
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    Struja got a reaction from CentralTexBBQ in Beef Ribs - Good But Not Great. Help!   
    This is a very good point.  Having family in the meat business, it is my opinion that Dry Aged USDA Prime is the gold standard (my preference even over Kobe/Wagyu).  Most reputable butchers in Toronto have USDA Prime, I know for sure that’s what I get because the place I buy from is a Federally Inspected plant, which mandates source origination.
    When I started doing a rib plate I found this video simple but useful...
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    Struja reacted to fbov in Unhappy With Charcoal Flavor   
    We have all made food that turned out marginally edible. Kudos for not giving up! In my case, I let smoking wood burn with a visible flame, and got a sooty-tasting result. I don't see this being your issue. 
    The most common problem is cooking before the fire matures, the dreaded white smoke. I use a chimney starter now and I never see the dreaded white smoke. I think you addressed this too. 
    Then we're down the the most basic thing. Charcoal matters. Spring for a bag of KJ Big Block, since many of us use it, and see what you think, cooking with nothing else in the firebox. Can you get a clean taste? That becomes your starting point for adding flavored smoking wood, or not!
    I would avoid any charcoal based on MESQUITE. Mesquite smoking wood is popular, my favorite, but it's a strong smoke flavor. I use mesquite charcoal, and its flavor comes through even on a 4 minute, 850F pizza cook. 
    I'm cooking a brisket tonight. Planning a 20-24 hr. cook. If I had mesquite charcoal open, I'd use it. I have bags of RO and KJ XL open, so I'll add a log of mesquite smoking wood at the grate, under all the fuel. Block KJ for the bed of fuel, light it with the RO coal in the chimney, and add a little more smoking wood on top for intense smoke early on. My first hour is more of a cold smoke as the grill warms up, because I know the fire is mature. 
    Stay well,
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    Struja reacted to Polar Bear in Probably a dumb question...   
    Saw someone try this last week
    Its not the idea set up as in order to get the Kamado up to Pizza temps will require a lot of wood, fed in gradually over the course of an evening (like a traditional pizza oven)
    Also, once you get it to Pizza temps, it doesnt stay there very long and wood splits arent as effecient as lump charcoal 
    It can be done, but its expensive, time consuming and doesnt really add anything to your finished product 
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    Struja reacted to philpom in Probably a dumb question...   
    I don't think you will like it, in a kamado all of that wood will give off flavors at least until it burns down to a pile of coals and by then you basically have burning lump.
    You could experiment with a few chunks of wood.
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    Struja reacted to Chris Topher in how much coal for 6 hours?   
    Just load up your fire bowl full of lump and cook away. Whatever is left over you can use for your next cook. 
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    Struja got a reaction from Dave Bradfute in Warning about meat availability   
    Hey @Dave Bradfute. I appreciate different stokes for different folks but I have access to a very large supply of top end meat (all kinds).  A family member owns one of the biggest meat companies in Toronto, that supplies many of our best steakhouses with their product.  
    My brother in law will tell you that most grass fed beef is finished with grain, although he does have some pasture raised, grass fed, grass finished.  In my opinion, it has a sour flavour to me, which I do not particularly like.  Maybe it is an acquired taste.
    For me, there is nothing better than USDA Prime dry aged (and yes - I am including Wagyu, A5 Kobe and A9 Australian Kobe - all of which he sells).
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    Struja got a reaction from CentralTexBBQ in Crazy Run on Toilet Paper   
    Turns out one of my local places has free delivery on orders over $75, so I ordered 3 bags of Big Block at $29.99 per bag, which is the normal price.  Only problem I foresee is that they are officially closed as of today, so I am not even sure this order will be processed.  Time will tell.
    Not a huge deal, as the gasser is more than adequate, plus I just did a massive pork shoulder on Sunday, so I've got enough pulled pork to last me for ages!!!! LOL
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