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    I keep several blogs one of them about birds, the second about home trifles :) I help in dovecot and photograph birds in my free time.
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    Blaze Kamado

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  1. Probably for a long time I was tormented with this, but you know what I will tell you? It was worth it! Especially the backlight against the general background, cool harmoniously. In the evening I’m going to do a similar project, while I’m just thinking how to do it all. I have a cottage made of wood and plan to build my Bull BBQ 47628 in the part of the house, lower veranda. The idea is this, I raise the blinds, and inside there is a grill on the countertop or in the wall that can be pushed forward or left there. Why am I doing this? I'm really tired of wearing it from
  2. This is a big problem, must quickly find a way out, this is a market do not forget. If prices are high, there is a great demand, so there will be supplies from somewhere. Filling the refrigerator for the future is really not a bad idea
  3. Liam


    If you correctly calculate everything and make the rules, most likely others will like it and you can organize what you want. The main thing to act
  4. It looks amazing! It’s a pity I have health problems and can no longer hunt. These feelings on the hunt can not convey
  5. Liam


    Glad to see everyone! Although to be more precise then read I watched this forum for some time, but then I had some life troubles. I was glad that upon returning here I found the same people whom I had read and that the forum was alive. Thanks to everyone for everyone's contribution to this community. Grilling and great food are part of me!
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