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  1. Right for grilling , tenderloin is usually about the size of sub, I like to low and slow tenderloin whole for about an hour to get good smoke flavor. Grilling its fine, I just don't think it comes out quite as tender and smokey. Once it hits 140-145 pull, rest, slice, serve. Tenderloin can usually be cut with a fork. Pork loin is a different cut, bought one recently from Costco about 8lbs for $13. You can cut chops off of that, or what I did was cut it into 3 sections that I'll cook as a roast.
  2. That's probably best for super fast, it usually takes about an hour for a decent chunk of tenderloin to reach temp indirect cooking. If you slice into medallions you can probably cook them in about 10 - 15 minutes if you indirect then do a quick sear.
  3. I love my ceramic pans, they are way better than any standard nonstick teflon stuff I have ever used, but I won't get them anywhere near my grills. I also have CI that I love for searing, frying, baking, and using on my grills.
  4. It just came out, I doubt you'll find much. It looks super cool, but and this is going to be telling for something like this. Why only 2 probes when you support 4? What kind of cheap BS is that? Most of those probes are like $10 - $15 retail and you know it actually costs the manufacturer peanuts. You're not going to build an empire selling a couple of extra probes. They do break and go bad, so you'll still get replacement sales. If you're going to be that cheap of a penny pinching bastard, what else did they cheap out on? I haven't checked if any of the other pellet grill manufactures do that, but that kind of nonsense just bothers me. Edit: Nevermind they all pull that crap, Weber's only comes with 1 supports 4. That just seems annoying to me, of course people are going to want 4 probes so they sell them to you at assuming they're the same as the one on the site $12 a piece and I bet their price to manufacture is less than a $1 they're probably making $30 pure profit off every poor sap who buys a Smokefire.
  5. One update to this. That Fire & Smoke Society Thundering Longhorn rub is good stuff. I used it the other day on a London Broil that was only about 1" think so it was just a hot sear to Medium done, that might be my go to beef rub for awhile. If you are looking for a solid beef rub that is good on brisket, steaks, and such that's a good one. I found it at Walmart definitely recommend, I'm probably going to sample some of their other options as well for pork and chicken, but I'm happy with the two McCormiks and that Traeger Rub for that I have for now until they start to run out.
  6. I kicked my gasser to the curb, because the firebox was falling off of its mounts from rust and the heat deflector collapsed from rust. I probably would have kept it if it were structurally sound and replaced the heat deflector. This was a cheap Char Broil so nothing of real value was lost. I've used my dad's gasser to complete some reverse sears before. Toss my cast iron on there, crank up his gasser, and finish sear. I want another gas grill at some point, because its too annoying and wasteful to fire up my charcoal grills for mid week hot dogs or bubba burgers. Either that or I need to get a small charcoal grill, like a 13". That said I have done far more mid week pork loin cooks to justify the effort and they do end up oh so tasty.
  7. You sure you'll need to add more charcoal? I've run my Akorn @ 225-250 for almost 18 hours before and I still had plenty left over to keep going. I would close my vents down and choke the fire down to about 200 before I opened it back up to add more charcoal. Do you have a kickash basket? Because ash would be my second concern. Edit: Watch this video from Justin @Baby Back Maniac
  8. I don't rely on my dome thermometer for anything more than yeah it's getting close to 200 according to the dome, better start closing down my vents and installing my BBQube temp controller. I only measure temperature at the grate level. I make sure my probe is over the stone portion not the gaps between the stone and the wall, but also not too close to the meat as cold meat can affect its reading. The domes 225 and grate 225 are completely different measurements, I would guess dome 225 is closer to 250 at the grate.
  9. Is there anyone in your house around the age of 15 or do you have a techie neighbor who can translate? Or you need a good nerd friend.
  10. Don't know what kind of router you have, but mine allows me to setup different wireless broadcast domains with different security parameters. I briefly setup a non-broadcasting wireless network in addition to my standard networks that used an older authentication method with MAC filtering setup so an older device could connect. You could do something similar for IoT devices that can be finicky with complex passwords or difficult interfaces for entering the password.
  11. Latest mod to my Akorn. I have a BBQube Tempmaster Pro controller, but every time I have to shut it down I have to take the fan adapter out. Talked to my dad the local ACE Hardware man $1.27 for a rubber cork and problem solved.
  12. Nice, looks fantastic. You should try reverse sear. There's nothing quite like a steak cooked entirely over coal and some smoke wood.
  13. Money shots, the bark was a delicious flavor filled shell.
  14. I'll provide some slice shots after they've rested awhile. Brisket from went from a slight resistance at 203 to probing like butter at 205.
  15. Smoke rolls early in the morning for this rack of ribs and a prime brisket. Binder is mustard, rub for the ribs is a Traeger rub I poached from dad, rub for the brisket is Thundering Longhorn beef rub. I'll keep you updated.
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