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  1. Looks good !!! Doing a brisket point today using my new accessory...the SloRoller.
  2. I've thought about this idea as well mattpitts74. Haven't seen anything in writing or on YouTube. Heard that a "Billows" fan may fit on the Joe JR without the adapter (which I use on my Classic with the "Billows" fan). If I can find the time to try it out, I'll post a response. BTW, to use the Billows fan, you have to use a certain type of temp controller (listed on MFR website). Currently, I use Signals as my temp monitor.
  3. Nice...a slaw dog! Originally from WV, that's how I love eating hotdogs. Slaw, sauce and mustard!!
  4. Hey Grill_Boy... When you crisp the skin, how long do you leave it on the grill after cranking up the heat? Thanks!
  5. You wont taste the mustard. Only put enough to hold the rub. It doesn't take much. Sometimes I use mustard, other times I put the rub on the meat and let it sit for 30 to 40 minutes as I get my KJ temp set. The seasonings in the rub will create a binding-like effect. Just a suggestion. Nice pics ! BTW, you can freeze the leftovers...
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