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  1. I sous vide, pat dry, re-pat salt/pepper (for crust) and then sear on the flaming grill. The biggest issue I have is getting the flame up before I sear on the grill. (straight heat isn't enough, it needs a flame lick) Usually slices of fat will get it fired up enough prior to searing.
  2. Hey all, I recently purchased a Kamado Joe Classic III. It's taking forever to get here, but it's schedule to finally be delivered on Saturday Oct. 5th. I'm a transplanted Texan living in the US Northeast. I used to have a cheap tube smoker, but when I sold my house; didn't keep it. I bought a new home last year and finally decided it was time to buy a real smoker / grill and KJC3 was the one I decided upon. I already know the first question I will have and it's how to properly bring the heat up so I don't over shoot. (or bring it up looking good to only over shoot an hour later) Anyone have a link to an article or post about how to manage this before I wreck my first attempt? Anyhow, glad to be here and hope to learn to use my KJ from all of you! Dave
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