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  1. Definitely go check that out. You'll find some gnarled old veterans of kamado cooking who claim they can control temps on their cookers for 3 days without touching the vents. I find some of that highly suspect, but for the rest of us who like to sleep without having to go check on temps get a temp controller. They might seem pricey, but 100s of long cooks later you'll be glad you got one.
  2. You could try some oven gasket and some high heat silicone, same same as the KJ gasket. I've thought about that myself since the felt gasket on my Egg won't last forever.
  3. Even if it does leak around the probe wires, it isn't going to be enough to cause a problem. You would have to create a pretty decent gap since Kamados are already so well insulated.
  4. That's exactly what he means, temp controllers usually have a probe at grate level that runs back to a box that controls or has a fan attached that blows air into you bottom vent. It's basically a smart bellows system for you grill. Some even have wifi and bluetooth for remote monitoring or even remote temperature control. John lists a few in his really right stuff list at the top of the forums. I have a BBQube controller, worth every penny for a good nights sleep on those long cooks.
  5. I've used probably half a dozen or more different brands of lump charcoal and the only negative thing I have for any of those is I got some rocks in a bag of BGE lump, at least I'm about 90% sure they were from the BGE bag. Maybe KJ XL had bigger chunks and maybe Cowboy produced a bit more smoke at first light, but once the pit was settled at temp and the smoke ran clean everything I've cooked has come out delicious. From what I can tell lump isn't anywhere near like briquettes, I won't let a generic bag of grocery store brand briquettes near my Weber Kettle ever again. Some briquette brands just put off harsh smoke and won't ever get really good and hot. I buy whatever lump I can get a good deal on.
  6. Most grocery stores around me carry lump charcoal and chunks of smoking wood. Usually Cherry, Apple, Hickory, Oak, Pecan, and Mesquite. I also get them from Ace Hardware and Walmart.
  7. Mexico for the former China the latter. Plenty of the cheeper Chinese Auplex based models have some interesting options and look really nice.
  8. That's a bit much for an original Kamado Joe. Costco was selling brand new 24" Louisiana Grills for $599. I wouldn't offer more than $400. Keep in mind used means you don't get a warranty. If you do go all the way to Kenner to buy that I would do some serious disassembly and padded transporting of that thing. Louisiana roads and highways were garbage when I lived out there. Pretty sure Home Depot was selling a brand new Vision for close to that too. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Vision-Grills-HD-Series-Charcoal-Kamado-Grill-in-Red-B-R2C2AX-S/306899776
  9. I did a run of 3 racks of baby back ribs for my sister's birthday tonight. These turned out fantastic. I smoked them @ 225 -240 for 5hrs over B&B Oak lump and Best of the West 100% Mesquite lump and cherry wood chunks. Rack 1, see the toothpicks, was rubbed with Bad Byron's Butt rub and Weber Spicy Cocoa rub. Rack 2 was again rubbed with Bad Byron's and Fire & Smoke Society Pork Perfect. Rack 3 was different, it was rubbed with Fresh Jax Ghost Pepper Sea Salt, Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Ranch, and Fire & Smoke Society Wicked Wynona. Far and away rack 3 was the favorite. Those are gone, the other 2 also turned out awesome, I really can't pick a winner between those 2. I finished them with a 50/50 Duke's Hickory Moonshine sauce and Cranberry Grape juice. I definitely recommend using some juice to cut your sauce when basting. I might do a cut shot later everyone was hungry and tired of waiting for me to finish cutting. Smoke ring was on point.
  10. Love my Qube, even with my XL egg it can still support a low and slow for a long cook.
  11. Honestly I would go with the Louisiana mainly because of size. I had an Akorn which actually has a bit more cooking surface than a classic Joe and while I loved that grill I always wanted a bit bigger of a cooking surface and a little more dome clearance. I was all set to go buy the Louisiana in the US at Costco, when my Dad brokered the deal I got on my XL BGE. The Louisiana I think comes with 2 levels of cooking grates, something I didn't get with my Egg and will one day remedy. My Egg however came with modular nest and it's got the BGE warranty which is fantastic, so that's what made my decision. Akorn is technically a 20 or 22" grill I think, the classic Joe and Joe II are both 18" which s fine, but you'll struggle to get more than one or two big spare rib racks on there even with a rib rack it's a tight fit.
  12. Take everything out leaving only your firebox, put or leave just enough charcoal in there to get it hot. Light it up and get it to I would say around 500, then shut it down. Once the fire is out and it's still hot say 300 see if you can get it to budge, by either pushing with your ash tool or if you have a good set of welding gloves try moving it a little. Hopefully if you can get it to shift some once it cools down it will come out. Otherwise enjoy your permanent firebox.
  13. 1st thing would be to read https://www.kamadoguru.com/announcement/57-johns-really-right-stuff-list/ which is also linked at the top of the forums. My only problem with the iKamand is it doesn't have manual controls in case your wifi craps out on you that and I have a BGE. I have a BBQ Guru Tempmaster Pro, but it doesn't really work with my XL Egg for higher temperature control, it'll probably be fine for low and slow (need to try it, but it was struggling to get to 450), but I can't recommend it for the XL or the Big Joe I think it needs a higher CFM fan. It was really designed with the Akorn in mind and works fantastically with that. BBQGuru has some new stuff that looks cool. My friend has the older Cyber Q and loves it. The FlameBoss stuff looks pretty good too. I don't think you would go wrong with either the BBQGuru, FlameBoss, or the Fireboard.
  14. 100% Correct, they along with Vision and a bunch of others are re-branded Auplex Kamados from China. This isn't a bad thing its a fine grill, but if you start looking at them you'll notice the similarities. The easiest way to tell is to look at the vent cap. Most of your Auplex rebrands have very similar vent caps. Where as companies like BGE, Kamado Joe, Primo, and some of the others have a different design or tried to come up with something new. Although if you look at stuff like the Slow & Sear Kamado from S&S Grills formerly Adrenaline BBQ and Monolith Grills there are customization's you can have done to make your stuff more unique to your brand, but they all come out of the same factories.
  15. Awesome, welcome to the Guru, this is a great place for tips and help.
  16. Had to be more than 1 bag right, that's more than a bag of Cowboy goes for basically anywhere around here. It's usually like $14.99 at ACE and around that for grocery stores around here that carry it. Edit: Adding a link showing ACE's price on Cowboy. https://www.acehardware.com/departments/outdoor-living/grills-and-smokers/charcoal/8460933
  17. My Costco sucks for charcoal. They have Kingsford Pro briquettes and when the roadshow is in town KJ Big Block. Never seen a bag of anything else in the store and I look every time I go. They're even selling those Louisiana 24" Auplex rebrands right now and I guess you just have to go somewhere else to get the right kind of charcoal for it. I don't know how Kingsford Pro burns in a Kamado, but I burned some matchlight in my Akorn once or twice and I had to clean out the ash pan after both cooks. I guess I need to submit something to customer service at my Costco.
  18. I joined this forum last year not long after getting my Char Griller Akorn used. I love that little steel beauty, but I've had ceramic fever and been seeing them all over the place the past year. Costco was about to have me parting with $600 for the Louisiana Grills 24" Kamado (just another rebranded Auplex like Vision), but my dad who works for a hardware store told me the owner wanted to sell off the stores XL Egg since they didn't really use it. I got what I think is a great deal on this beauty, paid less for this than you would for a stripped out XL with no accessories and definitely less than a Costco roadshow Big Joe. Came with the table, ConvEggtor, ash tool, and grate gripper. They couldn't locate the ceramic cap when we brought it home, but I'm sure it'll turn up. It's under an awning anyway and I'll be getting a cover to further protect it. To be fair to the Akorn it is a fantastic cooker! Just since the apocalypse started, I've done at least one decent cook a week on it. I've done ribs at least 3 times, pork butt, brisket, a turkey, soda can chickens, wings, steaks, and various veggies for sides. I absolutely do not regret the Akorn purchase. If you're unsure if kamado bbqing is right for you the Akorn is a fantastic place to start, it's relatively cheap and a good design. I've been eyeballing the extra space the Big Joe and the XL Egg offer and ultimately couldn't resist. Just judging by my short not even 1 year of ownership I doubt my Egg will cook any better than the Akorn. This was purely a decision based on the total cooking surface and potential cooking surface with mods. I've done 3 racks of ribs on my Akorn before, but it gets tight and those were baby backs no easy way to get that many spare rib racks on there. 2 upright soda can (beer can) chickens really pushes the limit with my probes contacting the dome. TLDR; just wanted to brag on my Eggscellent deal and write a love letter to my Akorn. I'm hoping this will be the last grill I ever have to buy, not saying I won't want to buy more, but this should be with me a long long time. I wish I could keep the Akorn, but I have 3 grills now and between the 22" Weber Kettle and the Akorn, I can probably get more for the used Akorn. If you're in the market for a well used Akorn, but still in fine cooking shape and you're in the Jacksonville, FL area, hit me up.
  19. Bbqube tempmaster pro. It works great, just wish the monitoring stuff worked off WiFi instead of Bluetooth.
  20. Smoking a small chuck roast today, been awhile since I smoked anything was starting to get the itch. Here's a before shot rubbed with mustard and Thundering Longhorn from Fire & Smoke Society. There's really good marveling in this so I'm hoping for good results. 2nd photo 196 internal temp.
  21. That's a good argument for a fan driven temperature controller. They can help overcome problems created by ambient temps.
  22. @Daz Who actually builds those is a contributor to this forum and can probably comment more on capability. I don't know why you would worry about controlling temps once you get over 500 on a grill. I'm basically checking my food every minute or 2 for doneness as it ain't going to be in there for more than a few minutes anyway. The controller is so I can set a temp of 225 - 275 and go to sleep and not have to worry about the thing until tomorrow. I have a Qube BTW, the bluetooth is only for monitoring temps and alarms, you can't set the temp of the grill with it, that is still done from the physical device.
  23. Welcome, sounds like you got a good deal. This is a pretty active site with lots of good info being passed around.
  24. You can have my BBQube when you pry it from my cold dead hands. For the 12volt problem get one of those ones that is also a car jump pack with a cigarette lighter attachement. I would imagine finding a cigarette lighter adapter that had the same plug wouldn't be too difficult, they probably make a universal one. That way it isn't completely useless, but an extension cord isn't that big of a nuisance.
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